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Guest Kaopectate

Focus people, focus!

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Guest Kaopectate

All I ever see on this forum is posts about what will be in the next DooM game. This is pointless arguing. We have no control over the game ourselves. If id is taking DooM to a higher level, then they will decide what stays and what goes and exactly how the game will play out. If they choose to make everything in rainbow colors and have happy little bunnies than it's their decision and we can't change that. We can only hope that the next DooM game will be like DooM was for us way back in '93.

On another note, why talk about what will be in the game if they gameplay is what matters? What will the levels be like? Will it be dark? Will it be fast paced? Will there be the same hordes of mosters? Will they be bigger? Smaller? Should id use the same concepts used in megawads like Memento Mori (like in map23)? Or will DooM 3 be so vastly different that great levels like that wouldn't fit or wouldn't be as great? Will it
be set mostly indoors? Mostly outdoors?

These are the questions we should be asking ourselves.
Even if we discuss these questions amongst ourselves, they will probably fall on id's deaf ears; however, they will also give us a better understanding of what a DooM game should be in this generation of gaming. We will probably be less dissapointed if we focus on things that don't give us overblown expectations or ideas of realism or surrealism. DooM will be DooM, no matter which way id makes it.

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Ok, here's some of those questions.

Will the weapons look more realistic or will they be huge?
Will the levels be linear or mission-based?
Will there be several enemies at once or only a few at a time?
Will the game take place in different areas, IE Mars, Hell, Earth?
Will the enemies look the same or be totally redesigned?
Will the game take more than 1 CD to install?
Will there be realistic particle effects, SoF style or Q3A style?
Will there be pinpoint bullet marks on meshes like Duke4?
Will the gun in your hands get affected by blood sprays like Duke4?
Will it have huge levels like Serious Sam?
Will there by any voice or will it be silent?
Will it have a cool Unreal sky or a lame Q3A sky?
Will it have an on-screen time display? Being late for work sucks.
Will it have password-before-loading to keep kids from playing?
Will it support multiple music types or just wav or mp3?
When you load a CD will it read cdplayer.ini for titles?
Will the character look half-way realistic or be in the same olive drab uniform with the belly open? Green on Mars? C'mon.
Will enemies vomit? Vomit is very underused in this industry.
Can you choose your player? White dude, black chick, etc...

And of course, the most important question:
Will it be FINISHED before I die of lung cancer?

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Guest TossMonkey

There is no harm in dreaming mate!!

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Guest Fragamizer

I like the sound of those questions, but who will answer them?...well, either way, I hope they keep the game completely UNrealistic...Thats what made the game great, the dramatic contrast to reality, BIG GUNS! Tons Of MONSERS! Cause I know I sure don't wanna have to worry about keeping "stealthy" thats why I have a fully automatic chain gun, or a Plasma Rifle!!!! FRAG ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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