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Doom 3 Engine Vs Quake 3 Engine!

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I know that it is not known yet!
But what advantages will Doom 3 engine have over Quake 3 engine???

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Supposedly advances in the video engine (to make all normal accelerators useless... muahahaha).

polygon count will probably be higher

It's doom damit! doom is better than quake3 (patriotism talking)

It would probably be really advanced and "junk" code kept to a minimum so it doesn't run like a slideshow (probably wouldn't need to have a much more powerful system to play it than quake 3, with the exception of ram, HD space, and video)

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Guest M4TT5T3R

ya,,,, they're completely re-writing the engine... from what it sounds like, they're going to have a lot of characters on the screen at once... the requirements at the moment will supposedly be:
700mhz Processor
128mb RAM
Voodoo3s or below won't work with it...

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