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Guest TossMonkey

some rants

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Guest TossMonkey

I hate that name flynn taggart, sounds like Dim Faggart to me. Anyway iD should be left to their own devices (except the the mistake called quake3), most of the ideas here wont be in doom3 probably because they suck!

a few things should be added coz they're cool -
lots of gore, blowing limbs off, disembowelling shit, flowing veins so they squirt when they're being shot and ribcages poking out of the imps bodies when they die (but no arse holes).

Familiar weapons (but not real ones) and some really big things which kill with some big force. And rocket launcher which can shoot four rockets at once would be cool.

A machine gun. A cool looking one. It escaped iD's game till quake2, duke nukems machine gun was so undeniably cool (shame duke is an 80's dropout).

There will probably be a grenade launcher, which isnt really a great addition to the doom weapons.

I like rifles but its obvious that anything close will be a railgun so its no point arguing.

NiN is doing the soundtrack, which will rock. 'nuff said.

I must be the only person who hated those tall yellow things which raised the dead, they should be left out, or redesigned because they look crap. We want hellspawn not rubbish looking characters like that.

I dont want too many realistic places to kill demons. Knowing iD though I dont think its going to happen.

There wont be any realistic weapons in doom3, trust me i just know. If you want that type of game buy half-life and d/l counter-strike. or buy soldier of fortune.

iD would be stupid not to include a co-op option but even if they dont, there will be a mod out there which will allow for this.

A berserk Deathmatch option. It would be too cool.

Thats all for now.

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Forget the name. It was from the novels, not the game, so it's not like it even counts anyways.

When you say, "...most of the ideas here won't be in Doom 3 probably because they suck!" you have no idea how right you are.

Lots of gore and dismemberment is a given. SoF has ensured that every game to follow will also contain such things. Turok 2 and Blood 2 were far ahead of their time with such details.

I hope the weapons are more creative and less familiar. I would want them to look realistically: smaller, easier to operate, and designed much more realistically than the weapons in Q3A.

There won't be a rocket launcher, let alone some Unreal wannabe rocket launcher that shoots 4 rockets at once. Sounds like a lamer weapon to me anyways.

Machine guns are fine, but no uzis or any other ghetto trash bullshit. Duke's machine gun was cool (bite me, Duke is one of the coolest characters ever).

I doubt there will be a grenade launcher. I also doubt that there will be a railgun. Carmack knows well enough that adding a sniper weapon will only diminish the Doom feel.

NiN's soundtrack will rock. Agreed.

I think you are the only guy who didn't like the Arch-Viles. I thought they kicked ass, and I hope to hell that they make it into Doom 3.

Don't care if the levels are realistic, they need to be creative and original, featuring places that we haven't seen used in a game yet. No more warehouses or factories.

The weapons may not function realistically but I hope that they at least look somewhat realistic. The Q3A weapons just look so Goddamn fake it hurts my eyes.

Co-op is great. It *should* be included, so long as it doesn't feature quiet-loading like Quake 2.

Berserk Deathmatch? Why not. It should have a lot more options than ever before when it comes to deathmatch, including a 'Maximum Damage' option so you can prevent instant kills.

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Guest Fragamizer

whoa, there, did you say you DOnT want any unrealistic (fun) weapons in Doom 3??? this is doom! it is all but realistic! thats what i love about doom...but hey, i cant change your mind...yet...GWA HA HA!

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Guest TossMonkey
deadnail said:

Hey DeadNail you talk sense!

Hmm I dont think that gore and dismemberment is much of a problem in DooM (even though you never said it was) as we are all mature (I am anyway) iD must know how fun it is to blow arms and legs off you foes! As for the turok2 and blood comment Your damned right! they were ahead of the game with weapons, orininality everything. I hope the weapons are more original and creative too. I have CounterStrike and SoF for realism. I want to see some imagination in todays games, you know? to prove that there is more to the "tried and tested" formula we see in most games today!

I agree that the quake3 weapons were a somewhat lacking in all departments. But we must agree this is DooM here, for nostalgia's sake their will be at least a few weapons we all know and love (chainsaw for one, I am begging iD to put at least this in *please*, It is the ultimate meelee weapon). I still reckon bigger is better though (personal preference, I dont like overwhelming weapons).

iD are strong supporters of their mod community and if they dont add any railguns or rocketlaunchers or whatever I am very sure someone will put them in so it doesn't matter too much to me!

Hmm archviles, ahhh well. The only thing I didn't really like about them is when they raised their arms and some yellow shit kills you, I didn't get it! It didnt fit in with all the demons and zombified soldiers I think that it would have fitted in with heretic or hexen more. But what could I do to stop iD from putting them in (if they go in that is). I really liked those fat demons which had to mounted guns on each arm on the other hand!! they would get a fireball up they ass from an imp or another wimpy creature (in comparison) and would go ape shit and waste everything in sight, which made laugh every time!!!

Hmmm realistic levels, yeah I could go for realistic levels but not *realistic locations*. I loved quake2 for its warehouses and stuff but it wouldnt fit in with a doom/hell type game.

lol at your q3a comment! yeah the weapons in q3 look good (nice texturing and modelling) but they dont 'look good' if you know what I mean!

I dont know what you mean by quake2's quiet loading, but I did like co-op in quake2. I didn't like the way that once one person completes the level you automatically jump to the next level with them. You should have to complete the level before you catch up, join the destruction half way through!!

iD said they weren't focusing on deathmatch but they will do it. Its a shame that, because they spent so long focusing on it with q3 that I think it might have put them off. I wouldn't be surprised that they are so sick of dm that they wouldn't include it at all. If they are going to include it they should do it properly and not half-assed like in quake2.

Bots. If they are writing AI (like they wouldn't) they should do it the best they can and include options to make them act how they want to. this was done in unreal and worked well. I give steven polge (reaper bot) a pat on the back for such a bang up job!

I have my full trust in iD software.

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Fragamizer said:

whoa, there, did you say you DOnT want any unrealistic (fun) weapons in Doom 3??? this is doom! it is all but realistic! thats what i love about doom...but hey, i cant change your mind...yet...GWA HA HA!

No, he said he doesn't want any REALISTIC weapons, quote:

"There wont be any realistic weapons in doom3, trust me i just know. If you want that type of game buy half-life and d/l counter-strike. or buy soldier of fortune."

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