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Doom On Dreamcast?

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Note that I didn't say Doom 3. This post has practically nothing to do with Doom 3, but nonetheless I think the people here will find this interesting.

You all, I assume, know how a mod-chipped Playstation works, right? Well, due to the area lockout on a store bought Playstation you can't play imports or copies on it. It recognizes the game as from another region and won't play them. By using a modchip you can play imports and even copies.

Modchips were available for the Dreamcast before the damn thing even hit the shelves. They work, too. They let you play imports. They will not, however, let you play copies. Even then, since the discs are GD (Gigabyte-discs), they're almost impossible to read and therefore copy with a computer.

However, it's been done. Games have been copied and in fact you can download almost any Dreamcast game off of the internet right now. You have to burn them on 80 minute CD-Rs, sometimes two of them, but indeed it does function.

But how did they get past the copy protection, since the modchips don't work?


Boot disc.

The Utopia boot disc starts up your Dreamcast like a game, then a screen pops up asking you to insert any disc you like. Game disc, it will play. Import disc, it will play. Copy, it will play. Don't even need a modchip, just this 1 megabyte disc that you can download anywhere and burn yourself! :)

Of course, if you suddenly want to start ripping DC games be my guest. Personally, I'm not in the mood right now to download an 800 meg .rar file. It would be cheaper for me to get overtime, wait the week, and use the extra money on my paycheck to just BUY the game.

Even then, if YOU got a T1 remember it's still theivery.

So, how the Hell does this add up to Doom on Dreamcast?


The Utopia boot disc will attempt to boot ANYTHING.

How did I find out about it?

Why, Boob!Boy of course.

The Gameboy emulator for Dreamcast!

Burn Boob! on a CD with your roms, load up your DC with Utopia then switch discs and your Dreamcast loads up Boob! and you're playing Gameboy games on your Dreamcast!

So I did a search.
Lots of emulators are available.
Even MPEG players (Now you can call it a 'porncast'!)

Then it hit me.

What if someone ported Doom to the Dreamcast?!

Take the Legacy source code.
Optimize the code for the WinCE system and Dreamcast hardware.
Burn it on a CD with your WADS.
Load Utopia...
Load Doom...

Wouldn't this just be cooler than hell? =)

Four player Co-Op splitscreen at your buddies house?
Jolt pack vibration feedback with the chaingun?
640x480 screen res with compressed & filtered textures + FSAA?

If you're curious, the DC has:
200Mhz Hitachi processor with 3x the gflops of a P3
16 Megs of RAM
8 Megs of Video RAM
Kickass Yamama sound
12x CD-ROM

I'm not sure of the video capabilities, but it does have texture compression and FSAA, otherwise I think it's basically a TNT RAGE card.

Since Doom only requires 8 megs of RAM, I think this just might be an ideal project for a Doom fan! Unfortunately, I have absolutely *NO* programming ability whatsoever or I'd do it myself.

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Cool Idea! But it sounds like alot of work. Post your idea around on some other forums also, maybe some people will adopt it and try their hand at it. I would if I knew how and had a dreamcast. I used to be a big console fan for awhile but came back to playing the good old unrealiable comp.

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