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If you care about Doom 3 weapons, read this:

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I just found an interesting site, http://www.securityarms.com and they have a TON of weapons pictures. Use 'guest' and 'picture' when prompted for the website; they also say that on the main page.

Anyways, just look at this Beretta shotgun!

Here's a "Jack Hammer Shotgun":

And this 'Camel Gatling Gun':

Here's the Predator Gatling gun:
*Note that in life it would be attached to your backpack by crane.

Here's *3* Gatling guns (for what, a whole city? :)

Never heard of this one myself - A double barrelled 9mm smg!

They've also got pictures of some other cool stuff, such as pen guns and glove guns from the cold war spy era.

If you like guns, check out this site. It'll really make you wonder about weapon design in Doom 3.

Hope I don't get flamed for this one.

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Its not 3 Gatling guns.

GE Minigun is General Electric Minigun. General Electric is the company that invented the Minigun!

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Hey,deadnail,That's the site I told everyone to see when (Bubba Smith)wrote the post on the "Doom3 rifle" Shame on you, For taking credit on telling everybody on that site!

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Berretta shotgun looks ugly; Jack Hammer shotgun looks very interesting and the GE gatling gun is what I thought to be a minigun, and I would like to see a similar weapon to take the place of the old chaingun.

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Bad Luck Ranger said:

The Jack Hammer looks alot like the Shotgun from Quake2.
Anyway, thanks, man for the link.
I have an interest (or fetish) in guns.

Hmm, someone told me in the chaingun/minigun thread that the loading mechanism was taken from the M-100. So I ran a search on the M-100 for a picture and that site came up.

I really don't remember anyone else posting that link. Sorry buddy. I'll gladly give you credit for posting it earlier.

In my defense, those pictures are listed under both minigun AND gatling gun. If you want to see some fucked up weaponry, look at the vulcan guns and anti-missle vulcan cannons. 4700 20mm depleted uranium rounds per minute?!

Anyways... I'd like to see the Five-seveN pistol make it's way into Doom 3. That thing is incredible! If you've never heard of the FN pistol, it holds 20 rounds per clip, and every shot is armor piercing! That's what it's designed for.

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Guest Walter Sochack

The Five-seveN (yeah, the capitals are weird) fires a 5.7x28mm round, with a mass of around 2 grams (32 grain) and a velocity of somewhere around 700 metres per second, or over twice the speed of sound. That probably doesn't mean much to any of you.

The 5.7x28mm is capable of penetrating 48 layers of kevlar at a range of 200 metres - or a car door. Actual effective range is limited by the length of the barrel (rifling and stuff) - since it's a pistol, its range will probably end up being shorter.

The 5.7x28mm round has less recoil than a standard 9x19mm round (used in the Uzi and Mp5). The tissue damage done by the weapon is supposed to be low - creating only a narrow channel of torn flesh through the target - but still isn't something you want to reach out and catch. The purpose of the weapon is to hit the target multiple times, causing multiple injuries and rapid bleeding. With the lower recoil, this weapon is good for fast and accurate semi-automatic firing.

The Five-seveN has (according to a newspaper article) been issued to the SAS (British special forces).

Also firing the 5.7x28mm round is the FN P90, with a 50 round magazine and a rate of fire of 900 rounds per minute (15 per second). The weapon is extremely compact and has very, very low recoil. It was demonstrated by a trained shooter by firing all 50 rounds, on fully-automatic, at a target 50 metres away (the length of an olympic swimming pool). Each of the 50 rounds landed in a circle no larger than one foot across.

The maximum effective range for the weapon is usually considered around 150-200 metres. There has been a complaint about the weapon - claims that the weapon can jam if jarred while holding a half-empty magazine. Of course, I've only read this on one website (which was displaying a weapon in competition with the P90).

That said, we have to realize that we are talking about a computer game. And if we're half serious about "futuristic weapons", then we have to look at stuff which is really state-of-the-art, like Metal Storm, or UV laser-based lightning weapons (you'd love those). Even then, we'd still be hundreds of years behind...

In the end, I think ID will just put in weapons that look familiar and have a lot of bass. It's worked before.

Walter Sochack

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