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Hey, deadnail, you said id's artists have already made the full cast of monsters. Well, do you have any pictures?? I would love to see them!

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I don´t believe that the full cast is done. Hell, I don´t even think that they started sketching them (maybe some newer versions of old ones).

If iD is wise, whatever screenshots, demos, interviews or previews that they will offer to the audience, will have no information about the enemies. Is much more frightening when you don´t know what are you facing. I even recommend to not read the manual.

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iD should play this scenario like 3D Realms is doing. Don't give away jack shit about the game until the demo is released! I don't want to see their sketches because the models won't be as good. Even then, it's so early in development right now EVERYTHING could change as far as content.

As for their artists having the sketches done, well, if you were making a game wouldn't you? Right now they could be making small clay models to base their in-game models from. Or they could all be sitting around, having a hella time playing Q3A online while the engine guys bust their ass. Who knows? It only makes sense that they're all going to work as hard as they can to get this project done.

If I knew that I was going to make a few million dollars from my current project you know I'd be busting my ass!

Forget current screenshots (to quote Klisk: Colossal Rediculity) or sketches or even basic game info. NOTHING IS OFFICIAL. Don't believe ANY of that until you read it from www.idsoftware.com because if it's not there, it's bullshit. Period. :)

As for LOD, it should be in there. All of the games of tomorrow seem to have this in one form or another. As for Hardware T&L support, Carmack said that he loved it. I do to; when properly utilized it really makes the difference!

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