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Operation Mortura Intro.

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This is based on my upcoming Tc. I wish I could post my other really cool sci-fi story but ITS TOO DAMN LONG (the great war). Oh well, here is the introduction.

Operation Mortura. Perspective: Flynn Taggart.

I wake up really early in a sunday morning. I feel like falling asleep but I cant. Before I got my filthy hands on the TV, the cellphone rang.
"Hello, who the hell is this?" I said.
"UAC you fucking retard. It's been a long time, you know".
"No, some group called Monix Corp. discovered that the portal to hell can go through time also. They plan on going back in time and dominating Europe. Then, they plan on dominating the world in the medieval times so WE MIGHT END UP AS SLAVES! I'll give you the cordinates on the building and get overthere ASAP!"
"Ah shit, I don't wanna do this."


I finnally get there and I was called again. UAC general again.
"Sorry about the early briefing, but the portal is located in the other corridor. Take a left, then right down the hallway. It's there. Run if you have to. We're messing with terrorists."
I kill the guard but then he drops a notice. It says, "Operation Mortura in progress. Icon of Sin rebuilt".
"FUCK NO!!!!" I yelled.
I ran to the teleporter and the cordinates were already set.

I wake up in a pool of water, looking at a burnt down mansion, and some imps. Damn it to hell. This is gonna be one big mess.

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Nice work, but you could really work on your spelling and punctuation. Also, I noticed the perspective shifted a little, e.g.,
"I wake up"; "the cellphone rang; very odd. These aren't gripes, they're just observances.
Oh well. Carry on. :)

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