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Not to be rude, but you people are still carrying on in here? I was expecting this place to be dead a few weeks after it was created...

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Ah, relax Lüt ol' buddy, we're just goofing off. It's better than doing anything constructive. Myself, well, I've been awake a good 18 hours or so and I just got back from a 70 mile drive just to get a copy of Heavy Metal: FAKK 2. It had better not suck.

Man, I really feel like writing a Shakespearean discertation on the acoustics of public restrooms. I tried several public ones today, of necessity, and found several varying tones and pitches while my intestines fought dearly in mortal combat. It's great when you excrete near-clear yellow stomach acid. Boy, does that ever sting!

Okay, I'll shut up now. Anways, Mr. L Alt-0252 t, why don't you read the post right before this one?

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