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DOOM: Evil Unleashed

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Wow, I found this pretty interesting. Last night, I went to the Page of DooM { www.podoom.cjb.net } and there were all four Alpha versions of DooM. The first one was actually pretty cool, instead of a status bar, you were looking out of the Helmets hud. There was only one weapon, a shotgun, it looked like a musket, but it wadded back n' forth on its own, and looked pretty real. The second one, you started off with other DooM marines that were just playing a game of cards, and they followed {not really} you through out the game. You should download it, its pretty, uh, historic :)

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Yeah, they're pretty cool aren't they. Of course, when they continue to crash it get's kinda irritating but you can't really expect that much, I mean the first alpha (the tech one) was only released two months into devellopment of the game.

Mheh, I enjoyed playing them during computer class....

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