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New engine of Doom 3!

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Many ideas posted here are just WONDERFUL!
but remember one thing nothing of this will be possile without the engine that carmack is creating!
One thing is for sure the engine is created with T&L in mind!
From what I heard the engine will have fully dynamic lights (no more lightmaps) right now nobody can imagine how much will it improve the expirience! Imagine that:u walking in a big hall suddenly u see a shadow which keeps getting closer and closer but u don't see the creature, the sound is getting closer and closer becoming scarier and scarier, tired of waiting for the creature to show up u start shooting everything in sight one of ur shots hits a lamp the lamp falls and lights up a HUGE CREATURE who kiddnapes ur weapon and eats it! then u can guess what happens!
I am VERY EXCITED about this engine!!!!!!

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Guest mancuvus

must be a revolution, but it must be usefull with a pentium 2, 96 mb ram, and a voodoo3 3000, do not make me upgrade my computer only for this game please

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That is just not gonna happen. That spec already kinda sucks nowadays, imagine what it'll be like in two years time. The equivalent to asking for a modern game to run well on a P 133.

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