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My largest post ever.

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Well, since there seems to be a few new people here I'm saying the Hell with it. I've got Stratovarious cranked up and my Insider pizza is here so here we go!

F1: Fire 1, primary attack
F2: Fire 2, secondary/alternate attack

 Controls (Besides the obvious)
• Press jump to hold onto ladders, ropes, or areas that you can grapple across. Press jump again to let go. Think of hand-over-handing over a bubbling pit of slime, stopping now and again to use your one handed pistol.
• Press jump while crouching to leap forwards instead of upwards. Handy with some weapons, and especially with a berserker pack.
• A grab button as well as a use button. The grab button is for dragging crates or holding something by the shoulder while you pump bullets into it's midsection. Grab something and kick it repeatedly sort of like Double Dragon. Imagine the posibilities.
• Tab controls the automap. Press once and it the map gets overlaid onto the screen like Duke3D. Press twice and it's up in a corner like the Doom beta. Press thrice and it's out of your way.
• Spacebar is reload. Ever since Half-Life I always set the spacebar to reload so I don't have to hunt for it. =)
• "A" is for switching ammunition. Press it and a menu pops up on the screen. Cycle through your available ammunition. Choose one and your character unloads then loads in your choice. This would be quick, and allow for insta-kill deathmatches as well as skill deathmatches. "Hmm, should I put normal or explosive shells in this shotgun?"

[Weapon Concepts]

---Melee Weapons
• Nothing
F1: Punch, hand-to-hand combat would be quite excellent
F2: Kick, have to stop moving to do it but sends victim flying
• Knife
F1: Slice
F2: Thrust
• Rusty Length of Pipe
F1: Swing
F2: Block; imaging pipe only deathmatches
• Chainsaw
F1: Hold out
F2: Lunge forward with a swing, like a four foot pounce attack

---9mm Ammunition Weapons
• Beretta (Doom's style, even though I'd prefer a Glock)
F1: Fire.
F2: Toggle between single or triple shot.
• Akimbo Berettas (Yeah, two of them; will autoaim on two targets)
F1: Fire.
F2: Toggle between single or triple shot.
• Submachinegun (MP5 or a Steyr fashion)
F1: Fire straight. Rattles upwards.
F2: Fire sideways. Rattles left. Not gangsta, uses both hands.
• Double Submachineguns (Very long reload time as punishment)
F1: Fire and go for two targets if possible, horrible aim.
F2: Cross your arms and aim for one target, better aim.
[Alternate 9mm Ammunition]
-Standard 9x19mm Parabellum Hollow Points
-Explosive rounds, more bark than bite but are better
-Black talon armor piercing rounds

---12 Gauge Ammunition Weapons
• Benelli M3 Super 90 (Best shotgun EVER, made in 1984)
F1: Fire. When semi-auto the aim cuts upwards.
F2: Toggle pump action or semi auto. Pump will work underwater.
• Side by side double barrelled bird gun (Again, Doom's style)
F1: Both barrels.
F2: One barrel at a time. For those tough times when ammo is sparse.
• Combat Double Barrelled Shotgun (Drum fed, semi auto)
F1: Fire both barrells as fast as Q3A.
F2: Fire a little faster, but aim will cut upwards
[Alternate 12 Gauge Ammunition]
-Standard 000 buck magnum red shells
-Rifled slugs, aim straight hit hard green shells
-Explosive rounds, black shells (10 foot blast radius)
-Regular 12 gauge magnesium flares, brass casings

---7.62 Cartridge Weapons
• Combo over-under weapon (Think Aliens or Starship Troopers)
F1: Fire 7.62 in 3 shot clusters. Very accurate.
F2: Fire attached 12 gauge. Load with any shotgun shells.
• Six barrelled assault rifle*
F1: Fire all six barrels at once.
F2: Fire only the top barrel, to save ammo.
* I've combined the Deep Rising gun with the Doom Chaingun here. You hold it with both hands and support it with a strap over your shoulder. It looks somewhat like the Doom Chaingun but is smaller, a bit longer, and has a black resin coating (to prevent rusting). And think a bit of the other 7.62 weapon, you could load it with ANY shotgun shells! Think of loading it with just flares, so you have a machinegun that can light up dark areas!
[Alternate 7.62 Cartridge Ammunition]
-Standard 7.62 NATO Cartridges
-Incindiary (Really exist, unstable in storage, 5 foot blast radius)
-Armor piercing rounds, will cut through several enemies if lined up

Damn, Stratovarius is over. Time for Depeche Mode I guess.

---40mm Grenades
• Find the grenades before you find a weapon for it
F1: Hit it and throw, on contact (BE CAREFUL)
F2: Twist it and throw, three second delay (RUN)
• Single shot breech loaded grenade launcher (M-79 or HK M-69)
F1: On contact, shoots them very far (BE CAREFUL)
F2: Three second delay, plant one in an Imp and RUN
• Revolving cylinder Grenade Launcher (Like a riot cop gas gun)
F1: On contact, yet again. No reason for confusion!
F2: Three second delay.
* I think it's worth noting that the grenades should always behave like they're told. On contact is fine with a big distance, but you're quite likely to blow your own ass apart with them. With the three second delay at least you have time to run away, plus, you could use it at close range and run.
[Alternate 40mm Grenade Ammuntion]
-Normal High Explosive Rounds, 35 foot explosion radius
-Bary Fashion Flak Rounds, LOTS of Shrapnel
-Incindiary Rounds, bigger blast that doesn't do as much damage

---Electric Cell Weapons
• Plasma Pistol (Watered down Plasma Rifle)
F1: A Plasma Rifle type of shot, quite slow for follow up shots.
F2: Charge up for a pulse blast, instant connect, same damage.
• Plasma Rifle (Like Doom, not like Q3A "It's a boy!" style)
F1: Full speed plasma shots.
F2: Half speed pulse blasts, instant connect, same damage.
• BFG (Assuming there is one, and I hope there isn't!)
F1: Q2 style big green ball o' death.
F2: Suicide, huge green explosion. Take 'em with you.
[Alternate Cell Ammunition]
-Normal Blue Cells
-Double Charge Red Cells (Yeouch!)

Okay, now then, let me expand on the secondary attacks of the plasma weapons. In Doom the plasma shots did double the damage of the bullet rounds, it fared out because the shots were projectiles. They had to make it to the target. The pulse blasts as I call them are instant connects, blue beams that connect straight to the target like a railgun hit. However, they only do the same damage but fire at half of the speed of normal plasma rifle shots. The boon of this is that the PR rifle keeps it's functionality at a distance. You can't hit the target as fast, but it gives them a chance to run away.

I'm completely against instant kills in deathmatch, but we do have to remember that a Grenade launcher is one hell of a deadly weapon. Games as of late have been really really fake with rockets and grenades, giving them a 5 foot blast radius. Real grenades upheave hundreds of pounds of dirt, and shred the innermost victims right down to nothing. As for the instant kills, there should be an option when setting up a server that you can control maximum damage per hit. Set it to 80 and there would always be the opportunity for chance.

Well, I guess that's enough for now. All of the new kiddies ought to know where I stand. C'mon, let's all put gigantic posts here! Sir Galahad Wizard, care to dump everything you think Doom 3 should be too?

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Guest Mariner

So you want more ideas....

Double Barrel Shotgun
Normal Shell
Explosive Shell -When it hits somthing it immedietely Explodes

Plasma Shell - Injects Plasma into the target it Hits
Normal Shell

Plasma Rifle
1+ Shell -Shoots 2 Shells A Time

Pulse Shell -It Doesnt Kill It Tells You How Much Health The Enemy Has

Hit - This Weapon You May Use To Hit The Other Enemy/Object

MachineGun Shell -This Is a Very Wierd Shell It Shoots Out The Bullets Out Of The Bfg Like A Machine Gun

PATCH ADDONS (pretending)

Grenade Launcher
Double Shell - 2 At A Time

Lightning Gun
Sideways Shell -Shoots The Shells Side Ways

Rocket Launcher
Heat Seaking Shell -Heat Seaks Them Like Revenants Bullets

That Is My Part 1 Of My Post I Will Be Making
Bigger Ones Of Course You Want Everything In
Here So Thats What Im Trying To Do Post Back
If You Think Some Of My Ideas Are Good Or Bad
I Always Want To Know If There Good Or Not
I Hope You See This Post (LoL Of Course You Will :)

. .



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Good post man,Alot of detail, But my only gripe is what I'm seeing in most of these post, To much real world weapons, I'm not saying I don't want to see anymore pistols,shotguns and whatnot. But to many people keep wanting to use todays weapons in
a game that suppose to take place 100,maybe 200 years in the future. As far as weapons design, we all should try to visualise
and create like the japanese. For instance, look at any japanese
"HOBBY JAPAN" magazines and see for yourselves, they're great at
taking real world weapons and giving them exotic futuristic designs for thier gundam and other mech robots dolls. I'm a good artist, and I'm inventing my own doom style weapons, I just wish there was a way I could show them off to everyone on this post, but I don't know how. For your other ideas, very imaginetive,I also given the doom marine a kick, but it's alittle different then yours, I'll discribe it all detail when type out my weapons
list soon. later.

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Mariner said:

Yes, I want more ideas... now my full plan can come full circle... behold as I BERATE YOU. Mwa hahahahaa...

* For a good example of explosive shotgun shells play Duke Nukem 64. So many people here won't dare touch it because, *gasp*, it ain't Doom, it's still a good game.

* Plasma-Injecting shotgun shells? Please elaborate, 'cuz I really can't figure this one out in my head.

* Double-cell ammo that makes the PR rifle shoot side-by-side blasts? That doesn't make all that much sense, but still, it's an interesting idea nonetheless. Isn't that weapon strong enough anyway? :)

* Pistol bullets that tell you how much health something has after you plug it? Hmm, that's a... new one. Howabout an attachment that you clip onto the weapon in your hand that has a little radar on it, so that when you look at your weapon you see the enemy's heartbeat and little numbers for the stats? Would that work for you, instead of planting a remote transmitter directly into the target's skull? :)

* Ammo for the BFG that makes it shoot bullets too? If the whole gun's internal workings are designed to generate and amplify extreme amounts of plasma then how does it shoot bullets? Just curious.

* A double barrelled grenade launcher? Good God on wheels, don't you find that a *tad* bit excessive? Remember we're looking for balanced and fast-paced gameplay, not a ton of ultra instant kill weapons like Unreal Tournament.

* Lightning gun that shoots sideways? Well, um, do you mean like the spread gun in Contra? Oh, wait, I think you're too young to remember that.

* There will be no rocket launcher in Doom 3. Just as well, it's always been overpowered anyways (xcept Q3A).

* Hey, nice emotionless face you drew there. =8*)-~

Well that takes care of Mr. Mariner, the 9 year old behemoth of the seas. Alls as left is Trapssun, and he doesn't want the weapons based on real world weapons. Neither do I. My suggestion was for functionality and performance. The shotgun could look like a new Steyr semi-auto rifle for all I care (completely plastic, tons of curves and see-through points, looks like something out of a movie) so long as it behaves like I stated. You'll notice that in some areas I listed multiple weapons, because they behave the same, I'm just trying to give you an idea of how I would like them to work.

If the shotgun fire 1 was fire, and fire 2 changed between pump action and semi-auto I'll be happy even if it looks like a Christmas hat. Well okay that would be strange as Hell but you get my point. Hmm, I thought I would've elaborated on that... oh well. I just did. :p

Now then, out of all of our chatting it seems that we ALL neglected the most important feature of all! WILL THE CHARACTER FINALLY HAVE A WAY OF TAKING OFF HIS BOOTS? WILL THE BE BUCKLES, LACES, OR ZIPPERED? Only time will tell.. for now we can only speculate.. based on Q3A I think they're going to be a large lump of metal that was molded directly around the character's foot but who knows... who knows... who knows...

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I like your ideas, they seem to fit well in a high-action scheme. But there´s a problem, those weapons are present or even past real firearms, if i were an iD artist, Iwould forget the official names and take some "freedom" to make them look more polished, more fitting to a year like 2100-2200. It´s just a matter of aspect, keep their function and damage the same and you get some very good crafted weapory.

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deadnail said:

This sort of stuff would over complicate a doom game. Save the wacky weapons for the TCs.

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Guest JudgeDooM
deadnail said:

Mmmh, good weapon ideas, but personnaly, I'd prefer a mix of real-life weapons -lots of'em- and a few futuristic weapons. Like in the first DooMs, the armory was perfectly balanced; half-real, half-futuristic. But of course, as you said in a very earlier post, the DooMguy can't run with a thousand of weapons and ammo. What would be cool, is that when you enter the next level/unit, you have a video that shows you the place you're gonna enter, your objectives list, and some ennemies you're going to meet. Then you will have to choose wich weapons and your quantity and type of ammo you're gonna take (SoF style), after having studied the situation. You will of course find other weapons in the level (on the ground for example) and if you want to take them, you have to throw one you have selected at the start of the mission.
I'd like to see the DooMguy have some bandages on him, like this he will bandage his wounds (FireArms style) in case of he don't find stimpacks or medikits.

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deadnail said:

*Let me guess, explosive shotgun shells have about 1/3 to 1/2 the power of a 40mm launched grenade? (never have seen duke nukem 64)

*Plasma injectors huh?
Howabout a device that is like a miniature plasma gun compacted into the size of a shotgun shell, that has it's trigger on the back end?
And when you shoot it, it does lots of damage because the equvalent of 5 cells would be used (and it's an instant-connect blast).
Drawbacks are that you need to reload these right after you use them (plug them into the big battery, they are valuable, don't just toss them away), and that after awhile it will eat away at the barrel of your gun (not a problem because you can just pickup another shotgun, they almost grow on trees).

*Instead of double, side-by side blasts. Have a weapon's system array. Yes, when you get another shiny blood spattered plasma gun you can hook them together (small clamps and a connector) so they both shoot at the same time when you pull one trigger. Theoreticially you could get about 5 of these things rigged but it would be so heavy and bulky it would be worthless after about 3 of them.

*I don't think you should be able to know enemy stats while playing (w/o cheating).

*Combo bfg with another weapon so that the slow refire doesn't disadvantage you into pulling out another weapon. Maybe an under or side 7.62mm machinegun attachment (the gun is quite heavy so recoil is manageable).
Gee... remember my idea about not having bfg, but adding attachemnts to the plasma rifle so that it eventually matches it's power?

*Double barreled grenade launcher sux, one barrel is enough. If you need to cause more damage just pull out your handy-dandy bfg or rocekt launcher (rockets are more powerful because of shaped-charge).

*Lightning gun sux, just use an alternate fire mode on plasma gun that shoots instant connect (or high velocity + long proejctiles).

*Why no rocket launcher, did they say? That's a real bummer.

*Wherez a picture of this glorious "steyr" rifle?

new idea in next post^^

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A suggestion from me about reaistic carrying of ammo and equipment:
*all special "magical" (or whatever) powerups like invulnerabiltiy that could be stored and used later on are effectivly weightless

-1 bullet (9mm) gives 1 point (of encumberance)
-1 HP-bullet (7.62mm) gives 2 points
-1 shell (12 guage) gives 5 points
-1 rocket/grenade gives 20 points
-1 energy clip gives 20 points (holds a certian number of ammo per clip, weight doesn't diminish from shooting).
-1 cell pack battery gives 50 points (same scenario as energy clip, but has much more energy in it).
-Light weapons give 40 points (like mp5 or enhanced pistols)
-medium weapons give 100 points (like shotgun or assault rifle)
-Large weapons give 250 points (like bfg or minigun).

...the marine gets a certian number of encumberance points that this total cannot exceed his (or her) ammount. This allows for carrying of lots of different things instead of certian limits on specific things.

With this setup an encumberance maximum of 1500 allows this setup:
-3 small weapons
-2 medium weapons
-1 large weapon
-100 (9mm), 100 (7.62mm), 30 (12 guage), 10 (rockets)
-10 e-clips (roughly 200 cells) / or 5 cell packs (roughly 500 cells, but hard to use).

these "encumberance points" have no real unit, but are a compilaiton of the difficulty to carry thee items (size and mass).

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