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Does an Imp have a pancreas?

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Well, who knows. So many people want realism but how much of it do you really want? Do you want iD to completely model the insides of the enemies as well, so once you figure out where the vital organs are you can aim accordingly? Do you want in-game charts and graphs, with a narrator exactly specifying which organs an Imp needs to survive? Or would you rather that time be spent making sure it's head blows off in a really spiffy manner?

A lot of the ideas I have for enemies come from or were inspired by Doom 64, since that was the most recent incarnation of the game. Let's see what you all think about this:

[Civilian] Will move towards you and attack with whatever's convenient. Some are more decayed than others, so speed should also be a varying constant. Most of them will just try to knock you down, grab you, or just bite.

[Officer] Civilian authority zombies. They carry small sidearms and basic ballistic armor. Some of them are in riot gear and carry shotguns.

[Soldier] Marine grunt zombie. Carries a large 10mm assault rifle and wears standard issue armor. The armor is nothing short of destroyed at this point, and sometimes their weapons will fail on them due to the conditions of use.

[Seargent] Marine zombie. Carries a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with anti-personell 000 magnum shot (exactly like Doom). Due to combat experience this one might try to duck behind crates or might jump in front of you to attack.

[Heavy Weapon] Heavy Weapon marine unit zombie. Carries full battle armor and a minigun. Be careful, sometimes they pull their pins and suicide instead of letting you kill them.

[Demo men] Demolitionist marine unit zombie. They can throw grenades and plant trap bombs anywhere they roam. Never without backup, these soldiers are cowards on the front lines. Their use comes from their ability to destroy large groups of targets with traps and using explosives to bypass any obstacle. If you've killed one on your level expect to find trap bombs anywhere.

[Lieutenant] Highest class of marine zombie. Will call for reinforcements and can carry anything from an autoloading combat shotgun to a plasma rifle. Highly experienced, and it will take several bursts of fire to penetrate his combat armor. May also try to feint death so make sure he's down for the count. Be afraid if you see three of them with grenade launchers! This wasn't my idea, but I think three other people have picked up on it and include him in their posts.

[Imp Zombie] An almost completely rotted Imp that still walks. Cannot breathe fire on you due to the fact that it's 'fire gland' has decayed. Surprisingly agile with a devastating claw attack. Some may be dragging their intestines with them, others may be still leaking fluids from their digestive organs.

[Harmless Zombie] You'll see a lot of these. People, civvies as well as soldiers, that just cannot take what they've seen and roam around aimlessly. They constantly scream or mutter, are unpredictable, but are harmless because they're simply too terrified to attack. You might see demons tossing them around for fun. If you've a decent bone in your body you'll put a bullet in their brain to end their suffering. Think Quake 2 and the soldier that wrote 'Kill Me' with his own blood on the glass.

Low Level Demons
[Scavenger] A small demon, roughly the size of a puppy, that's basically Hell's version of a rat. They travel in very large groups and only seek to eat the dead. If you're hanging around a corpse they might climb on you and attack but are otherwise harmless, albeit annoying.

[Imp] A brown demon roughly six feet tall. It's covered in bone protrusions that resemble 'horns' and has no body hair. They have several 'fire glands' along the inside of their throats that allow them to literally breathe fireballs at you. Not very dangerous by itself but expect to encounter them in numbers.

[Nightmare Imp] A smaller but more advanced Imp. They have more of a bluish tint to their skin, and can bend the light around them to appear translucent at will. Their fireballs burn hotter and appear blue as well.

[Death Imp] A dead black Imp that moves almost silently. Although it could attack you safely from a distance, it will not, as it has mastered the skill of stealth. These demons will climb walls, hang close to ceilings, and generally do what it takes to get you... and do it while being completely silent. Unless you pay attention to your surroundings the only time you see it might be when it's claws sink into your flesh.

[Bull Demon] A very large demon that resembles a walking bull. It's mouth makes for almost half of it's body, and it's sole intent in life is to pin you down and eat you alive. This creature is very persistent, and will even drag itself towards you until you take out it's very last shred of life.

[Translucent Bull Demon / Spectre] A bull demon that has somehow figured out how to bend the light around it. It's imperfect at this skill and you can still sometimes see it fading in and out (think Doom64). Nonetheless, you can't shoot what you can't see.

[Nightmare Bull Demon] It may seem like an 'older' bull demon but in fact it is a slightly different creature. This bull demon stands a full fourteen feet off of the ground, and will stomp and crush ANYTHING in it's path to swallow you whole.

Hmm, well, it seems I've already talked about this several times before. I just felt like typing a little. If you want to see the whole d'long list of stuff then I suggest you search the previous threads for my nickname.

Have fun, kids. Remember, there will always be a 'realism cap' in video games, and that's a GOOD THING! :)

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deadnail said:

Think Quake 2 and the soldier that wrote 'Kill Me' with his own blood on the glass.

/\ I wanna see loads of stuff like this in DooM 3 ... /\

By the way... I Love your ideas of Zombies in DooM 3...
I hope ID spends lots of time reading these Forums...

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Good call,deadnail, the only thing I want input is that fact, I always had a slight problem on the way ID handled how mean the "lowly"imp is. You've too expressed your distain for the creep by
saying it's not very dangerous alone,but....etc,etc. What I'm getting at is the Imp is a monster from hell. There's no way the marine should be able to kill,or even hurt the imp with his bare hands,we've all at one time or another charged a group of imps,fresh out of ammo, and punched and pommeled them all dead. To me,That's just wack! The imp is a pretty scary doom monster,simply on the sounds it makes. All true doomers will recognize it sounds anywhere. The worst you should do to an imp in-close combat is stagger it. And with the berserker pack,you could knock it on it's back,stunning it, but it will get up in seconds. I was going
mention all of this on my weapons list post, but I just wanted to
respond to let you know I,m still reading these forums. and about
this 14 foot bullpig Demon? Do you really think it's necessary? Is'nt it frighting enough with a much larger mouth that litterly
scrapes the ground when it growls or tries to bite you. And I like your spector style demon too, The fadeing in and out thing is sweet, I also would like to add, when it's invisable,all you can see is it's errie non-blinking yellow eyes. I don't know about you,but as I play doom sometimes,I try to imaging how these
doom demons look and behave in reallife prospective. Like the imp
I always imagined it about 6 or 7 feet tall,on the average,but always hunched over,almost slightly crouching,it's arms hangs longer than a humans, and it has animal-type hind legs,not human
style like it has now. and it's head ans face is the worst features. the face has this extremly wide hideously evil grimance with long and short mishapened teeth that rolls and shift around
in it's big mouth. It's head can twist in angles only a owl bird can copy, and make weird clicking noises when it twists it head like the forest spirits and that anime cartoon "Princess Mononoke" And since we all know the imp has no clothes, we would
see a dick,similar like an animals dick,like a dogs,with a set of swinging balls....yeah,yeah<I maybe I shouldn't mention that.
But this is what I imagined seeing it in real-life. I could go through the whole list of demons in this detail, but it'll take forever to type. Anyway, you're post is PHAT!! keep them coming,Later.

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Although against an unarmed human an Imp would prove to have an almost insurmountable advantage (not four punches to rip it in half), it's still a rather small and unarmored creature and triple zero buckshot is still going to blow it wide open! =)

Yes I think the 14 foot tall bull demon is necessary! Imagine coming across a regular crowd of walking targets... with that sucker tearing and stomping through them as it charges you! That thing would scare me one helluva lot more than a Cyber ever could, after all, this thing can RUN, JUMP, POUNCE, and considering it's size also tear down walls to get to you. Whereas a Cyber just sorta trots along merrily at a constant four miles an hour and fires rockets at you.

Back to the Imps. Yes, animal like legs, yes, wide gaping mouth, yes, tall while slightly crouching, NO, DICK, NO. Oh sweet merciful dear Jesus on steel wheels WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! It's bad enough the Cacodemon had an asshole THESE THINGS ARE DEMONS FROM HELL. They aren't God's creations! Even assuming they had a digestive system, who's to say it works the same way? Even if an Imp had a swaggling cock, where're the female imps with saggin' titties and horn nipples?! Even then, could you stumble across Imps having a gang-bang????? Pervert.

I am seriously offended that you have referred to anything I've typed as 'phat'. Eat me you sick bastard, I know what that means and what kind of a derranged pervert are you?!

If you like reading sick crap like that visit my website. =) Heheh...

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everything sounds pretty neat...but heres my idea of what the spectre should be---> You simply dont see it..ever!!! it makes all the sounds the bull demon does except you dont see anything except...two red , beady , evil little eyes flying around looking for you although he really isnt flying..you get the idea...

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deadnail said:

...the Cacodemon has a butthole!? I never noticed. Heh, learn something new everyday.



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deadnail said:

SO!! you,finely found out what(PHAT) means ehhh? Calm down,Yo,the Tsar is hardly perverted, and you shouldn't be offended by me calling your post that word. And for the dick thing? Don't take it so damn personal, I was just making something up off the back, the damn things are naked right? They
have to reproduce somehow right? They're from hell right? Hell is a place of all kinds evil,twisted,sinful,perverted,corupted...
etc,etc stuff,right? So why a dog's dick with swinging balls seems so far off the wall? Even though ID can't show these details in the game. I'm just giving the readers something to imagine though my minds eye. And the cacodemon's asshole? You don't mean that little black hole in the lower part of it's back?
HaH!!! Now whose being perverted. Later

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They should break the engine down into individual molecules and atoms.

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