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Guest Intestinalworm

conserning weapons,items and baddies

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Guest Intestinalworm

I have been reading alot of the other posts and decided to give some ideas of my own.I figure the doom weapons should stay more or less the same except for a few new ones.I think an adaption of that assault rifle from the movie "Deep Rising" would be cool.For anybody who hasn't seen it the gun is a chinese pulse rifle with revolving barrels, 1000 round capasity, and a built in flashlight.it should probably be a raplacement for the chaingun maybe even give the gun explosive bullets or something. Another cool gun would be that curse thrower from the doom to duke nukem total conversion.
The items should stay mostly the same too.A new item could be something that allows you to convert demons to the side of good so they will help you.I got that idea from the 4rth doom novel when Fly and Arlene are trapped in the newbe computer.
Enemies should be almost completly new though.Keep the zombies, imps, pinkies and cyber-demons only.the rest should be all new monsters and demons.I think after 3 or 4 tries(I don't Know how many doom games there are so far)Hell would try something new to bring about the end of humanity with 'eh.

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The "Chinese M1L1 Triple Pulse Assault Rifle" is fairly obviously fiction. It's still cool as hell, though.

I hated the curse thrower from Doom 2 Duke. They strayed WAY too damn far from the original. That chaingun was so gay it defies definition!

I doubt much from the novels will make it into Doom 3, even the name 'Flynn Taggart'.

Some of the enemies will be left out, apparantly. Fine by me. It's not like arguing is going to get us anywhere, ID has their own agenda already planned out.

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Guest TossMonkey

I hate that name flynn taggart, sounds like Dim Faggart to me. Anyway iD should be left to their own devices (except the the mistake called quake3), most of the ideas here wont be in doom3 probably because they suck!

a few things should be added coz they're cool -
lots of gore, blowing limbs off, disembowelling shit, flowing veins so they squirt when they're being shot and ribcages poking out of the imps bodies when they die (but no arse holes).

Familiar weapons (but not real ones) and some really big things which kill with some big force. And rocket launcher which can shoot four rockets at once would be cool.

A machine gun. A cool looking one. It escaped iD's game till quake2, duke nukems machine gun was so undeniably cool (shame duke is an 80's dropout).

I like rifles but its obvious that anything close will be a railgun so its no point arguing.

NiN is doing the soundtrack, which will rock. 'nuff said.

I must be the only person who hated those tall yellow things which raised the dead, they should be left out, or redesigned because they look crap. We want hellspawn not rubbish looking characters like that.

I dont want too many realistic places to kill demons. Knowing iD though I dont think its going to happen.

There wont be any realistic weapons in doom3, trust me i just know. If you want that type of game buy half-life and d/l counter-strike. or buy soldier of fortune.

iD would be stupid not to include a co-op option but even if they dont, there will be a mod out there which will allow for this.

Thats all for now.

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Guest Intestinalworm

This is what I mean by similar to the M1L1 triple pulse rifle. A chaingun with a .5.56 payload and an over barrel long-range grenade delivery system and laser sight. Of course Doom3 would need secondary firing modes for this to work like I envisioned it.

To whoever said the curse thrower sucked, I played it again and you’re right. I remembered it differently than it is. So here is the alternative -the Demon arm. Lop off an enemy’s damage producing body part and stick it in the gun and bam, instant demonic flame-thrower or what-have-you.

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