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I have a good idea for the BFG.
You first start off with the "BFG", then you can get up grade packs to make it the "BFG-8000", then "BFG-9000", "BFG10k" "BFG-11k" and finall BFG-20k". That would be cool.
For the 8000, it could just be like the Q3 one, just green deadly plasma. The 9000, just like the original! The 10k, just like QII's. The 11k, a little multi-color, like blue, green, and yellow, and it shoots out a large ball with lightning, not just lazers, and has more "explosion" instead of that green blob.
20k...Heheheh....LARGE light purple ball, shoots lazers, and lightining out, and when it explodes, there is a white flash, a mushroom cloud, and every thing in the room is vaporised {tables, people, monsters} and you fly backwards, and lose 50% health.

Another idea is plasm grenades! Just like grenades, but they have a blue explosion, and plasma particals fly everywhere.

And thats that! -Jeremy

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I agree. But not just the BFG, this should apply to all weapons. It would add a lot to the game if there were upgrades throughout the game.. Giving the gun more power, ammo capacity, etc... Kind of like Diablo.. Doom 2 was really kind of unfortunate.. All the weapons were collected by Map08. Only 24 more maps of not finding any new weapons.. It's all so tragic.

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Linguica said:

It might not be wonderful but I can think of plenty of things which are more tragic with the world :P

Oh yeah, I forgot about the fall of DoomNation...

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AndrewB said:

Oh yeah, I forgot about the fall of DoomNation...

Jeez, I thought you were all for that ;)

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I got an even better idea:

There is no BFG!!!
(ok, now that the shock has happened read on for an explanation...).

The only energy weapon is the plasma rifle, but you can get upgrades for it that eventually boost it's power to that of bfg-9000 (and beyond).

First you would have to get a combat chassis rack for the plasma gun (allows you to slap new hardware on the gun)

There would be power boosters to increase damage (about 5 of them would boost it to BFG-9000 level damage), each one is different but does the same thing (in different amounts, and some have pre-requisites).

There would be coolers that allow you to use the power boosters without blowing the gun up of frying the circuits.

There would be pulse-generators that add strange effects to the blasts (spray attacks and other misc.)

There would be efficiency-keeping devices so that you don't fry your ammo reserves do fast.

There would be pulse-generation accelerators so that it doesn't take forever to shoot the thing (makes it really really fast w/o the power amplifiers).
These pieces aren't jsut laying around and it should take about half the game to put it together fully (reaches BFG-9000 power at about level 10).

It should take at least 10 seconds to connect one of these things to the gun (gun lowers off screen and you ahve to stop for awhile).

And this works for deathamtch too!
Because you have to put the pieces together before you can go around splattering people (plenty of time for someone to splatter you when conencting your new christmas present to it)

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sirgalahadwizar said:

Pretty good idea, like you slap on some big hunk of equipment to the Plasma Gun, and pow, its a BFG, and from there you power up. And that would also force more weapons...

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Shaviro said:


With no BFG, no doom i see.......

No, you don't understand.

Under this concept, the BFG is just a pre-constructed version of a boosted plasma rifle.

It's like getting something thru the mail that's already constructed, instead of having to "assemble" it.

It would still be ok to have the BFG in single player (and the construction method too).
But the rules for Deathmatch should make it to where you have to assemble a BFG instead of get easy frags with a cheap weapon of mass destruction you just pick up off the shelf!

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