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Guest turbo-orbot

My Boss Ideas

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Guest turbo-orbot

Here are my boss ideas:

#1: Dual CyberDeamons: Two CyberDeamons attack you at once.

#2: Ultima: Twice as big and twice as strong as a CyberDeamon, but it's HP isnt that great. Attacks: #1: Reflects anything you shoot at him back at you. #2: Brings out a truckload of Lost souls at you.

#3: Hippo Dog: A hipp mixed with a dog, mixed with a deamon. Very big, infact its HUGE!!! Attacks: Charges you. If you land inside it's mouth, you die. #2: Shoots the bfg 9000's beam at you.

#4: Slug Dog. Basicly the same as the HD, only bigger, stronger, faster, more HP, and it's slimy.

#5: CyberDeamon Hell: 6 Cybers attack you at once.

#6: CyberDevil: It looks like an overgrown cyberdeamon with the horns of an imp that walks like a deamon. Attacks: #1: Attacks you like a cyberdeamon, imp, and a deamon all at once. #2: Sends out a crap load of pain elementals and cocadeamons. Once it's health is lowered to 20%, it sends out 1 cyberdeamon every minute instead.

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* Turbo Orbot? You mean the robots from the SNES game Peace Keepers?
** You misspelled "swapping" in your signature. No big.

Two Cyberdemons at once? That's not challenging. Just line them up and the second one will be pumping rockets into the first one. Hide behind a pillar and you can shoot safely all day long.

I'd like to see a remake of the Cyberdemon with, get this, AI. It would be cool. It would charge you, stomp on your ass, backhand you, grab you, impale you with it's horns, or maybe just get a grip on your armor and try to throw you off of a nearby ledge. Hitting it with the BFG or a similar impact should flip it backwards, showing it struggle to get back on it's feet. When it finally does go off, it should be a huge explosion with body parts flying everywhere!

Ultima sounds like a big walking target. He reflects your shots? Maybe the plasma shots, certainly not the bullets. That would just completely hump all of the in-game physics right in the ear. Making a shield around itself that causes all bullets to ricochet or just stop and fall would be better. A truckload of Lost Souls? Well then, why don't we make it a Super Pain Elemental? It could fly, too, and maybe it would try to slam into stone pillars in an effort to drop them on you.

Hippo-Dog... a gigantic huge-mouthed demon that charges and crushes your little body in it's mouth? Then I guess you were using a hippopotamus just as a description, ne? I'd like to see a giant pinkie that charges you like a dog and tries to swallow you whole, pouncing on you and pinning you down. Don't know about the BFG shots, though, those don't make much sense. Instead of having a slug version, how about a zombie version? Half rotted, a little slower and less coordinated but much more deadly in the long run. Fits better with the Hell theme doesn't it?

Cyberdemon hell... heheh. 6 at once? Why not 10, or 30? Quantity should not be substituted for quality of AI.

The Cyberdemon of Cyberdemons... hmm. Bigger, stronger, covered in battle scars. What I'd like to see is this beast waving it's hand and forming a green portal that enemies charge from. Things just popping left and right out of it's ass just won't do with today's demanding gamers.

As for my bosses, I'd also like to see minibosses. Every few levels you have to go 1 on 1 with a really, really tough normal enemy. Imagine a demon that just refuses to die and you've no place to run?

For my bosses... they should be much faster. I hate gigantic, lethargic enemies that just waddle around begging you to blow them away. Think of a Cyberdemon that could run at 40 miles per hour / 55 kph... how would you get away? Or a Spider Mastermind that leaned around corners or climbed up walls and hung down from the ceiling... in a level designed to give it niches to hide from your gunfire.

Let's not forget about my idea about the Spider Mastermind being nothing but 'cocoons' and when killed, the brain 'hatches' and the full-grown demon comes loose.

Ten feet tall.
Dead black except for the brain's blood on it.
Two legs with large claws.
Two arms with huge talons that do 40 health a slash.
Two bat wings spanning fifteen feet.
Two horns on it's head, merely for show.
One mouth... that can breath humongous billows of flame at you.

Try shooting that sucker down when it's flying everywhere and swooping all over the place.

Maybe iD should take the Irem approach to R-Type and make the final boss a giant piece of female genetalia. Irem managed to make that really difficult... no, maybe not. That would just be disgusting!

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Im not sure about recreating old enemies/bosses. It would be nice look at an imp, or a cyberdemon recreated in true 3D. The only problem is in playability, instead of scaring the crap out of you, you´ll be thinking "wow, it looks cool!".

In my opinion, some old enemies could exist in D3, just to improve the "DooM feeling". But the bosses/minibosses must be completely new, something so secret that will make us get really scared when we hear his EAX or A3D powered scream. A sound never heared before.

Speaking of wich, do you realize the great influence that EAX can provide?

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deadnail said:

I hate to reccomend this again but...

Why not have a "relentless" player guy as either a mini-boss or full episode boss., maybe someone just like flynn who has literally been knee deep in the dead before and met an unfortunate end... only to return with a bloodlust, recruited by the demon army as their answer to you being a bug up their ass.

Since he's now a demon of some kind, he gets lotsa health - like 1500 on the doom scale. He can do all the things the player can and more, like jumping 10 feet in the air and a feroucious melee attack (like berserker).
It sounds like a bot, but it's special because it's so damn tough.
And another thing, He has to have *Very* advanced AI since he's a really mobile type of monster and doesn't have large size (or stupididty) as an excuse for no quality AI.

Danger is that he can come out of no where and splatter your brains!
Be a good contrast to just throw him into an "average" level so that it surprises the hell outa you.

The player would be prancing around having a free-day and you hear "uh-oh" come from the gamer just before the screen goes red (or whatever color).

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Guest Sabreclaw

I love ideas about cyberdemons!!! The big bad-ass one sounds cool. I'd like to see the cyberdemon have speed (like deadnail mentioned). That much hydraulics (assuming it is) could push that guy far, fast. I'd like to see variety in the weapons too. Maybe catch one with a vulcan cannon somewhere. Or maybe even an old BFG9k.

I like the Masterminds how they were though... Big, slow, with a high-speed chaingun. I'd like to see the arachnatrons a bit more agile and devious though. Maybe have them play around with you, picking off shots at you from the darkness.

And I know this is a bit off-topic from this post, but wouldn't it be nice that if they used episodes like the first, that after the last level of the first episode, you started the first level of the second episode, with all your stuff. And then, for those wanting a real challenge, they can attempt the last episode with the normal basic weapon (going with my idea to ditch skill levels in another post).

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