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Doom engine questions (old)

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The monsters are always turned to me when I kill them if I turn around the monster that is dead is following me on the ground!
I know that this is the limitation of the engine which was removed in Quake 1 engine but can this limitation be eliminated with some kind of modification??
If so why hasn't it been removed yet?

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Guest fraggle`

you should just be able to add extra direction sprites for the dead frames like you would do with the sprites for when they are walking

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I don't think its really considered a limitation of the engine.
I think ID was just to lazy to add the sprites for it. A few
people have made the extra sprites though. I seen one for
the player guy. Someone wanted to be able to kill someone in deathmatch by shooting them in the back and it look realistic, so he made the sprites and added them in. I know you need
to use Wintex to do this, but you may also need to use Dehacked
so that the game will use the extra sprites. Don't take my
word for it though, 2 months ago I didn't even know how to
launch a Pwad.

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