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More Doom 3 stuff

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First of all, something that no-one has pointed out: all you under 18s getting all worked up about various stuff might as well stop right there. Imagine the normal Doom games, only in a modern engine, with excellent looking graphics and models etc. Yes, exactly. Over 18s (R Rating in US, 18 rating in UK, and so on) only I feel. If not, definately 15+ anyway.

Secondly, I think some of the weapons should be given laser sights for dark areas in place of the light amp goggles (the worst power-up in Doom IMO), they would look something like the Borg laser sights in Elite Force.

Third, how about some zombified versions of various alien species that the hellspawn have previously wiped out from invasions of other dimensions (just to hint that we weren't the first).

Finally, has anyone ever played Ultima Underworld 2? If so, remember that really evil looking demon in the "Red Hell" in the Ethereal Void? An enemy that looked something like that would be great :)

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