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Hey Geekmarine!

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Hey, I was looking through all the pictures of DooM i've clipped out of magazines, and found your "face" pic that says "DooM" in red with a barron of hell! It was on the cover of one of my old magazines. Hell I have this really old mag that is actually advertising DooM. It shows a strip of bullets and says "Blood thirsty DEMONS from Hell. Gut Splattered hallways. A big ass nasty GUN in your hand. Life is GOOD. Its called DOOM, its the kind of thing that makes life worth living."
I freaked out when I saw that cuz' I never spotted it before, hehe.

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Heh, actually, I'm "borrowing" my face from Myk until I make a face of my own. I know it's wrong, but I will eventually create my own face and not have to "borrow" other people's faces.

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