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Guest Intestinalworm

I need to slow down or my head will pop.....

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Guest Intestinalworm

For speed readers or people with a lot of time on their hands.
ZOMBIES-standard undead. I think they should be a bit more like The House of the Dead zombies now
Mental patient-weakest zombie type wears a straitjacket so it can only bite you
UAC colonist-most common zombie, punches you
UAC worker-basically a zombie with a chainsaw or industrial nailgun
UAC guard-a zombie in UAC body armor and carries a pistol
UAC waste removal specialist-a zombie that poisons with its touch or throws sludge at you. It also explodes like a barrel when killed
UAC scientist-rare zombies that use experimental weapons like plasma rifles and BFG’s. They would need to be incredibly stupid even for zombies to make it fair
Marine-the old doom zombie
Officer-the old shotgun toting zombie
Heavy gunner-zombie with a chaingun
Lieutenant-a smarter faster zombie can call in reinforcements. Fires a MP5 (or similar weapon, I’m not pushing realism here) and throws grenades
Revenant-the same
Hellspawn-hideously-deformed zombie like specters, solid bodied but see-through. Uses demonic attacks like flaming shurikens and poison tipped bone caltrops
Shadow imp-a partially invisible imp
Insectine imp-a poison gas ball throwing Imp
Skull imp-an imp that carries a large scythe due to lack of fire gland, not to mention total lack of any flesh at all. These are probably the source of the rumors about troopers seeing Death around the trenches
Nightmare imp-wall climbing, black, totally silent, chain lightning hurling imps
Nightmare demon-smaller, thinner black skinned demon, runs and jumps like a fiend from Quake but instead of hitting with blades on a jump it causes a shockwave. If you think that’s silly play doom again at look at a demon long and hard, even a smaller thinner demon would make the earth shake if it landed hard. It’s tail is also extremely long and can be used as a whip.
Hell hound-a fire spitting 3-headed dog
Water demon-a demon that’s like cross between an electric eel and an octopus (an incredibly ugly octopus with the eels for tentacles)
Demoness-powerful and beautiful female devils in skintight black leather
Lost soul-same but looks like an astral rotting human head surrounded by floating entrails or a blood red skeleton with the head and body intact but the legs are replaced with swirling black flames
Bunyip-a massive shark like creature with a mane of hair and a spine covered serpentine tail
Caco demon-same
Pain elemental-same
Plague elemental-sprays toxic shit all over the place
Caco Priest-A member of the holy order of Satan. Uses a healing spell occasionally, a spell that reflects slow moving projectiles, a shockwave spell that throws you around, and a summoning spell that summons normal caco demons
Vetala-a class of ghoul that lurk about cemeteries or places of war and reanimate the dead. They live in the grave dirt above coffins, which leads to confusion about weather or not they are actually reanimated corpses themselves. Their eerie singing is often heard in cemeteries. They enjoy playing nasty tricks on the living and leading them to their deaths
Vukodlak-a sort of vampire-werewolf from Slavic folklore that eats your soul to gain health, thus the more it hurts you the healthier it is
Baron of hell-after their defeat at your hands Satan removed their plasma blast power and demoted them. Now all they have are big ass flaming crescent blades and carry shields they also look a bit different.
Illusionist-a creature that can make duplicates of itself to confuse you
Flesh Illusionist-similar to the above only the clones are real and can hurt you
Archon of hell-a newer more rare hell officer, they shoot lighting at you from cybernetic grafts.
Dracolich-a powerful undead dragon
Black Dracolich-a Dracolich that breaths flesh corrosive gas, and is unharmed by bullets
Zombie General-like a zombie Lieutenant only way more powerful, only headshots count and it uses twin chainguns and a rocket launcher
Banshee-the soul of a homicidal maniac out for vengeance on the living. His pain screams cause sonic shockwaves and he whips you with a rusty spiked chain to attack.
Imp lord-An imp that is so saturated by power its frame almost cannot hold the unholy gifts it carries. This imp is twice the size of a standard imp and is wreathed in power.
Unfinished Cyber demon- a cyber demon that moves slower and has no gun yet so it can only claw you.
Behemoth-just a stupid simpleton tricked into working for the demons. This dragon is impossible to kill but if you shoot him enough he will realize the error of his ways. The hulking body and limbs are reminiscent of a giant extremely muscle bound saber toothed tiger. The dragon is covered in armadillo like armor sporting a mottled yellow and green pattern. His back is covered in a row of axe like blades he can use in a fight by curling up into a tight ball and rolling around. Behemoth’s body ends in a huge muscular tail covered in stiff armor plating. Although only just flexible enough to curl into a ball with the rest of him it can still be used as a powerful club. Behemoth’s head resembles that of an ancient carnosaur except for long poisonous fangs in a triple row inside his mouth. If he meets a particularly powerful opponent Behemoth will use the two most powerful weapons available to him, his “breath weapons”. Just behind the back of his mouth are two organs, one produces a powerful paralyzing venom and the other creates an intense electrical charge. Behemoth can spit both of these agents as different attacks. Never think water will serve as good cover from Behemoth, he is only just smart enough to realize that water conducts electricity very well
The swarm-a swarm of giant cybernetic wasps with a nasty sting
Hell knight-a big demon with a HUGE axe
Dimensional gate keeper-can teleport behind you if attacked unless hindered by an attack sequence, thus you have to shoot him as he attacks you. After he is beaten the gates suck you into hell and close behind you
Cyber demon-If you don’t know this thing through and through leave now and forever hang your head in shame
Aracnotron-The Icon of sin was just as mad as us about being a stationary boss so it got itself welded to a tank chassis and got itself eight spider like limbs to enhance its movement. A zombie lieutenant controls the chaingun on top so now it can summon every enemy including zombies.
Hyper Aracnotron-the aracnotron after it was resurrected by a Vetala. The resurrection process mutated it into an even more fearsome beast. It now has a head stitched out of human skin barley covering the mucous and blood dripping muscle underneath, a twisted and burnt metal body ringed with buzzsaws, chainguns and mortar launchers, and the ability to summon Hellspawn directly from hell. After it is killed the new head splits open and spills a vaguely humanoid demon. Its been said so many times I wont describe it.
The Brothers Grim-you know those pictures on the pillars when you fight the cyber demon in Doom? Well these three are each of those icons made into full-bodied enemies. Actually while I fought the cyber demon I thought I would have a face off with them. Nothing like meaningless worship totems to confuse players eh? They are as fallows; Satan-the goatish head now with a massively muscular body, tentacles sprouting from every conceivable orifice in his body and a pentagram halo. Moloch-the toothy demon head with horns. The body is a sickening green color with poo brown mixed in. He throws acid and fireballs at you.
Apocalypse- the weakest of the brothers grim he is a tiny goblin type thing kinda like peice from Darkchyld

WEAPONS (21 by my count)
1.Fist\Knife-duhhh\chainsaw\baseball bat-I like the idea of taking off an imp’s head with an aluminum baseball bat and watching it fly.\crusafix-beat a demon over the head with a crusafix. oooo powerful.
2.9mm-pistol\ zombie rifle-the 10mm “SIG cow” of the novels\nailgun-last one to punch a nail through a zombie's’ face is demon chow!
3.shotgun\double barrel shotgun
4.Leiutanant rifle-a 10mm automatic bullpup design with an ammo drum behind the grip\9mm chaingun
5.Rocket Launcher-I heard somewhere that ID’s next game wouldn’t have a rocket launcher but screw that, it just wouldn’t be Doom without one. But it could be a grenade launcher with realistic range I guess.
6.plasma rifle
7. Microwave Pulse Rifle-this weapon collects microwave energy and launches it at high speed. If struck by this weapon a targets blood immediately begins to boil and pour out of its eyes, ears, nose and mouth (were applicable). After a few seconds the pressure caused from the boiling and evaporation of the blood will cause several if not all appendages to fly off in a gout of bloody foam and red mist. A few more seconds and the body bursts into flames and the intense heat in the core of the body causes it to explode, like in the end of "The Relic" when Jean lights the Whitney monster on fire and it chases her for a bit then explodes. In conclusion this is a gun that leaves behind nothing but charred bones surrounded by flaming pools of blood. To make it more balanced (it is an instant kill-delayed area effecting weapon) it should shoot only slightly faster than a BFG, use 20 plasma cells and some demons should have resistance or immunity to heat attacks (they do live in hell).
8.plasma-sniper rifle-a normal plasma rifle with an acceleration module and a particle resonance amp. It does not have a scope so don’t flame me for messing with Doom’s tradition of in your face shootouts. I think it might be cool to have a plasma gun that needs a little skill to use instead of just mindless shooting. This plasma gun has dead on accuracy with the same rate of fire as the old one and does 1.5x more damage! The drawback is that it has a way smaller projectile (a nearly invisible streak of blue) so it is way harder to see where you are shooting and the smaller size makes it harder to hit with. To tell them apart UAC had the bright idea to paint a scull and crossbones on every one.
9.Chemical-laser gattling gun- Ugh, so many energy weapons, but I just like the Hyper Blaster OK? I think this would be really good though. When you “tap” the trigger it releases a massive energy pulse that uses 5 chemical cells and then launches a 5 round burst but if the trigger is held it steadily pulses after the warm up shot. The warm up shot looks more impressive but is actually weaker than normal pulses the only good thing about the warm up is, being more electrical than chemical in make-up it can leap between all targets in range and partially damaging and stunning all monsters in view.
10.Dark claw- big black claws made out of pure unadulterated pain and evil. Literally sucks the life out of enemies with feelings of death, pain and utter worthlessness. Feeds on human souls so stand near dead bodies or tormented souls to drain them of all remaining life to cannibalize into ammo. Really good against demons because they are unaccustomed to the above emotions.
11.BFG 1000-The very first BFG prototype. Primary fire shoots small white energy spheres that do more damage than they look like they could do.These spheres incinerate 100 health enemies in a direct hit. If you miss the splash damage will freeze monsters in their tracks for 5 seconds. They use fifty active uranium cylinders per shot. Unlike the other early BFG designs it also has a high density laser burst cannon on an under-barrel format.
12.BFG 120k-similar to all BFGs before it. First it charges up and launches a bright green ball of plasma that moves incredibly slowly and homes in ever so little but it is still easier to hit a running enemy with it! Instead of shooting the 10k’s lasers it drops little green time bomb type thingies as it flies. Once it explodes with a shockwave that could nock a Cyber demon on it’s butt from 20 feet away from the actual explosion, then it releases one hell of a blinding flash that hangs in the air for a few seconds. The shooter is unaffected because the BFG comes ready with a special visor that protects from the flash. After that the energy field dissipates and releases a deadly cloud of plasmatic fallout that instantly gibs almost anything still living inside the boom radius. Both aracnotrons can sustain damage from 3 or more such blasts but good luck finding the ammo to use it that much one ball takes up all 100 BFG energy cells. Wait don’t go I’m not done yet, SECONDARY fire uses ammo at a rate of 1 per shot and fires twice a second and has a blast radius half the size of the rocket launcher’s but is wildly inaccurate.
Spirit armor-same
Green armor-same
Blue armor-same
Black armor-made out of Black Dracolich scales, shares the demon’s anti-bullet resistance.
Red armor-masochist armor, it gains armor points from damage but goes down during non-combat situations.
Ammo pack-same
Berserker pack-same
Blitzkrieg pack-use both hands to punch, poison enemies with your punch, move faster and jump higher and farther.
Advanced ammo pack-looks like the ammo pack only it is black with red stripes. It gives all ballistic and rocket weapons special powers: flaming heat coils (pistol\chaingun), armor piercing (shotguns), explosive (rifles) or homing missiles (rocket launcher) for half-normal ammo maximum each. It has a special icon on screen for how many hyper shots the current weapon has remaining. It does not count against normal ammo. Finally it can be toggled on and off by pressing “A”.
Light amplifier-same
Toxin suit-same but it also makes you immune to microwave pulses
Wings of the fallen-allows you to fly for 60 seconds
Blur artifact-varying degrees of invisibility from totally when standing to black and shadow-like when running
Chaos field-any enemies within a certain distance of you will fight each other.
Shock field-any enemy physically hitting you will be electrocuted, complete with a blue flash and a glimpse of their skeleton.
Found souls-summons three “found souls” (friendly lost souls)
Grim feast-turns you into a vampiric entity for 60 seconds. Move over dead ungibbed bodies to eat them and gain health. You can eat gibs but it heals less.
Living dead-summons Scull imps and Revenants to serve you
Stigmata pistol-a one shot possession weapon. After being shot a demon’s soul goes to hell and yours enters the body. Your old body goes into the astral plane and fallows you around until the new body spontaneously combusts and you appear amongst the ashes of the burnt cadaver.

I think the armor should be viewed on the status bar as an animated icon like health was. It would be cool to see, when you had armor the health mug shot have a helmet and visor on. It could get all cracked as you lost armor and it could still show health by making varying amounts of blood get splattered on the back of the visor.

A map idea
Deja Vu: first you start in a small room made out of gray bricks with a small rectangular red button. You push the button and the wall it is affixed to explodes outward and you climb steps leading down. The room you see infront of you is riddled with skeletons of Demons and blackened pockmarks in the floor. You turn the corner and go down the steps in front of you. You push the door infront of you and it opens into a long hallway with small rooms full of empty ammo boxes and leftover magazines and a few scattered shotgun shells. And at the end of the hallway is a green button you push it and an elevator brings you to the top of a star shaped room. Two more skeletons lie on the ground infront of you. Two panels on the altar lower and out step two Archons of hell. After you beat them the walls crumble. After that everything is different. Instead of a gray brick courtyard a 50-foot drop leads to a lake of acid. A bridge leads onto a small grassy island with a demonic train. You step on the pulsing, fleshy train and it takes of down floating ethereal tracks that seem to only exist just under the train. It plows through the rock wall infront of you carries on awhile as Caco demons pelt you from above. The train comes to a halt at a small wooden shack swarming with zombies. After you kick their buts you look around the piece of dirt you are on is floating high above another acid lake. Far away along a rickety bridge is a tall building with a large elevator at the top. You cross the bridge and climb aboard the elevator and it lowers into a single massive room several monsters rip through a steel door and attack you. After you kill them the elevator shaft crumbles and the elevator plummets to the ground bearing the ZOMBIE GENERAL.

Secondary fire modes-very few weapons should have a secondary fire mode. Just the fist (kick), dark claw (short range bale-fire flame-throwerish attack), and BFGs (explained that already)

A BETTER NAME: Doom: Bullets and Brimstone.

I will scan sketches of monsters if anybody can tell me how to post pictures

I know these will probably never considered or even looked at but a guy can dream eh? And thank you to all the people who read this to the end (yah, both of you)

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