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An Interview

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Tim Willits, id Software

No speculation about the state of the FPS would be complete
without the perspective of id Software. Tim Willits was the lead level designer on Quake II and is now the lead designer on the next DOOM title. He emphasized that technology is the area in which the FPS will continue to expand.

3DActionPlanet: can you take FPS game design only so far?

Willits: What you do with the basic FPS design is done; I don't think there's going to be a new paradigm. It's the technology that's going to improve. Through technology, we'll have things like better video acceleration and broadband, giving people access to larger worlds.

People will be able to interact more. It's
been said that the Internet has mae people want to isolate themselves more,going online and not interacting with others. But I think that the Internet has instead brought people together -- they can interact more with each other in these kind of virtual worlds. These bigger worlds will be possible through better technology.

We'll see some very creative deviations from the FPS norm, but for the most part we won't see too much change in the basic FPS
shooter design. Technology will drive most of the advances.

3DActionPlanet: Are there areas that the FPS hasn't
explored yet that you'd like to see explored, or explore

Willits: Giving players information. We need to find better
ways of giving players the information they need to
advance through the game. Sidekicks and computers have
been done before. As developers, we need to find more
creative ways of giving players the information they need
to progress as they play the game, and that's what we're
hoping to do in DOOM.

Does that mean that there will be no sidekicks...

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Dima said:

We need to find betterways of giving players the information they need toadvance through the game. Sidekicks and computers havebeen done before

I can´t imagine what are they talking about...

I mean, if the information is not given by "people" or machines... what?
Maybe DooM3 is a free-world game, travel in any way you want.
Maybe the world is so interactive that they simply let you discover how to progress just because there are many different forms.

iD is being very cryptic about DooM3, i wonder if they have a solid preliminary design already, or they´re still thinking how to make such an old concept revolutionary.

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