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Guest JudgeDooM

DooM Holiday

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Guest JudgeDooM

Hi again DooM community! I'm back from Sicily, where I spent my holiday, drawing my Doom strip book, fictive Doom 3 screenshots, and my "DooM III weapons sheet". I'd like u to see it but unfortunately I don't have a scanner so I can't upload the file :(

Anyways, here are my weapons ideas:

1.fist(Primary Fire)/kick(Alternate Fire)

normal attack(PF)/chainsaw whip, UT style(AF)

2.Pistol:Beretta 92f
normal fire (slower)/quick fire

Upgrade:Desert Eagle .50AE
normal fire(slower)/quick fire

Items:silencer, laser

Note:the 2 pistols don't use of course the same ammo. The beretta has a 15 bullets clip and the DE a 7 bullets clip.

3.Shotgun:SPAS-12 or Benelli M3 Super90
fire and pump reload/auto fire without pump reload

Upgrade:Double-barreled shotgun
one barell shot/two barell shot(at the same time)


Note:when u fire with the DB shotgun, with the PF (with one barell, the left one for example) and u reload it after, only the left shell should fly out of the barell, and not the two.

4.SMG:one of the MP5 series (A5, A4, KA4)
full auto burst/firing rate selection (shot after shot and 3 round burst)

Upgrade:minigun:General Electrics gatling gun
full auto incredibly rapid fire/no alt fire

Items:silencer, laser, flashlight (for the mp5)

5.Assault Rifle:Colt M4A1 carabine
full aouto burst/firing rate select

Upgrade:Sniper Rifle:Sako TRG-41
normal fire with manual reload/zoom

I know that most doomers don't want the sniper rifle make its way in the Doom series, but if Id decides to put one, I'd like it to be the Sako.

6.Grenade Launcher:GI-40
on-contact exploding grenade/3 second delay exploding grenade

Upgrade:Rocket Launcher
straight-going rocket/guided rocket (HL style)

7.Plasma Rifle
full auto plasma balls burst (like in Doom)/plasma laser (UT style)

Upgrade:BFG 9000-2


Now let's talk about the armor. U know it was useless. Now I want it to be like this: your character should hav various hit points, u remember that the armor doesn't protect all the body (a part of the torso was visible and the arms and legs weren't protected).Well, when your armor is hit, u should lose armor points ONLY, and not health with. And when u're hit in he unprotected pats of the body, you should lose ONLY health points, as well as u walk on lava or toxic waste. right???
Take example in Turok 1, now that's what I call a useful armor!

Another thing, nothing to do with the new DooM, but do u remember when there was these 2 guys who shot their classmates in the USA? Well, they were speaking of it in the TV showing examples of what could have influenced them: at first they showed a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio entering in a class with a pump shotgun and shooting at the students **lovely**. Then they showed Marilyn Manson and they were saying that he has explicit and violent lyrics. And in the end, they showed DOOM!!! the guy was playing in E2M1 and in the background they were saying "...videogames where the guys don't do anything else than killing each other..." cool, uh?

My holiday was a little boring, fortunately I had DooM on the Super Nintendo. Man, I forgot this was the most scariest version ever, overall if u don't play with the musics! The most frightening thing was to run to avoid those bastards of bull demons--they're so fast and theyr bite is inevitable. I jumped of my chair more than one time because sometimes they poped up just in front of me and I didn't hear them, the same for the lost souls...it was a long time I wasn't affraid when playing at Doom...it would be so cool to refind this feeling in the new Doom...

IdMarine, if u're still busy with your e-mail to Id, then send them this thread.

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Sorry, but too much Halflife (concerning the weapons). I really donĀ“t like average real life weapons in Doom III.

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