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Guest zwei

Wish list for DOOM 3

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Guest zwei

Alright people,

Here's my thoughts/opinions of what DOOM 3 should have...

More interactivity with NPCs in single player options, a more involving storyline, something to keep the players hooked on.

The old weapons, save the handgun. That sucked, probably replace it with Q3A machine gun/gauss gun (the gun that the marines use in starcraft), which means they should probably revamp the old chaingun to like say a mini gun. I definitely would like to see the return of the old DOOM 2 Super Shotgun, and the BFG. Not forgetting the good old fashion punch (the gauntlet doesn't work for me), nothing more satisfying than a good old fashioned berzerked right cross to punch the sh*t out of your opponents.
I suppose if they added new weapons, that would be fine but I'm not real particular about this.

2 to 16 player CO-OP mode. What would DOOM be without a co-op mode? I remember the fun I used to have on 4 player DOOM/DOOM 2 co-op sessions. It was definitely the best alternative other than DM. Of coz, the levels would have a mess of more monsters to deal with in respect to the number of players in co-op mode.

The old cast of monsters + a few new ones. Can you imagine DOOM without an Archvile? Those things were evil man, I have more fear for them than a Cyber-Demon. Oh yeah, definitely revamp the old Cyber-Demon. Those things are just too easy to deal with in open spaces.

The old items such as the megasphere, limited invincibility, invisibility, bezerk (or quad damage now) etc etc. Now maybe inclusion of a personal teleporter would be nice. A useful device for getting out of sticky situations...

Lots of blood and gore. Ever punch kill an enemy on Berzerk? Enuff said...=D

The game shouldn't be too realistic because I feel what made DOOM/DOOM 2 really good was it wasn't realistic...thus fun.

The return good old fashioned midi music again? Just kidding, but back then, it was what made owning a Gravis Ultrasound (now dead =( ) so cool! =)

More levels and maybe a few old ones from DOOM/DOOM 2 for nostalgic purposes.

I'm not some graphic ogre so I guess they should probably just make the game look decent. DOOM/DOOM 2 wasn't the most graphically appealing game (in my opinion) for its time but it was still good, the most important thing was the amount of enemies on screen at once. DOOM 3's engine should be capable of handling loads of enemies on screen without the need for overly high-end PCs, I'm sure for the majority of us old school DOOM/DOOM 2 players, the quality, depth and speed of the gameplay would be a bigger factor than the graphic appeal.

I guess that's about all I can think of...just my 2 cents.


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