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Weapon Models

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One of Quake'3 3 downs was the weapon models all the reviews mentioned this as well,So Doom 3 should definetly improve at this aspect!
I am not so good at offering ideas about the weapons but I think that all the weapons from Doom 1 should be returned well almost all without his fist!
About the new ones I think that the shotgun from Sin was kinda cool and some of the weapons from SOF were cool also!
What do u think?

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Yeah I was a little dissapointed with the weapons in Quake 3. Not only did some of the graphics for them look kinda weak, the sounds they made and general feel of them while playing was lacking. Nothing like the kick ass sound of the double barrel shot gun or rockets smashing against walls in the doom games. I'm hoping the weapon models in Doom 3 look more like Unreal Tournament models, which I thought were decent, but maintain the same great original doom sounds.

Off the topic, but since you mentioned soldier of fortune, I want to bring something up. I liked how in doom and older games monsters just game flooding in after you, and you'd fill the room with corpses that WOULD'NT dissapear. I know now it might be a fps issure with all the textures and stuff, but why not let the bodies stay on the ground :) I used to have alot of fun getting all the monsters mad and having them follow me into one area were I would blast them all back to hell.

In reply to an earlier post on using realistic deaths or more cartoony, I'd have to say realistic, because the things you are shooting are not real. It was different in games like SoF because they were people, not demons, so I see no problem with blowing the hell out of some demon and seeing his neon green intestines fly across the room. Cartoony is nice, but if your looking for quake 3 or better type graphics, it just wont fit in, and still keep the scary atmosphere. By the way, Al Gore is psychotic, because he actually believes in the things he makes up, and yes, George W .Bush isnt the smartest man, but all the same I think he is a good man. Which would you rather have as president?

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That´s because in normal games, weapons present a lot of the impact on the framerate. I have a couple of friends that love Quake 2, and to play deathmatch they completely mutilate him.
fov 120, gl_modulate, weapons not drawn, hands in the center, that kind of stuff.
Q3 weapons were designed to be very simple graphically, so there is no real need to hide them.
Remember, Q3A game were focused on speed.

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Malum Archon said:

I was very disappointed with the look, feel, and especially the animations of the Q3A weapons. The Unreal weapons are just that, too surreal for me to really immerse myself in the game too deeply. The only one I really like is the Flak Cannon.

The reasons that enemies/decals don't hang around isn't so much of a performance issue as it is a RAM issue. There's a mutator you can get for UT that leaves all the bodies and decals (pockmarks/bloodstains) around for your specified time, including until the match ends. I'll admit that in a room full of bodies and blood the framerate does drop a bit, but not really too much to detract from gameplay.

My point (that was completly underscored by some anti-hunting fanatics) was that games don't need to progress in violence detail anymore. SoF has all the gory detail you could ever desire. Do we really need MORE? The same would be fine, but I would prefer that time be spent on more important game features.


Both candidates are utter morons, but Bush is defintely the lesser of two evils.

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Your right, the flak cannon was the only really cool looking weaponWhat Doom 3 needs to have is realistic weapons, ones you might actual see, but also 2 or 3 space age type weapons, like the plasma guns and BFG.

I was kinda dissapointed in that post of yours that the focus was on your hunting experiances rather then the topic, and I do agree that hunting just for the thrill of it is wrong, but there shouldnt be a problem if hunting for food. Slaughter houses are far worse, I've heard some pretty bad things about the going on in them, like the people in there thinking the cow is knocked out and dead but really still being alive when they start the butchering.

Anyway, the point I made about the detailed violence was that unlike in soldier of fortune you wont be seeing many humans (cept for zombies maybe, and even then) holding their intestines as they hop around on one leg screaming or something, but having a demon with greenish blood (or red, who cares) dragging itself across the floor before it dies, guts hanging out shouldnt be a problem.

This sounds silly, but back when I was playing both Doom and Dark Forces, I felt bad when killing enemies in dark forces, even if there was no blood whatsoever, when compared to blowing the hell out of demons in doom, which made me feel just plain good. I think its all a matter of opinion really, just like my opinion that anyone as president is ok as long as Clinton is out of there.

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