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Bad Luck Ranger

Next Bad Luck Ranger... help please?

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Right, probably known of you have read any of the Bad Luck Ranger stories... I'm not bothered I only write them when I'm bored etc.
But After being on this board for nearly a month now I would like to write a Doom3 orientated story, I don't need it to be serious etc. But I would like input.

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I think we all have our ideas for a Doom 3 story. I'm sure a few people will come along and share some of their thoughts with you.

I, personally do have an interesting idea for a Doom story. During Doom 1, what was happening on Earth? When you get there in Doom 2 no one's around? Where'd they go?

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Guest Epiphany

Didn't the Doom novels cover that issue - that the rest of the population of Earth (those who survived) evacuated into space or something?

My suggestions for a Doom related story is that it ties in with the existing Doom universe, ie the game stories and the novels yet looks at it from some different angle to that which we are used to. The style of writing shouldn't be spercific about the names of places and people but rather be broard and general to make it sound professional. It shouldn't be spoiled by pathetic language, ie swearing from marines and stuff. I read some interesting extracts from some Doom story that I found once at idgames. It wasn't from the novels and was fairly well written. They are good examples of what im talking about.

This dribble ends here.

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Guest Mariner

1.I Think They All Died Personnaly

2.They Might Be Hiding

3.Flew Into Space

4.Fell Into Space Cause There Dummys And Die

My Answer Is 1.I Think They All Died Personnaly

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