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Guess what? Weapons!

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All these posts are ignoring the fact that just after Q3 was released, Carmack said that ID's next game wouldn't have a rocket launcher in it.

In fact, I have this strong feeling that a lot of the original weapons and monsters won't make it. After all, with the exception of the two Carmacks and Kevin Cloud, this is a different team, and I'm sure they will think of new ideas.
I for one hope they include some kind of uzi-type weapon, as uzi's are very under-used in FPS games.

Anyway, just because something might be new doesn't mean it'll be bad. The original Dooms might be great, but they are far from the perfect games. Like the music, don't pre-judge the weapons and enemies. Just wait and see. Once firm announcements are made (as I'm sure they will be in time), then will be the time to whine (or not) at ID...

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Guest T-N-T

Oh Nightmare, where have you been when I said these things!? I've needed you to back me up on some of this! I agree with you 100%, Id knows what their doing and we should leave it to them. You know good and well that all these people saying that it won't be Doom without the original stuff will be perfectly content when they release Doom 3. Id's not going to short change us and everybody knows it, they just don't want to admit it.

Here's my take on all of it: Whoever wants to keep ALL of the original Doom aspects read the following....

Go and get yourself a programming degree somewhere, or learn at home for all I care, and learn C++. That way you can make whatever the hell you want when you want it. After you try to make your own game and feel how small and insignificant you really are and that Carmack is the man, then you will realize that there is nothing you can do but take whatever Id gives you :) Good day.

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Oh yeah man well FUCK YOU I can make my own Goddamn game Jeremy says all I need is a big book called the C++ Bible and I WILL make my own game and will be better than DOOM 19 for all I fucking care!

No fucking rocket launcher?! Fuck that man, Doom 3 needs a forty two barrelled rocket launcher that fires semi-nuclear missles that each one can blow up up from the other side of the fucking level! Yeah!

It also needs some stupid little stick you hold onto that fires screaming skulls that makes enemies explode! Yeah! Nevermind that's taken directly from the best weapons of the Mage and Cleric in Hexen fuck that it's too fuckin' cool!

I'm sick of all the models looking like fucking Schwartzeneggar too, they should look like the average Doom player. 14, glasses, either thin as a stick or 350+ pounds, covered in zits and wheezing unstoppably! Yeah! Pocket protectors! Realism!

What about mace or cattle prods or stunguns or rubber bullets or pepper? What about peppper? They can't bite you when they're sneezing!

What the fuck is going on around here? Who the hell are making all of these posts?

I'm probably the worst at demanding my own tastes in weapons, but I want more realistic-appearing, smaller, and more functional weapons! No rocket launcher? Fine. 'Bout damn time. If they're never gonna do it realistically anyways then fuck it give up.

Lose the railgun too.

To be honest, I'm totally fucking sick of the BFG while we're at it.

...and I'd better not hear anymore shit about Uzi submachineguns. The only one to consider is an MP5; Uzis suck by comparison. Uzis fire faster. MP5's are more accurate, easier to aim, more accesorizable, and more resistant to jams.

Jesus, it's Mars or Hell, not the ghetto. Lose the gangsta shit.

And if Doom 3 has a 'hold the pistol sideways to fire' mode I'm going to fucking vomit. The only type of gun you could do that with is a fucking 9mm. I'd love to see some hip gangsta wannabe fire a 44 mag sideways. He'd snap his wrist and the gun would go flying into his chin. They're a reason it has a groove for your other index finger over the trigger guard; it's a two handed weapon.


Everyone wants Doom 3 to be as much as possible to their everyday situation as possible. I don't want to see the same overdone factory and space station bullshit; I want to see some level interactivity in places that haven't been used yet.


The only time ID has failed to impress me was Quake and Quake 3. 2 rocked.

They know what they're doing.

Hell yeah Nightmare.
Hell yeah T-N-T.

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Guest T-N-T

Alright, I should have said that I agree with Nightmare 99.9% because the uzi idea is a bit...undoomish. But come on Deadnail, some of your ideas are a bit far fetched as well.

No wonder you know so much about guns, you have to take all that aggression out on something now don't you! Geez, it's like reading the script on one of those gangster movies.

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I think ID need to come up with an unique series of weapons for the new game. Is there _ANY_ FPS without a rocket launcher? And Half-life is about the only FPS that comes to mind that doesn't have a shotgun in it for godsakes. I'm getting a tad sick of chainguns and mini-guns too. Originality is needed!

Doom was a milestone in the FPS genre, and in my opinion ID need to try to repeat that if they want to achieve the same type of success that they had with Doom 1 (which, AFAIK, has sold way more copies in its various incarnations than any of the Quakes).

The new engine (which is guaranteed to kick away the competition unless Carmack dies or something) is just part of it, they need to make sure that, while the game is still obviously Doom, that every aspect of it is new and refreshing, just like it was those many years ago when we loaded Doom for the first time on our 386s (or 486s if we were lucky).

I mentioned a Uzi because as I said, it would be original and not just repeating what has gone before in the genre. Other weapons rarely used in FPSs (note: I'm not saying these should all be in the new Doom game, I'm just presenting a list) would be flamethrowers, tommy-guns, dartguns, laser/phaser weapons, mine layers, trip-bombs and other "trap" weapons, "energy rocket" type weapons (you know, photon torpedo type things), and more futuristic weapons such as demolecularizers, blackhole generators, etc.

Oh, and if any of the new game is set on Earth in a ruined city (ala the middle levels of Doom 2), then a Uzi type weapon would be a great weapon to have.

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What the fuck? No rocket launcher??? That's bullshit, why do people want realistic weapons?? THis is Doom not rouge spear, I want some fuckin HS-10 Plasma Rifle, a GT-9 KILLEM ALL Brand Rocket Launcher, and a MNT Jugular Flak Cannon. No not a UZI or some bullshit. I want some meat on my weapons man.

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YEAH. More unrealism in DooM. Realism just sucks. Who really cares if he has a 100 rockets in his Backpack HUH?

No damn uzi. Thats my favorite HATE weapon. Its so ugly and booring!

And where would DooM be without its Weapons, monsters and status bar?


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Shaviro said:

YEAH. More unrealism in DooM. Realism just sucks. Who really cares if he has a 100 rockets in his Backpack HUH?No damn uzi. Thats my favorite HATE weapon. Its so ugly and booring!And where wo

U like realism? I guess that means u love to play those boring realistic wargames? Oh yea and I guess u like to play a character who spends hours sitting in a trench waiting. Realism is good only when it is fun, when it isn't dont incorporate it. I like reloading, but I'm sick of realistic weapons in a fictional game. Nuff said.

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Lengis said:

What the fuck? No rocket launcher??? That's bullshit, why do people want realistic weapons?? THis is Doom not rouge spear, I want some fuckin HS-10 Plasma Rifle, a GT-9 KILLEM ALL Brand Rocket Launcher, and a MNT Jugular Flak Cannon. No not a UZI or some bullshit. I want some meat on my weapons man.

Maybe you should try reading my other post in this thread, I never mentioned having realistic weapons. In fact, in another thread I said that the new game should have more futuristic weapons.

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True, Unreal doesn't have a shotgun, but it has the 'flak cannon' which fires like a shotgun but with projectiles and not pellets. Schrapnel guns do exist, though. They're called Bary Rifles and fire breech-loaded 60mm grenades. It's like an M-79 on crack.

You're right; Doom 3 needs to be a breath of fresh air, not the same, stale, smoke filled air near the ceiling of the bowling alley that we're all hanging around in.

Flamethrower: Soldier of Fortune, Blood
Tommy Gun: Blood
Dartguns: Hmm, sounds like a metal bolt gun. :)
Laser Weapon: Unreal, every other gun heheh.
Phaser Weapon: WTF? It's Doom, not Star Trek.
Mine Layer: Turok 2
Trip-Bombs: Duke Nukem 3D
"Energy Rocket" Photon Torpedo: Doom. Not Star Trek.
Demolecularizers: Wouldn't that take apart the level too?
Black-Hole Generator: Blood 2 (It WAS pretty damn cool!)

That's one reason I STILL play Turok 2; it's ingenious arsenal. If you haven't played that great game yet, lemme lay it down for you.

Flare gun: Electric; will recharge. Gotta have it.
Talon: Velociraptor claw strapped to your hand. Punch.
War Blade: Big ass predator-like metal blades. Punch.
Boomerang: Predator-like boomerang. Slice 'em up.
Bow: First distance weapon. Great aim.
Tek Bow: Better bow, can use explosive arrows. With sniper scope.
Pistol: Basic pistol with great aim.
Mag 60: Triple action pistol. Great for popping heads.
Shotgun: Double barrelled pump action. Normal or explosive ammo.
Shredder: Ultra shotgun; pellets ricochet everywhere!
Tranquilizer Rifle: Put 'em to sleep. Imporant for some puzzles.
Stun Rifle: Better tranquilizer, shock their ass into a coma.
Plasma Rifle: Fire huge bolts of electricity, or sniper.
Firestorm: Giant machine gun. Excellent crowd control.
Sunfire Pods: Blind 'em. Tends to kill the underground creatures.
P.F.M.: Land mine layer. Cut 'em off at the knees.
Flamethrower: Chemical flamethrower. Quite realistic!
Scorpion: 3 barrelled rocket launcher. Will home in if the crosshair is kept on the enemy long enough.
Grenade Launcher: You know what this is.
Nuke: 'Nuff said. Boom.

And my personal favorite weapon, the 'Cerebral Bore'. It has two crosshairs. Keep them still on one enemy long enough and fire. A drill bit is released, it homes in on it's target's brain waves. After locking onto the skull, the bit activates and drains the cranial cavity in a shower of gray and blood, then the drill bit explodes and cleans the head right off the shoulders. Damn near always an instant kill. Very hard to use in deathmatch because you have to keep the crosshair on someone a good 2 seconds for it to lock in.

Turok 3 is coming out pretty soon. I hope they make a PC version!

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"Phaser Weapon: WTF? It's Doom, not Star Trek."

That's why I said "note: I'm not saying these should all be in the new Doom game" :)

But anyway, yes you are right, those things have been in those games, but look at how many games shotguns, chainguns, rocket launchers and grenade launchers have been in :)

BTW, a Dartgun was in the original System Shock (which had a very nice arsenal IMO, even if the weapons were like 10 pixels high or something)

Oh yeah, instead of Demolecularizers, how about a "Blood Boiler"? That would look pretty cool, though I don't think it would be suitable for the new game :)

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Set the love machine on frappe!


You're right. Serious Sam seems to have the most Goddamn cliche weapons ever! That's why I like Turok 2 so damn much.

You have System Shock? Would you email it to me? Heheh. I'm looking everywhere for old games that I missed out on. Final Doom is such a bitch to get ahold of nowadays. I don't have a credit card and there's no damn place online I can online with a money order so I think I'm shit out of luck for now...

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Shaviro said:

Didnt i just say that i hated Realism in games?

Sorry, the way u said it, sounded like u were being sarcastic. :)

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deadnail said:

Ya Turok 2 had some pretty smackin weapons. I just though the Nuke wasn't as good, cuz it didn't hurt the bosses at all! And it didn't damage non organic enemies like turents and walls (that normally can be destroyed with a rocket). Also if u shot it aganst the wall it only delt like 35 damage splash damage to u! WTF?? Come on, I wana nuke that blasts a huge room into component parts! At least the other weapons were very kewl.

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Guest DeAD_Stuff

ahhha UZI!!!!!!!! UZI SUCKS!!!!!!!! i want too a 90 pr cent of new things in the new doom and also all new weapons (oki exept for the bfg,the plasam rifle,the chiansaw and thew double barreled shotgun) BUT NO REALISTIC ONES!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN FUCK UZI!!!!!!!!!!WANT BIG BADASSES WEAPONS THAT BLOW OFF WALLs and a REAL railgun like the one inthat eraser movie!!!!!!!!!

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Guest LittleMissEbola

It would be tragic if Doom ]I[ had no rocket launcher in it, IMO.

One thing Doom lacked was upgradeable weapons... one thing I'd like to see is, say some kind of poison (radiation? Or something) weapon... and say, there are three levels of poison, depending on how many vials of poison you've picked up to plug into the gun. Say, it drains health for 30 seconds. With one vial, 1% per half-second; with two, 2% per half-second; with three, 3% per half-second.

Another type of weapon I think was missing was trap-like weapons, e.g. bombs which go off if you cross a string, or go off after a certain amount of time.

Perhaps something else that would be interesting would be some kind of "reality corruptor," which deducts a random amount of health between 20% and 40% from everyone, including the person who uses it. Of course, this one should be hard to get...

With regards to armour, how about some weapon-specific armour? I.e., some armour which protects against electronic attacks more than a shotgun, and vice versa... though that might be making it too complex.

Well, just some rambling thoughts.


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