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The primary concept

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For the last weeks I have been reading the posts of this forum, only to discover the enormous hype that is building around the new sequel of DooM. Lately, many of you have begun to develop weapon & monsters ideas, watching fake pics from the contest, etc...

Now, we suppose that iD uses this forum to watch over the DooM community reactions, and maybe, seek some advice for their preliminary design. Obviously, there are few probabilities that iD will use some of this fan ideas (after all, THEY made DooM... well, they and Romero, Hall & others)

What i want to know, and it has to be discussed in this forum is:

1. This game is intended for who?
-Is iD trying to direct this game to DooM hardcore fans, or to the Quake community? (Q community is MUCH bigger than DooM´s)

2. What kind of FPS are we talking of?
-When DooM came out, it was a completely new single player experience. But that wasn´t a real test, after all, there were no standards for FPS in the Wolfenstein Era

If iD tries to mantain the "DooM feeling", the game, despite the incredible gorgeous new Carmack "son" & all the fantastic art, will be a complete failure. Remember that the game will go gold in 2002 most certainly, and the actual tendency to "mix genres" (DX, for example) will be very evolved for then.
Maybe the game will be accepted by the most hardcore fans of the gaming community, but that doesn´t cover the production of a new technology game.

But, if iD really makes a high-quality design for this game, a big percentage of the DooM community will feel that the new incarnation of DooM doesn´t belong to their much beloved saga.

Obviously, after Half-Life, Deus Ex, STV-EF, Unreal 2, the only choice is to scrap the DooM functionality and start from scratch.

Here is were the DooM community must enter, and post for the eyes of iD what you want & what you don´t. Those things that will make DooM 3 essentially...

You want RPG stats? NPCs? Multiple endings? Different characters?
limited inventory? sidekicks? cutscenes? Locational damage? Real world locations? etc...

That´s the real question...

-Excuse my english. I´m not from USA-

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1. This game will probably draw it's own crowd of fans from the other two. A: Oldschool Doomers B: Quakers C:New Doomers

2. There are several types of FPS nowadays. Will Doom 3 lean more to puzzle solving (yeah right) and an in-depth storyline, or will it just lean to humongous and drawn out firefights? You're right, they'll have to have a mix of everything that's been done before, like Deus Ex is. Well, let's hope it's 0.000% Daikatana in there. Of course a monetary system and "Demon Shops" are just right out. :)

Good post. Just thought I'd add to it a little bit. BTW, your English is fine. There's people in here who's first language is English but it sure doesn't show when they type. ^_^

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Glad to see that someone here noticed my post, despite all the 4-barreled shotgun halucinations and such.

To put it simply, I ask to you people what takes to make DooM 3 feel "doomish" but still be innovative for a FPS

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I agree, with new inovations, the new doom should adapt and innovate accordingly. Although the classic doom is still great, Doom3 needs to change gameplay to keep up with the times, while still maintaining the doom feel.

I hope they make this game, the game to end all games.

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Guest Epiphany

Let's hope that id don't make Doom 3 some rpg style fps game, like System Shock 2 or Deus Ex. I hope they find a way to breathe new life into the genre that they pioneered without over complicating the tried Doom formula. Valve did such a good job with Half Life, one of the best single player fps experiences ever and it didn't even have an inventory. I hate it when people compare a game like Deus Ex to Half Life because they aim to be different fps experiences. Lets hope that Doom 3 stays on the Half Life side of this unjustified comparison.

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Guest micpp

I think to make it REALLY doom it must have the same storyline and same "feel".

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Guest litenDavid

You mean same LACK OF storyline. :)

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