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Guest Mariner

My Ideas Of Weapons

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Guest Mariner

I Think These Should Be In

-BFG 10000 : Very Better Then 9000 It Will Even Kill You
If Your To Close

-HandGun : A Not Very Effective Gun Get It In The First Level

Chainsaw DBX : A Stronger Chaingun That Could Rip Through Anything

Stick Of God : A Stick U Need To Defeat The Boss At The End
And Is At The Last Level

Heres Some New Guns Im Making A Comic Book Series Of Doom With them in

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Uh... this sucks too, wait a minute and ill critique you:

*The bfg idea is ok, replicates that quake 2 feel (and it did have splash damage too, very little however).

*Handguns are remarkably effective agianst zombies

*Chainsaws suck, maybe you're talking about a "vibro-blade" (uses osccilation to worm it's way through materials).

And don't even think about using light-sabers!
(I will flame you till you die!!!!)

*Stick of god shifts the balance of gameplay-plot too far to the demonic side. With doom the way it is, the plot is unclear... the series of novels says it's sci-fi, but doom64 says it is demonic.

*And why exactly does there need to be a vast monstrousity at the end huh?
Why not have hordes of normal (and tough like cyberdemon) monsters just keep teleporting in (an infinite supply spawner) to prevent you from reaching a certain thing or doing something.

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