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Doom 3 Engine Ideas 3

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Ok here are the facts known about the Doom 3 engine until now:
1)Totaly New Rendering Engine (Some of Quake 3 console commands remained BUT ONLY CONSOLE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE RENDERING ENGINE).
2)The technology will be built using Dot3 Bumpmapping and very much relying on Stencil Buffers.
3)Some hefty computer will be required to play this game Carmack said that we are now gone from the super fast quake 3 fps but he honestly believes that the new engine's power will be more than enough to cover the fps problem.
4)Their targeting video card is Geforce (1,2,ultra) RivaTNT cards will work fine Voodoo4,5 cards will work fine also Voodoo 3 cards will run the game but the graphics won't be even near what ID wanted to show!
If u want to learn more go to www.voodooextreme.com !
Stay tuned when more information becomes availibale

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Guest Dmarg1

What about deformable terrain? I understand that a game called FPS will have it.

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I believe you mean "RED FACTION", and it's being released by Volition, the group of people that were responsible for the Descent series.

And yes, in Red Faction, you can literally blow up anything! :)

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Guest PainoMan

Did we read the same interviews? Carmack said that today's video card will NOT be able to run the game very well at all.

"...but even the fastest cards of today are going to have to run at fairly low resolutions to get decent frame rates. Many will choose to drop a feature or two to get some speed back, but they still won't be able to get near 60hz."

As far as I can tell, the cards you mention are "the fastest cards of today" and just won't cut it when Doom 3 is released.

The whole attitude that Carmack is showing just pisses me off completely. I've mentioned this before, but who do these guys think they are? Do they really believe that they will sell many copies of Doom 3 if everybody has to go out and buy new equipment to run it on? I know that a lot of Doomers out there probably will do just that, but I for one dislike the "lazy programmer" attitude, which is: "I don't care if it doesn't run fast. Screw'em, let 'em go out and buy a new computer." Well, guess what. Screw ID. I lost respect for them when they announced that Quake 3 was going to be multiplayer only anyway.

It is really too bad the Romero won't be working on Doom 3. He knows. Carmack just doesn't have a clue.

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It would be nice if Romero bring some help to iD with DooM3. It isn´t necessary a full time work, just some few things to push DooM in the straight path.

But i disagree about your thoughts on Carmack´s plan.
He´s doing the right thing. The greatest ability of Carmack is his talent on engines. If iD wanna make DooM3 something truly incredible, then it´s obvious that he will put the greatest effort on the engine capabilities. It would be slower than Q3A engine, but, within a few months, when the first screenshot is made available to the public, were all gonna forget very quickly about this.

Carmacks says that today´s hardware isn´t enough to make D3 engine framerate close to the Q3A one. Than a GeForce 2 isn´t enough. Well, if you look at how a GeForce 2 owner plays Q3A, you´ll see why. It´s like their standard resolution were 1280x1024x32 with anti-aliasing included. Remember when quake 1 came out, and you tried to put it at 1024x768?? It looked like the "screenshot-mode", i wasn´t getting anymore than 10 FPS.
So, whats the deal?, DooM3 will be played at 640x480. That´s not the end of the world. And if you look at the year 2002 (and the Moore´s Law), you´ll see GF2 at absurd prices, and some great technollogy that will take out of D3 100 fps in 800x600/1024x768.

I could even say that this happened (in some scale) with every game that iD made.
And for last, if you are worried about how many Carmack can optimize the code, then get REALLY MAD about other engines & games (someone here tried to play Ultima IX??, in a P3 733, 768 MB RAM & a 3D Blaster Annihilator Pro, it puked from 3 to 20 fps)

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PainoMan said:

I don't totally disagree with you. I, too, have lost some faith in iD's abilities. But by the time Doom3 is released, most people will have better 3D cards anyway.

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