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YYOOOOO!!! Hey, everybody check this out!!!

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I've been going through my PSM mag(Sep,2000) And I noticed something I think everyone here might want to see! Look at the
pics of the new "MetalGear" game coming on the PS2. Look for the
pics that show the hero in first person mode,holding his socom
pistol, Man,that looks badass!! Now that's how the doom marine
SHOULD be holding his gun!! With both hands,like any REAL combat
soldier would. If ya'll don't have the latest PSM, then go to www.ign.com,then click on PS2, then scroll down the preview until you
reach the pics and movie section,download the movie that shows "first and third person shots" And see what I,m talking about!!
I'm telling ya'll, That exactly how the doom marine should be holding his pistol!! And his gun is also dead center on the screen!! Like old DOOM!! See it first,then please respond to this
post. The Tsar's out.

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Awww, Shiitt, My bad,My bad, the page is www.ign.com / Then click
on the "Meal Gear Solid 2" preview,scroll down the page until you
reach the pics and movie sections. If you don't want to download
the pics in motion, look down the pics section,I didn't go through the whole list,but I found two, one is "great bullet-hole tex, and another is "neat bloodstain tex", see those, and see what I'm talking about. Sorry man,later.

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