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Guest LRM

My Weapon Ideas

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Guest LRM

People have been talking about millions of complicated weapons for doom3 with secondary functions and everything. I think that would complicate doom, it should be like this.

Button Weapon
1 Fist/Chainsaw
2 Pistol
3 Shotgun(hitech looking)/Supershotgun(lowtech looking)
4 Chaingun ( Or maybe a machine gun, like in wolf3d )
5 Lasergun ( Like in Doom 64 )
6 Rocket Launcher
7 Flamethrower
8 Plasma gun
9 BFG 10000 (Make it fire like the nuke gun in turok
for n64 )

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Guest Dmarg1

Nice ideas, but i've never seen any true "hell" weapons except in Doom64. Man, that weapon kicked ass!

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This reminds me a little bit to my own weapon ideas, which I posted some time ago. Here they are:

1)Combat Chainsaw (similar to Fakk2´s Chainsaw-sword)
3)Single Barrel Shotgun (pump action, techy look)
4)Double Barrel Shotgun (side-by-side, semi-automatic, nasty "gothic" look)
5)Stormbolter (submachinegun/grenade launcher combined)
6)Minigun (powerfull machine look)
8)Plasma Gun
10)Sniper Railgun (hightech look, but not like Quake´s rg)
11) [I´m not sure about this one. Maybe a demonic weapon?]
12) BFG (with new features and function)

-Sniper Railgun and Stormbolter need 2 fire modes. BFG, Chainsaw, Flamethrower and Plasma Gun may have also very usefull secondary fire modes. Shotguns and Rocketlauncher defenitely don´t need more than 1 fire mode.

-Also I thought about multiple ammo for the shotguns, maybe: normal shells and shrapnell shells (for a flak-like spray effect).

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Time to get deadnail in here to stomp on all this shit.

eventually we are just going to start cutting and pasting previous posts instead of waste our time typing here because these topics are soooo old!

and sorry to break it to ya, but 90% of those ideas suck!

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Uh, I was just thinking that they could improve the system.

1) So that you *could* play it the way it used to be (certian weapons would just replace others automaticially when you pick up a better one, like what happens to the fists when you pickup the chainsaw).

2) So that the feature freaks will be happy (yes it would make them really happy)

3) Make it more interesting (makes the world of doom seem more expansive, you have to play it longer to get that sense of "mastery" and even then you are still finding new ways to kill things).

There is a post somwhere hiding in this forum that deadnail made concerning ammo and weapons but I don't have the time to look for it right now. In later posts instead of just typing out a whole list of shit, I'll just refer to the link.

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Tetzlaff said:

@Galahad: If this sucks, then the original Doom sucks too, following your Opinion! What do you want?

Well, yes it does kinda suck. But it was good for it's time.

Im not saying doom sucks, everyone knows that doom was one of the best games ever made.

Im just saying that I got bored with the restrictions of the weapons. I wanted new ways to kill, and that wasn't possible (well, they did add SSG in doom2, but that was only one weapon).

I was happy with doom for a long time but eventually got bored (this was before I was playing DM games) with it because you simply couldn't add things to it (at least not until dosdoom or edge sourceports came out - recently).

I just dont want doom 3 to follow in the same track as the other dooms did. Sure there will be familiar guns that you will probably use 66% of the time, but there needs to be new ones too to give you that "I've never shot him with that before", or "I wanna see how it kills him with this" feeling.

That is what doom is lacking, more playmates (monsters), and more toys (weapons). The old toys are getting boring, even if you slap new faces on them you get used to them pretty quick (I make an exception for q2's DSG because I had never seen a double shotgun like that before).

There needs to be about 20 weapons, but you shouldn't be able to carry them all at one time (it would be a nightmare selecting weapons with the number keys!).

As for multiple ammo types within differernt categories, im for that too but you should be able to select weither or not you want them enabled (because some people may not care about the function). It would make all the ammo of a certian category into the "basic" format instead of random amounts of each different kind (armor piercing, explosive, etc.)

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Ok, I can see what you mean, and you aren´t totally wrong. I also always want to add new weapons to the new Doom, and I also made some suggestions for new weapons. Well, the "I've never shot him with that before" -effect has to be there, thats right, and maybe my own ideas havn´t too much of it. But that´s because I think a good weapon balance is very essential to have fun. Remember Daikatana: It has a lot of "I've never shot him with that before". That was quite interesting, but not really good, it was in fact unbalanced. Or Kiss Psycho Circus...just to have another example. For the same reason there shouldn´t be too many weapons at the same time, if it´s a total of 20 weapons, it would be ok when they will be seperated into 2 groups of 10 balanced weapons, and you will collect one half in the first (supra-) episode of the game and the other half in the second episode.
Well, let´s invent really new and amazing weapons:) (I only remember you takling about a Lightning gun...) Will think about it. But some of the old toys (especially a side-by-side shotgun) must stay, and they don´t become boring, that´s what I think.

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