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Guest Dmarg1

Weapons <<<<-READ->>>>

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Guest Dmarg1

1.Fist/Chainsaw-Melee weapons.

2.Beretta- Your basic pistol. Can be fitted with a laser sight.

3.Shotgun- Your basic shotgun. Bennelli M3 design.

4.Twin shotgun- Can be adjusted so it can have it's barrels side-by-side or under-and-over.

5.Auto Shotgun- Speedy shotgun. Has it's ammo in 8-round drums.

6.SMG- Fires in 3-round bursts. 20 bullet clip.

7.Minigun- Fully rapid fire. 150 round belt-fed.

8.Vulcan- A huge minigun that fires lightly-explosive bullets. 50 round belt-fed.

9. RPG- Fires Normal, Heat-seeking, or frag rockets. Can carry only 5 rounds for each rocket type.

10. Mancubus Cannons- Napalm-powered, twin-barreled fireball shooter. 200 napalm rounds. Encumbers user.

11. Plasma Gun- An old fave. 600-cell capacity

12. Fusion Cannon- Similar to, but weaker than,the BFG20000.Uses a maximum of 35 Uranium cylinders.

13.BFG20000- 2 modes of fire. One lets out a big white sphere of energy, while the other lets out a melee-based Shock that not only damages the victim, but also YOU. 600-cell capacity.

14.?- Rapid fire and MASSIVE projectile damage. Only found once in the game and has INFINITE ammo.


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Basic fist and chainsaw, nothing different? I'd like more hand-to-hand style combat, and a knife or a rusty pipe in between the two.

It is not difficult to modify a Beretta into a triple shot pistol. That should be the secondary fire mode, select either single or triple shot. If you pick up another Beretta you should be able to shoot them both, aiming at two different targets if possible.

A Benelli M3 Super 90 shotgun holds 7 or 8 shells in it's cylinder magazine. What makes it a real, perfect combat shotgun is the fact that it can be switched between semi-auto and pump action by tightening or loosening a screw on the back of the stock. Semi-auto will not work underwater, or when dirty, but fires much faster and if fired too fast will climb your aim upwards. Pump action works anywhere, but can't fire as fast as semi-auto.

Twin shotgun, eh? Sounds nice. How do you reload, from your backpack or from a bandolier? It doesn't make sense to pull two perfectly spaced shells from your pocket, since they're packed end-to-end. I'd prefer you draw them from a bandolier, and when you press the 'reload' button you refill the bandolier instead.

Auto shotgun? Well, you mean like the jackhammer shotgun? Well, holding only 8 shells would be fine for a magazine, but drums are more suited to hold between 20 and 50 shells, depending on the size.

SMG... hmm. Well, triple shot would be covered by the Beretta. This would be fine as full auto, since there's no physical way it could keep up with a cyclical barrelled heavy weapon. Normal fire would hold it vertical, so the weapon cuts upwards like Quake 2. Secondary fire would hold it sideways, so it cuts to the left. I don't intend that to be some bs 'gangsta' thang, it's the real way to hold a SMG... having it cut sideways helps to mow down crowds.

The GE Minigun fires really fast. How fast does it fire, does anyone here now? What is it, 3000 rounds a minute?

That vulcan sounds like fun. :)

There's no rocket launcher, according to Carmack. Sorry. There might still be a grenade launcher, though.

The mancubus cannons? It'd be nice to fling balls of napalm everywhere, but I still just don't see much use in trying to kill demons from Hell with a flame weapon.

Plasma gun. Nice. Gotta have it. Must look like Doom or Doom 64, I hate the way it looks in Q3A.

Well, could you please expand on your Fusion Cannon that's similar to but weaker than a BFG 20,000?

BFG... BFG... Jeremy and Galahad have an argument going on here that the Plasma Rifle would be a bare bones BFG, you need to find attachments and parts and upgrade it bit by bit. I think that's better anyways.

Even a super, infinite ammo weapon eh? Would you like to expand on it a bit?

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Melee - Just about anything should be able to be used :) (although I dream of a stun-rod)

Beretta - Awful underpowered dontya think? Even for a side-arm. Needs to use at least .45acp or any other weird ammo types (here we go with deadnail's ammo thing... I won't explain it right now).
Maybe even a double-barreled pistol would be nice (I call it the "hammerhead", .45cal twin firing barrels, has 2x20 shot clips loaded)

Shotgun - I would think that a better shotgun would be out by then. But it definatly needs to be semi-automatic. I also recommend clip usage too, just makes things simpler :#

Double Barreled Shotgun - This one needs clips above all else. Perhaps just have two clips stuck together by some standard clamp feature. The stock or area directly in front of the trigger handle needs to have shock absorbers or it will hurt you slightly and screw up your aim every time you shoot (maybe eventually break your wrist?)

SMG - A generic machinegun. 3 round bursts or empty a clip with alternate fire. Has fire rate of about 480 rounds/minute (have to reduce it from the real-life value to keep gameplay).

Minigun - fire rate = 1200 rounds /minute (gameplay issue). Uses standard 9mm bullets so that it doesn't have incredible kick.

Vulcan - dunno, sounds like an awful gameplay imbalance. Needs to be on a weapon's mount (turreted).

RPG - single-shot only right? and I thought it would be clip or belt fed :(

Mancubus Cannons - eh? I don't get it... RPG is lightyears ahead of it.

Plasma Gun and beyond - I rave... do-da-dee-dee, ok, now go check a few posts back for my "BFG Manefesto".

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Guest Heresiarch

I think the pistol could be Socom or Eagle...

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Shaviro said:

The GE Minigun fires 38 shots per second!

Yes, I already knew that the GAU-3 minigun shot at about 4000 rounds/minute

But you cannot have something firing that fast in a game, it totally fucks up the gameplay. You pretty much have to cut the fire rate on any automatic weapon in half when digitizing it into a game. And actually I think the absolute maximum is 1200, because anything above that and it's just a killing weapon.

An MP5k shoots somewheres about 900 rounds/minute, but I had to cut it down to roughly 400 or 450 in my "DeathTC" so it would keep balance with the energy guns.

Remember that games are not meant to be a duplications of reality, since some (or most) of us gamers are playing games to *escape* reality. Games only hold similarities with reality so we don't all get flat-out bored with them.

Games that try to duplicate reality are more like simulations than anything else (SoF is a good example).

The way that gun really sounds anyway is like a "wrooooommmmm" instead of "pow pow pow" so you get the picture.

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Heresiarch said:

I think the pistol could be Socom or Eagle...

I tried to make my little text face as a growl but the character for a jagged mouth doesn't exist...

It doesn't have to be made by *anyone* that exists in the present.

It could be "UAC Arms & Technologies" that builds them.

Personally I opt for a pistol gun that looks alot like the one on UT (forgive the reference). That one just looks alot like a futuristic pistol, w/o ergonomics, that still shoots bullets.

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Guest ESG-DooMer

I never heared about something like guided rockets,so could be cool if they "create" one of first weapons that do that...

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Uh, get your head out of your ass.

The Revenant from doom2 had those. And they were perfect because they go slow, you can't just sidestep them at close range and have them hit something else.

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