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No chaingun or even minigun...

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I just got through watching "Deep Rising" on Encore and I have to say that the Chinese assault rifle they use in that movie would be much better than a chaingun or even a minigun.

To quote the movie:
Chinese M1L1 Triple Pulse Assault Rifle
1000 Round capacity (practially no reloading :)

It's about the size of an M16A1 or M4, but much wider the whole length. The end has a cyclic cylinder with five barrels covered by a comfort grip for your left hand. The clips snap down into the top of the gun, not projecting outwards, actually laying down into it. In the movie it had an attached white-LED flashlight and an infared scope. The rotating cylinder ejected the shells from the right side as it spun.

To me, it looks like it fires 5.56 ammunition. That's interesting, because there actually **ARE** pistols that fire 5.56 ammo! They hold 20 rounds per clip and have one helluva kickback but they do exist. I'm only mentioning this because now ID could really follow suit and have the pistol and machine gun share ammunition again, realistically, the only catch is that they can't make the pistol look like a Beretta. ;)

This M1L1 assault rifle would be much lighter than a minigun, and have a much more fair gameplay/physics balance. After all, a real gattling gun has to be mounted and can destroy a whole building. A real minigun fires 3000 rounds per minute (or so I hear), all six barrels at once, and that would make it the ULTIMATE game weapon... assuming you could find all the ammo for it.

I've even thought of the button usage. Fire 1 would be the full auto that fires off the top barrel around twice as fast as the chaingun in Doom. No spin up or spin down, that's just how this gun is. Fire 2 would have your character raise the gun up so you look through the infa-red scope, pressing Fire 1 during that would fire off triple-shot bursts so you can hold it steadily. The reason? Firing in the dark; aim at the red blurs!

I would be quite happy if this is the machine gun in Doom 3. Anyone else care to comment on the Deep Rising machine gun? Or are they any other movie guns you'd like to see make it into Doom 3, besides Eraser?

BTW, Deep Rising comes on Encore again Thursday, 12:00 AM E/P. 8) God I can't wait until I get a DVD player...

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I feel ya deadnail,I rented and taped that movie a long time ago,and I thought those weapons were badass,but alas, those weapons were "Pure Fiction" and the bullet feeding mechanisim was
bitten off the "Calico M-100" series. Me,personally I just want to stick with the mini-vulcun. I just wish ID would stop drawing the barrels so damn comical,all big,blocky,clunky and just plain corny! They should copy the N64's Turok minigun barrels,the way they drawn,the way animate,the way they sound,is just better than all the Doom and Quake series put together.And the barrels should really smoke after extensive firing.

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I dont want that crappy gun from deep rising (A crappy movie). The minigun RULES THE WORLD. I wanna hear it spin up and down. Sounding JUST like Predator. Dont try to remove the minigun from id's games. That would be screwy. DooM without its minigun(Chaingun) would be like......Quake without multiplayer. That gun in Deep Rising is a little nerd gun. And who really cares if its lighter. DooM was born an unrealistic game and i hope it will be JUST as unrealistic. Please dont affect ID with ideas like this. Its not u thats carrying the minigun around. Its the DooM guy. This idea is among the stupidest in this forum IMO. Why dont we just take away the Cacodemon then?. And replaces it with E.T?. I know there are many Minigun fans out there. Dont just spoil that because u seem to like the movie Deep Rising. The Chaingun is one of the best weapons in DooM. U cant just exchange the Chaingun/Minigun with a little CHINESE gun. Maybe u could place it in the game WITHOUT taking our precious minigun away!.

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The minigun RULES THE WORLD? Doom never had one, it had a chaingun that only fired out of the top barrel anyways.

You hear the Unreal Tournament minigun spin up and down without a time delay.

It IS a minigun, in a sense. It's a very small and much easier to carry minigun. There's no damn reason that it needs to be a gigantic and bulky thing when something 1/2 the size will function exactly the same. Don't forget, the military purchases it's weapons from the lowest bidder.

I think you meant 'infect' ID with my ideas. Hmm, I like the sound of that. This suggestion was taken so insultingly you view it as a disease? Wow, I'm proud.

I never mentioned replacing enemies. You're making a mute point. The guns both use the same ammuntion and function the same, and fire at the same rate, although one is much easier to aim, lighter to carry, easier to reload, and costs less to manufacture. From a simple standpoint, would you want the gattling gun from Blood 2 in there? Six feet long swinging around like Seigfried's sword?

"Little" Chinese gun? It's fictional, bucko. The same way that a marine can carry a 200 pound chaingun on one hand and fire it with disturbing accuracy is fictional.

As for me placing in the game myself, I'd be glad to. Unfortunately, I have very little free time in my life and not near enough to devote to a TC or even PC.

Jesus, every suggestion I make nowadays ends up with me feeling like I'm talking down a terrorist. I would rather have seamless level flowing, but so many people here want the tally screens with a map background back. I would want a whole new batch of creative textures, but some people here actually want the return of the original textures. I would prefer that the weapons be realistically sized, but it seems you want your marine toting firearms as big if not bigger than the marine himself.

Well ex-fucking-cuse me.

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That weapon your describing sounds pretty kewl, but we gota have a full fleged minigun in the game. I wouldn't mind both weapons being in it. As for the minigun being too heavy, id could just make up that the suit that the marine wears increases his strength and weight (negating recoil a bit). Miniguns rule! (It fires all 6 barells at the same time? Wow, whata weapon!)

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Guest Sabreclaw
deadnail said:

I liked your idea. Chainguns and miniguns would be too decimating not to be an assault weapon rather than just another firearm. And it does get tire-some to have a chaingun using a 200 round clip (which kinda defeats the purpose of a chaingun), with a pistol attatched to the other end. Same with zombies carrying rifles just for show, but fire pistol ammo straight from a clip.

But if you think about realitically, any ballistic weapon could down a guy in one hit. Granted, being able to clear a forest of....everything is a bit overkill, but then you have a BFG for that.

So maybe there shouldn't be a chaingun. Afterall, ID's only gotten close to a real one. They still have to get the model right (chainguns don't have handles underneath...it's held from above, yet ID likes giving things underside handles...must work with the model). But then again, it's such a fun weapon to use, especially with infinate ammo.

You know what would be really nice? If with all these weapons, they had different animations. It really sucks to see a guy carry a grenade and fire it like a rifle. But that would probably use a lot of memory...hmm.

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deadnail said:

Deadnail: good weapon design for a game like Doom3 isnĀ“t just a matter of simple copying real life weapons. You say: "There's no damn reason that it needs to be a gigantic and bulky thing when something 1/2 the size will function exactly the same" -but there IS a reason: If the gun should feel big, it has to look big, you know what I mean? There is also a little artistic sense in it, not just has to be functional. This is a game, and this has to be fun, and it is not some kind of military weaponry simulator.
You have good ideas also (different weapon skins, multiple level flow etc.), but with the 30+ all the same looking black tiny guns I have to oppose again.
But one thing we can trust on: Id will surely make a whole new batch of creative textures! Nevermind the old fashioned pixel doomers here :)

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