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Editing the new Doom

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Yes, a new subject! Kind of anyway.

While there are bound to be omissions from the original game in terms of monsters, weapons and power-ups, I'm sure that someone (well, several someones probably) will add them back in within a few months of the new game's release.

Hopefully they will structure the game so that we can use more than one MOD at the same time (i.e. "plug-in" style), not like in QuakeC where you had to edit it all together and stuff.

Also, there are a lot of models for Quake 3 made by third parties that are far better than the ones that come with the game, so having outsiders develop certain models instead of ID might be a good thing.

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I already posted this before, they said that editing the game might actually be something you do inside the game (while running it - a built-in module).

And any serious editing would be done through c++

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Guest TossMonkey

Editing in-game eh? I don't know that could only go so far....
It would be very limited. Yeah I think Carmack said they would be going back to using dll's and c++ and stuff. Personally I didn't like any of the mods for quake2, but thats just me.

As for the "I already posted the before..." comment some people are newbies to this forum (including me) and wont have seen past discussions. Most people wont read the manual to their new games (although I do) I certainly cant be bothered to read past discussions in forums.

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