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My ideas for monsters in doom3

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Hmmm... this is a WIP, is bound to be edited, and is cool (hehe).
Any possible counterpart they may have in doom 1/2 will be put into parenthesis above it


Technician - Wears simple armor, carries either a field rifle or shotgun. They are not undead, just living humans who's minds have been taken over so they are not very tough.

Security Officer - Former base security personnel. They are armed with assault rifles, sub-machineguns, or shotguns (of any type); they can also carry grenades. They can have either light or moderate armor. There are not as many of these as there are of "Technicians" because their main purpose was security befre they were taken over.

Combat Gunner - Soldiers such as yourself that were stationed on these bases as backup support for the security officers in case anything happened. They have access to grenades, assault rifles, miniguns, rocket launchers (or grenade launchers), and plasma guns. They wear moderate to heavy armor.

Undead Zombies

*Decayed Technicians - Killed in the initial onslaught they have been ressurected to kill anyone that is still human. Some are armed with the same weaponry and armor that normal "Technicians" are, but most wear ragged clothes and attack with claws or bites. A side effect of their transformation they seem to be un-affected by standard weapons (other than stumbling from impacts), and require massive structural damage to put them to rest (explosions, massive sprays of bullets, etc).

*Shock Troops - Undead zombie that has the ability to project moderatly powerful electric charges (lighting). As undead they require structural damage to destroy them.

*Relentless - A particularly astute undead zombie. They are only armed with a pistol but they have extreme accuracy, are relentless in their attacks, have great speed and agility, and require a massive amount of structural damage to kill. They are quickly lethal with their melee attacks.

(Multiplayer Bot)
*Hammer - Ressurected space marines intent on your destruction. The combination of access to any weapon, tough armor, and a previously high toughness (amplified by the transformation) makes them the gatekeepers of critical areas. They tend to hunt down their prey rather than lie in wait, so don't be surprised when you meet them in an indescrept corridor rather than some shrine.


*Imp (or "soldier") - A vaguely humanoid monster with leathery and mottled skin, razor-sharp horns, and vicious temprament. They are incredibly tough and un-imaginativly strong. Their claws can rip through steel up to 1" thick, and they frequently throw globs of a strange goo secreted by their mouthes that catches fire in open air, it is equivalent to napalm and is very hard to put out.

*Phosphoric Imp - An Imp that is so saturated with flaming goo that they are a walking fireball. The fireballs they lob are three times as large as the normal glob of goo thrown by imps, and they can also speuw streams of fire from some opening in their mid-torso. Even getting near these firey horrors can prove dangerous and touching them almost certianly lethal.

*Carnal-vore - A large pinkish-greyish carnivore resembling an up-right and well built bull. Their principal attack is to chew their victims to death, although they have been known to punch or otherwise slap and ram them around before eating them.

*Phase-Vore - An "Carnal-Vore" that has apparently been cloaked out of "phase" by some unknown means. They tend to phase slightly if shot with powerful weapons but are only fully vulnerable right before and after they attack.

*Gorretora - A golem comprised of zombies, undead zombies, imps, and carnal-vores. It is the result of some mutating extra-dimensional microbe that re-forms captured material into a form usable by the whole entity. It's primary attack is a stream of acid spit from a central orafice. The second attack is being pulled into it by a long tentacle resembling a tongue, it is extremly hard to escape.

*Sphereavora - A large sphere-shaped creature that has the ability to spit large pulses of electric energy (ball lighting). They will also try to chew you to death, they have a very large mouth. The large amount of punishment they can take is from size only, they are actually not very tough at all and frequently shudder in pain while being attacked.

(Pain Elemental)
*Torturous Spirit - A large, partially phased, and jumbled extra-dimensional creature. It also seems to leak smaller phased creatures it has digested over time as a form of attack. These are also partially phased too, as being disrupted has removed their perfect balance of phasing and dimensional alighnment. If you get too close it will try to eat you and make you an addition to it's collection. When they die, they release lots of the trapped creatures, but most leave this dimensional plane.

(Lost Soul)
*Verge - A small, partially phased entity from another dimension. Their touch initiates a violent electrical discharge. Their main goal is to get lodged into another creature so that they may feed from it's life-force, the best way it can do this is to ram them. They tend not to attack the undead or most non-human creatures since humans are usually the only ones they can inhabit.

(baron of hell)
Gorrahorror - A towering creature capable of slinging balls of plasma from it's paws. A melee swipe is almost always instantly lethal because of the ripping power of the plasma, and the un-imaginable strength of it's arms. This monstrosity is so bulky and dense that normal tactics involved with smaller creatures do not work, as it's toughness foils most creative tricks normally used. It is particularly un-affected by fire or plasma because of it's "heated" nature.

*Mechahorror - A massive, part-machine creature weighing in at 5 tons and a height of 15 ft. The internal cybornetics enable extreme accuracy with it's built in weapons systems. These monsters are rare, and each one is different, with different weapons attachments and set-ups. They are the enemies' equivalent of heavy weapons platforms and thus require a certian degree of planning to flat-line.

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Guest Relajo

Hey Galahad, cool ideas!

I was thinking about some other kind of zombies, slow and stupid, without weapons but if you get caught by one of them you r history...

Also, what about the UAC marines using some stafing ships, atacking the base without taking care about anyone who's still inside... well it's not an enemy, but it still can kill you.

that's all for now...

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Good ideas! The distinguish between normal zombies and undead zombies is interesting. And like your "Hammer" idea I also thought about a skilled "multiplayer" bot, but he should be a kind of level boss in secluded part of the levels, which is designed like a good deathmatch map.
Imps: The goo secretet by their mouthes - no...How would it look like? But the Phosphoric Imp sounds good.
The coolest idea is the Gorretora! Really nasty monster...And when he resembles the golem look from the old imps, the new imps could look more agile and klesk-like.

By the way, what does "vore" mean???

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Guest mancuvus

as you said with the decayed technicians it would be fine to kill somebody or something and see it in another level resurrected or something, i mean imagine you kill a "cyberdemon", then in four more levels, the same one apear as a boss but stronger and like a big zombie, with rotten flesh or whatever...

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all really great ideas...seriously!!!..but why did you change the names of them..I personally think they should keep their former names

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Dont have much time... my computer locked up while writing a reply just like this so im gonna hurry

In reply to previous replies...

*Gorratora - intended to be like the alien from "The Thing" (1982). Had to cut down it's lethality just to emulate it. Its about 10 feet tall and requires explosive blasts/energy to kill it (not even rail-gun would kill it, if there was one...). Looks in no way like the imp (although some bodily features of imps may be sticking out if it in some places).
Mostly it looks black and leaves a slime trail behind it (spooky, compells you to follow it).

*Phosphoric Imp - Walkig fireball that does *mega* damage if it hugs you (melee attack). Can shoot flamethrower at medium range (similar to plasma gun in intensity). Fireballs they throw for long range are equivalent to mancubus fireballs. When they die they erupt in a *massive* firey explosion and throw globs of napalm-like fire everywhere (doesn't stop burning).

*Imp fireballs - Yellow goo that catches fire on contact with air. The novels explained it. The imp spits it into it's hand and lobs it, doesn't exactly dribble out of it's mouth.

*The Undead - They are meant as higher-qualtiy enemies to replace "standard" zombies in the later levels.
They require as much damage as their health to be dealt in one lump sum just to knock them down (they wil eventually get back up), and you have to gib them to destroy them.
The lower level undead zombies are pretty much mindless, but the higher level ones are cunning as hell (relentless, hammer, and to some extent shock troops).

*Hammer - meant ot surprise you in places you aren't expecting trouble. Tough as a baron, has speed and abilities as same of player or above (sometimes he's faster). Meant as a boss, supposed to kill most novice players not expecting it.

*Naming - Personally, I thought the old names were bland or generic. Came up with new ones that sound more interesting (in my opinion). I try to keep away from saying "demon" because I am promoting a neutral storyline (not too sci-fi, not too satanic).

*Vore - part of the word "voracious", which means ravenous, which means really really hungry.
The new name for the demon has "vore" in it because it eats things. The new name ofthe cacodemon has it in there too because the have such big mouths...

be warned ill probably name the cyberdemon as the "mechahorror" ("mech" because its a big , and "horror" because it is a horrible guest at any party d:)

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Relajo said:

Hey Galahad, cool ideas!

I was thinking about some other kind of zombies, slow and stupid, without weapons but if you get caught by one of them you r history...

Also, what about the UAC marines using some stafing ships, atacking the base without taking care about anyone who's still inside... well it's not an enemy, but it still can kill you.

that's all for now...

Thatz the "shock troops"

imagine a shambler-like creature that isn't as big but still shoots lighting, and when you get close, instead of gouging, it claws you (physical + electricity at same time). And on rare occasions it will hug you (a shocking experience, not a warming one d:)

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