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Just several random thoughts on what I would like to see.
When I first played Doom all those years ago, I remember walking aroung a pillar to be stunned by the roar of a Baron that had been hiding there. I was so surprised that I couldn't react as the beast tore me to shreds. To me, Doom is fear.
It sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? But Doom was my first computer game. It was my first FPS. I remember being late in getting into the game. I can still hear the lunch crowd talking about the most amazing game ever, Doom. I may just be a face in the crowd of fans, but this game has meant so much to me for so long...
And now I hear talk of Doom 3. Wow. I can't wait to see this. For years now I have wanted to step in and bring Doom to 3D, but it seems now that iD is taking charge. We are not forgotten! And I hope it stays so in the developement of what the game is like. Like everyone else out there, I have my own vision of what Doom is and what it should be. All I can do is put forth some of my ideas and hope that others are on the same wavelength.
I would like to know more about the player. Crazy, huh? But seriosly, this guy has (literally) gone through Hell. What does that do to a man? It would be interresting to see as the main characters mind and soul slowly deteriorate throughout the game from all the horror and suffering he has seen. Even the tough man has a breaking point. Another idea, what if iD pulled an 'Aliens' at the beginning, with new blood being sent into the field having only being briefed by the survivor of Doom.
I fully support the idea of advanced AI. What if you could hear voices calling your name from somewhere in the dead spacestation. The lights flicker on and off and there is a small patch of blood that has stained the dingy tan door to your left. The voice is like a whisper, but stronger. Like the wind it is strong but dies and is strong again. You hear a snap behind you, and as you spin around you find yourself face to face with an imp. It hisses then screaches as it brings its fist down upon your forehead and you are knocked to the ground. They can smell your fear.
It would be so wonderfull if the graphics could be photo-realistic. But I don't think we are yet capable of creating this. Maybe in a few years. Just remember that Hell is a state of mind. Sometimes what is even worse than fire and brimstone are the ounces of pain that are much closer to home.
Why do all enemies hate only you? If Doom's creatures are a mixture of alien and demon, then why do the get along so well. It would be interresting to see a creature that would cause you to momentarily fight side by side with an imp or a demon. And another thought: what is the CyberDemon without the Cyber? Imangine coming across this monstrosity before it's flesh has been melded to fit it's cybernetic enhancements.
I like how the weapons systems have advanced in current games, and I would kind of like to see this in Doom 3. I like Doom's weapons but, more diversity would be nice, and maybe a choice of a melee weapon from anything you can find in your environment. I like the though of adding hit detection, and watching a demon that has been torn open with a shotgun blast empty it's intestines over the ledge it has fallen on, and the fall over itself, would be refreshing... so far as killing things goes.
I know I have a lot of opinions, but that is what it takes to make things happen. Hopefully I'm not too far off from what everybody else thinks.

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Who, another new guy. And an AOLler too, cute.

Well, bucko, we've covered all of your subjects here quite a few times. :) Work your way down the threads and take a read and what we've posted before.

You're 100% right, Doom is fear.

No iD game has ever had character development longer than two paragraphs in the manual. Maybe it will suddenly change but their track record doesn't support that theory.

We all want better AI. Doom's enemies had the survival instincts of kamikaze pilots. Like I suggested, work your way down the threads 'cuz there's _a lot_ of posts about this, too many for me to possibly remember.

Photo-realistic graphics? Not too far off. Look at the released screenshots of Duke Nukem Forever. Doom 3 will be released a full 3 years later so you can pretty much expect photo-realistic graphics, so long as your machine has the horsepower to run it at 1280x1024 or higher with 80 frames a second.

Actually, 3-5 ghz chips oughta be hot news by then, making the 2 ghz chips affordable. It's not so hard to imagine that we could be playing Doom 3 like that. The RAM is still going to cost an arm and a leg, though. Too bad yours and not someone elses... :)

Hmm, a CyberDemon without the Cyber. I actually don't remember hearing about this, but one big idea that's been tossed around here rather profusely is the idea of minibosses. Imagine that in the later levels you start running into those pink bull demons... except the 'miniboss' versions of them are a good 5 feet taller than the CyberDemon and they charge you at 60mph. Think about that. Or Imps that move at twice your player speed and inflict double damage over normal Imps and take a damn long time to die. Yeah.

Environmental melee weaponry: I'm pretty sure Jeremy has the medal for this one. Watch out, he'll flame you. :)

As for blowing an Imp's gut out and it dragging it's intestines behind as it still comes for you, well, I'm not sure if I 'deserve' credit but I stated that one a while ago. What I'd really like to see is clipping control (so meshes can't penetrate level architecture) and gravity affecting every part of an enemy.......

Imp in a corner:
Killed with a high powered pistol round to the head.
It's neck whips back, into the wall.
It's body falls backwards, hitting the wall and resting momentarily.
It's arms flail back into the walls, then start down.
It's legs give way and it slides downwards.
It's head starts to slump forward. Blood runs from it's lips.
It's arms reach the floor at the same time as it's ass.
It rests, totally devoid of life as the blood continues to trickle forth.
One down, a thousand to go. =)

Zombie down a staircase (from the top):
Cut down with center mass rapid fire.
The impacts lift it off of it's feet.
The red lights fade from it's eyes.
It's arms pull back. The gun slips away.
It's body begins to descend, already level.
The legs come higher, splaying like an upside down airborne cat.
The head slams into a step, cracking open.
The gun hits a step and tumbles down end-over-end.
The body slams against the steps and slides down a few.
It lays, dead, and twitching.
Blood pools under it, and runs from step to step.


BTW, I mean no disrespect in informing you.
Welcome to the Doomworld Doom 3 forums.
Have a nice fraggin' day.

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Guest Relajo

It will be really cool to have motherfuckers fighting on your side, a bunch of soldiers along with you, another few comming later and some others way advanced into the infested game.

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Guest Intestinalworm
deadnail said:

Your death scene descriptions are really cool sounding although almost impossible with current or near future computing technologies. Maybe in an ingame cinimatic though.

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