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Guest Space Tomato

New ideas for Doom3

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Guest Space Tomato


Black gives you 50% and otherwise is just like green.

Silver Shield gives you 100%, you hold it out and it reflects plasma and takes 1/5 of the damage, for bullets it takes 2x damage and rockets destroy it.

EMP gives you 50% but if a rocket comes at you from any direction the armor uses 10 cells to make it miss you

Organic gives you 100% and has its own health which is displayed above armor, iwhen its hit by a bullet or shotgun shell its health decreses by 1/4 of the damage and the armor decreses by 1/4 of the damage, rockets blow it to pieces and it makes a bige bloody mess, plasma will burn holes in it, if you have this and crouch near a dead body it will slowly eat the body and get 1 health and armor untill 100% if you dont let it and it has less then 50% health it will begin to eat you and it takes 2 health form you and gains 4 health and 4 armor.

life potion gives you 2 health points up to 200%.

fire gem spawns an imp that attacks the first thing it sees even if its you.

Unmaker like in doom bible.

Imps hand pull on some nerves and it relices a fire ball thats a bit smaller than the normal one.

Septer of death fires out strange black clouds that kill any human or zombie in there way but only take 50% off demons health


Soul Eater is like a normal lost soul but is smarter and faster

Taunt is a ghost like creture that fallows you and will make noises that sound like a noemal creture and change his shape but he cant hurt you.

Eye Of Fear is a floating eye that can reserect charactors but they only get 30% of there normal heath, he is fast and small which makes him hard to kill.

Arck Lord an arch vile that can run faster and shield itslef from rockets with a 75% success rate.

Revnarg a flying ghost with 500 health that shoots out tiny white fireballs and is about the equivelent of a caco demon.

Revnarg Lord a powerfull flying ghost that has half as much health as cyber but can teleport, shoot white fireballs and will some times spawn Revnargs.

Ikraew a demon that mimicks your every move but one and a while makes a mistake, and just like you it has 100 heath.

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Guest T-N-T

Ok, I noticed that you used the words "Silver Shield", and "Septer"...and with that said, this is not Hexen and other stuff that mimics Hexen. This is Doom, just plain Doom, so no shields or septers please.

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Wow, I counted 18 spelling errors just reading that, and far too many grammatical errors. I don't know how old you are or what your birth language is, but spell checking software is freely available on the internet now.

Now, if I could just stop being a raging dickhead for a few minutes here. I like some of your ideas but most of them seem to be far too deep into role playing elements.

One of the things that made Doom such a replayable sucess is that all you had to do was kill things. You didn't have to mess around with shields (How can you hold a shield and a two-handed weapon anyway?) or feed your armor (You're against the demons, not on their side.).

Electromagnetic Pulse armor? It's an interesting concept. As for it consuming cells to swerve rockets... there will not be a rocket launcher in Doom 3 (According to Carmack) so it would be completely useless in Deathmatch. However, armor that's powered by your cell stock is a good idea... although I would never get it just to conserve ammo for my Plasma Rifle. :)

An item that spawns Imps to fight for you? Sounds like a snark to me. Remember, they need to really out-do Valve in every conceivable way, and if that means outright avoiding everything that Half-Life had so be it.

An Imp's hand as a weapon? Like the alien gun in Redneck Rampage? They breathe the fireballs anyway, they don't cast them like a spell.

Scepter of Death? Sounds way overpowered if it kills humans in a single cloud. That would really unbalance Deathmatch. What would secondary fire be, a really huge cloud that cuts down whole crowds of baddies?

I like your idea of a spirit that just follows you around and taunts you. That could help to make the game a bit more disturbing, so long as it's not cracking cheesy jokes or giving you the bird... heheh.

Instead of a Revnarg, how about a bigger Cacodemon? You didn't give any details as to how you picture this enemy, so how are we to differentiate it from a Cacodemon with a lot of HP? Does it look like a gigantic floating chuck of decayed flesh that's oozing blood from every crevice until it glows and emits a pulse of flame as bit as it itself?

The Ikraew sounds cool. If it aimed just like you did and tried to mimic your every move it would be really challenging to beat. Or maybe not... try to lead it off of a cliff maybe? Shoot the ground under it's feet to make the paneling give way? When in a different hallway, shoot out the tile over it's head so it gets crushed? Hmm, I really like this idea!

Combine it with a zombified version of your character that's basically a bot for a boss that I keep hearing about. A whole, later level that's just full of ex-humans... yummy.

Anyways, I'm not trying to ridicule or mock any of your ideas. It would be nice, though, if in your future posts you spread your ideas out a little more with some detail. The detail of your organic armor was very descriptive, the detail of your Revnarg made it sound like an existing enemy with more health.

Welcome to the Doom 3 board. Have a nice day. The coffee pot is over there, the chaingun is right over there.

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