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Guest turbo-orbot

My weapon ideas

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Guest turbo-orbot

Here are my ideas of new weapons:
Hand of God: It shoots an electricity ball, that goes around the level electricuting people. After 5 seconds the ball dissapears.
Max ammo:10 Ammo in magazine: 1

Sniper Rifle: Self Explanitory
Max ammo:100 Ammo in magazine:8

Guided Rocket: When you select this weapon, a scope with a red dot will come up. When an enemy passes the red dot, the red dot stays on him untill he dissapears off the screen. The rocket will go exactly where the red dot is.
Max ammo:10 Ammo in magazine:2

Saw launcher: An automatic gun that shoots circular saw blades.
Max ammo:500 Ammo in magazine:30

Grenade: You pull it, you throw it. 5 second delay.
Max ammo:20 Ammo in magazine:1

Flash Grenade: Blinds enemys for 7 seconds. Can blind you too.
Max ammo:20 Ammo in magazine:1

Fire Grenade: Catches enemys on fire. Also catches other flammable things on fire.
Max ammo:20 Ammo in magazine:1

Ice grenade: Frezes up to 5 enemies at a time for 10 seconds.
Max ammo:20 Ammo in magazine:1

Flare: Lights up a dark room for 20 seconds. Catches enemys on fire.Max ammo:100 Ammo in magazine:10

Combat Knife: Default weapon. It cant run out of ammo.

Brass Knuckles: If you havent found the combat kinfe yet, these will do fine. (combat Knife replaces Brass knuckles once it is found)

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Guest litenDavid

Sniper rifle?! That is the weaponification of nerdness, belonging only in lesser games such as Unreal and it's lowlife likes, and i hope to God that id won't sink that low with Doom III!
How about instead having a ball of lightning striking those who remain immobile for more than 3 seconds? That'll filter the weedos out and premiere REAL gamers.

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sawlauncher aka ripper (-->Unreal Tournament)

"Hand of God",a shitload of grenades, no shotguns...make your own modification, but then I would even prefer DeadnailĀ“s "Rambo Doom: The Gun Fetish" mod ;)

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Guest GazG

The weapons of doom 3 should be fairly exotic & futuristic yet still plausible. the "hand of god" thing sounds a bit iffy, i dont think that it would fit in with doom's atmosphere, as magic stuff is kinda opposite to doom's kewl advanced-tech weaponry. a suitable replacement for this idea would be a dead cacodemon. put your fingers in his brain an start poking around until he breaths fire.

A sniper-rifle is something that should be considered to be added. the only thing is, doom is a fast-paced game, and a sniper rifle is a slow-paced weapon. u gotta take aim, zoom in or whatever, then shoot. so i suggest they add in a railgun, like q2's. it would fit in nicely as it is a fairly exotic type of gun, and would fill the sniper-rifle category of the players arsenal.

In regard to the rocket launcher, any regular q1/q2/q3a rocket launcher would be fine. they should design some levels where a rocket jump can be used to find a secret/shortcut, however rocket jumping shouldnt be required to finish the game, just as an opportunity to get a little bonus for those who can do it.

Saw launcher? theres only one saw in doom, and thats the chainsaw. end of story. (long-range decapitation would be cool, though.)

Grenades serve one purpose: to send an explosion around the corner. if theres baddies around the bend, you bounce a grenade round there to blow em up - it doesnt really matter if its a fire grenade or a plasma grenade, they all do the same thing so regular grenades would be fine. flash grenades would be useless since you'd have the invisibilty orb (from the origional doom)

Instead of flares, have NIGHTVISION!!! u could have different types like in aliens versus predator, regular nightvision, infra-red (cool!!) and, oh i dunno... x-ray vision?

combat knife? whats the point of that when you have the chainsaw?

and one last thought....
the weapons of doom3 shouldnt be too realistic, they should still retain that fun "arcade" feel of the origional doom whilst still being believable. if they made the guns super-realistic like counter-strike, it would slow the whole pace of the game down, and you would lose that fast "arcade" style of play, which is what the origionals were like.

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Guest Mariner

I Think The Hand Of God Is A Bit Spiffy

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