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Wolf3D 2

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This game is quiet a good example of what to expect from Doom 3!
I am waiting for this game also!
1)ID is checking the progress of the game and they will never release a bad game!
2)Quake 3 technology we can expect Curved Surfaces together with high poly counts on models and levels there will also be Weather effects which I didn't see in any Quake 3 engined games yet.
3)The gameplay will be exellent based on the screen shots released (however I didn't see any connection to the old Wolf).
4)GORE! We can probably expect something like in SOF.
If this game succeds (and it will) Doom 3 will ROCK (and it will)

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Doom 3 will be a big seller, period, no matter how good it actually turns out to be. Even if its just a few basic Quake 3 levels that look like original doom levels design wise, use Quake 3's weapons, and add some new skins to look like old doom monsters, it will still sell. Hell I'd buy it still, but I know we are all hoping for something that goes above and beyond. I'm kinda dissapointed that alot of the original creators of Doom wont be working on it, but I'll give whoever the new guys are the benefiet of the doubt.

As for the new Wolf, I'm looking forward to this too. On occasion I still put in the old wolfistien diskette and play it, just to hear the nazi's die :) I hope they keep it still kinda goofy, and not make it all serious, like if I remember correctly Hitler was in some kind of robot suit. Doom 3 however, I hope is very serious and dark, its what I expect from doom, but a few little bits of humor along the way, like the head in the final boss of doom 2 and the quotes said when you try to exit the game.

Gore doenst make a game, its actually a minor detail. If there is alot, it doesnt bother me as long as there is a strong story and the game is addicting, but if there is alot and poor gameplay, it gets old fast and you can tell the creators put nothing into it. The only real gore I want to request is being able to put a bullet in a demons big fat head with a sniper rifle :). Al Gore need not apply.

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