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The Weapons

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This is my idea. For the BFG, instead of 9000, 0r 10k, how about an upgradable BFG, starts at 9000, ups to 10k, then 11k, etc. Then a pistol, a minigun, machinegun, grenades {luanched, or thrown}, SBSG, DBSG, plasma rifle, double blade chainsaw, single blade chainsaw, sniper rifle {can come in handy}, rocket launcher, and one I really love from the "Quakes" is the HyperBlaster {RailGun}. I love that gun! But I like Q2's concept better. And last, stray weapons, like a chair, or a rock, etc.

I also have enemy ideas, and texure ideas, etc, but I can only dream...

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Jeremy, railgun and hyperblaster are two totally different weapons! Railgun is a linear accelerator (discribed many times in older threads) and the Quake2 Hyperblaster is an energy weapon with chaingun-like high rate of fire! So, which one do you mean?
Instead of a gimmickly and unfunctional double blade chainsaw I would prefer an Fakk2-style combat chainsaw which can be used like a sword.
As I said before, I would combine sniper feature with a railgun-type weapon, so you could decide which style of combat you prefer, offensiv and furious or defensiv and silent.

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(In response to your earlier reply, 'damn' isn't really offensive anymore. It's just that will little kids in here, we oughta lay off the stuff that they can't get away with on CBS. I know I know, they can just download the full South Park movie from half of the MP3 sites but there's no reason for us to be enablers ourselves.)

Okay, here's an expansion on your BFG idea:
• Starts out very loud. Slow charge. Slow follow up. Kills user easily.
• 1 adapter acts as a generator dampener. Cuts noise in half.
• 1 adapter is a second generator. Fires normal speed.
• 1 adapter is a cooling mechanism. Follow up shots are at normal pace.

I realise that it shouldn't be 'generators', but instead amplifiers or particle resonators. Screw it, I never took physics. :)

Pistol, machinegun, minigun. Okay.
Grenades, thrown then launched after you find the gun. Okay.
SBSG. DBSG. Same old tried-and-true?
Plasma Rifle. Okay, but it has to look messed up, not like Q3A.
Double bladed chainsaw & Single bladed chainsaw? Both?
Sniper rifle. No, not Doom too. Please, no. Make it stop.

The HyperBlaster is the Q2 version of the Plasma Rifle. As for the Railgun, I'd sooner have it designed realistically and correctly named as a "Linear Accelerator". Even then, ammo should be scarce as hell. It's just too much of an unbalancing weapon.

Of course, finding a bare-bones BFG in deathmatch that's quite likely to blow you up just for using it is a fine idea!

The stray weapons idea is fine, but how would you make it smoothly operatable within the game itself? While shooting a gun, how would you grab a chair and fling it? Would you use a 'grab' button? That could have other uses too; press grab right next to an imp to grab it by the shoulder, then press fire to jam the barrel of your shotgun right under it's chin... 8)

Here we go, kids! Once again I shall repeat my list!
(Half of you hate it, I know, but I can dream can't I?)

-Melee Weapons-
• Fist
F1: Punch. Should also include some hand-to-hand combat.
F2: Kick. Must stop moving, but sends your victim flying.
• Knife
F1: Stab or slice.
F2: Throw or defend. Either one will suit me.
• Rusty Pipe (Or a sword)
F1: Stab or slice, depending on height of aim.
F2: Defend. Imaging a pipe-only deathmatch!
• Chainsaw
F1: Hold it out to cut up your victims.
F2: Swing it wide. Handy for lopping off heads.

-9mm Ammo Weapons-
• Pistol (Beretta, even though a Glock is superior)
F1: Fire. Either slow or fast, depending on aim.
F2: Change aim. Either up so you aim down the sites or from the hip.
• Pistol Akimbo (Two pistols; long reload)
F1: Fire at one target.
F2: Try to aim at two targets. Aim will suffer.
• SMG (MP5 or similar weapon. No uzi or Mac-10. Doom, not ghetto.)
F1: Upright full auto. Drags upwards.
F2: Sideways full auto. Drags left (Not gangsta, to cut people down.)
[Alternate 9mm ammunition]
• Normal 9x19mm Parabellum Hollow Point Rounds
• Flashbang Explosive Tipped Rounds (More bark than bite)
• Teflon Coated Black Talon Armor Piercing Rounds

-12 Gauge Ammo Weapons-
• Benelli M3 (Has a switch between pump action or semi-auto.)
F1: Fire. Faster and harder to aim with semi-auto.
F2: Change trigger mechanisms. Pump will function underwater.
• Fox Side-By-Side Double Barrelled Shotgun
F1: Both barrels.
F2: Single barrel. For those times when ammo is scarce.
• Jackhammer Shotgun
F1: Fire at decent speed, automatically pulls aim back down.
F2: Fire at full speed. AKA "Get the hell away from me!" mode. 8)
[Alternate 12 Gauge Ammunition]
• Normal 000 buckshot magnum loads. Red shells.
• Slugs. Aim straight, hit hard. Green shells.
• Shredders. Explosive, 10 foot incindiary radius. Black shells.
• Flares. Standard 12 gauge magnesium flares. Brass casings.

-7.62 NATO Cartridge Weapons-
• Rifle (Pull it from the first zombie's hands.)
F1: Single shot. Great aim.
F2: Triple action. 3 shots at once for something bigger than you.
• M-41A Pulse Rifle (Yes, from the movie Aliens. :)
F1: Full auto. Still runs from clips.
F2: 12 Gauge over-under attachment. Load with any shotgun shells.
• General Electric Minigun (Attached to back by crane.)
F1: Fire. 6 rounds per shot, 12 shots per second.
F2: Fire. 1 round per shot, 12 shots per second. Ammo saver.
[Alternate 7.62 Cartridge Ammunition]
• Standard 7.62 NATO Cartridge, Full Metal Jacket
• High Velocity Cartridge, Basically Magnum (Twice the powder!)
• Teflon Coated Titanium Cartridge, Armor Piercing

-40mm Grenade Weapons-
• Find the grenades before the launcher
F1: Press the switch and throw. On contact. BE CAREFUL.
F2: Hit the timer and throw. 3 second delay. RUN.
• Breech loaded single shot (M-79 or H&K M-69 style)
F1: On contact. STILL BE CAREFUL.
F2: 3 second delay. Plant a grenade in an imp and RUN.
• Drum fed rotary grenade launcher (8 grenades per drum)
F1: On contact. Sensing a pattern?
F2: 3 second delay. Bet you didn't see that coming!
[Alternate 40mm ammuntion]
• Standard incindiary rounds. 25 foot explosion radius.
• Bary rifle style. 10 foot explosion radius, LOTS of shrapnel.
• High Explosive rounds. 35 foot blast radius. Run like hell!

-.50 Caliber Depleted Uranium Slugs-
• Linear Accelerator (AKA, Railgun)
F1: Fire. 5 second cooldown between shots.
F2: Charge accelerator. At full charge is what we all know.
*This weapon is just too damn powerful. A normal shot should send enemies flying without much gibbitude. A fully charged shot would send them flying... after blowing a hole through them the size of a trashcan lid. No alternate ammo; it's experimental anyways. I know they'll have them for real in less than 50 years... it's still too damn powerful.

-Electric Cell Weapons-
• Plasma Rifle (Doom style, not Q3A style)
F1: High speed pulses of plasma.
F2: Charge, release of wide blast. Not much stronger, but wider.
• Diamond Laser (Titanium Cutter, for repairs.)
F1: Normal beam.
F2: High beam... eats up ammo twice as fast, as well as victims!
F1: Standard green ball of death.
F2: Suicide; gigantic shockwave of green plasma. Take 'em with ya!
[Alternate Electric Cell Ammunition]
• Normal 300 Ampere Charges
• Red 600 Ampere Charges (Dear God save us all!)

Well, there we go.
Holy Hell... I've been typing this crap for 45 minutes! Forget double checking it, it's time for sleep!

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Tetzlaff said:

Jeremy, railgun and hyperblaster are two totally different weapons! Railgun is a linear accelerator (discribed many times in older threads) and the Quake2 Hyperblaster is an energy weapon with chaingun-like high rate of fire! So, which one do you mean?
Instead of a gimmickly and unfunctional double blade chainsaw I would prefer an Fakk2-style combat chainsaw which can be used like a sword.
As I said before, I would combine sniper feature with a railgun-type weapon, so you could decide which style of combat you prefer, offensiv and furious or defensiv and silent.

Yeah I know, I noticed it last night, oops, my bad, heh, I mean the railgun, not HyperBlaster

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deadnail said:

It´s good to dream, where else should good ideas grow? But the gun fetish dream is great to you and a real nightmare to me :) "...messy, messy...which weapon should I use, this one or this one or this one...well they are almost the same and all look like ugly slim balck things..." Why always such a shitload of weapons? I know you really love weapons, but thats no reason to overload Doom. I always try to reduce the number to a minimum (so that you have abot 12 weapons with each functional and each with its own "feel"). For example a Fakk2-Style combat chainsaw: 1) You can use it as a chainsaw, 2) you can use it as a sword.

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I suggest you look at deadnail's list, it is *very* comprehensive and I agree with it.

About the BFG:
There should be no bfg (now, before you start pounding your fist I have a solution)

The plasma rifle would have one hell of an amount of upgrades for it (enough and it will be comporable to the bfg9000).
Some ugrades will increase power, some will decrease noise, some will fix heating porblems, some will increase speed (full auto), and some will generate strange pulse-blast effects (like bfg9000 originally did with the spray).

This way it's possible to have a gun that shoots like the Q3 BFG, and have one with the same effect as the original BFG.

It also solves the DM problem of being too powerful because this makes it to where it takes time to get that dream gun, they aren't just laying around - you must totally customize it by finding modules. Not all modules will appear to be definatly for the gun either, some will be fairly un-promiscious like a spare power coupler for a micro-fusion reactor. Maybe even find a micro-fusion reactor and it mutliples all damage x5, but divides speed by 5 too (transmutes plasma gun into bfg)

And the really really powerful/useful upgrades will be both hard to get to and in vulnerable positions (you really risk your neck by getting it - like at the end of a dead-end corridor).

And to make sure you can't just pick it up and use it, it takes about 10 seconds to add each part (have to be careful plugging in those modules or the contacts get bent - then it's useless).

The plasma gun with a few acceleration modules put into it and maybe a particle resonance amplifier would easily take the place of the rail-gun. But the catch is that you can't just find one laying around!


There should be no sniper rifle, and no rail-gun in the way we know them. The railgun should be like a machinegun who's bullets do about 2x normal damage (like the plasma gun was compared to the chaingun).

There should be no chainsaw, but still a weapon of similar action. Howsabout a "flak hammer".
It was left there since the construction of the base and it is comporable to a glorified jack-hammer (but it's much smaller, about the same size as the chainsaw was).

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...almost forgot.

About the chainsaw. Why not have a vibro blade?

It can be used as either a sword or to massacre enemies like the traditional chainsaw was.

Couldn't be used for sword fighting with others that have it because both blades would shatter upon contact (splash damage from still-vibrating fragments)

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deadnail said:

I really like your ideas man. Yes there should be a shit load o weapons in Doom3. I like your 8 barrled grenade launcher idea (it looks like that one from The Simpsons where bart goes to military school right?). I also like the names u came up with. But where is the rocket launcher? But I think there should still be the BFG 10K (Q3) in there. We could just add in there along with the other BFG upgrade. Very good ideas though.

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