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The New Evil Dead Game

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Gamecenter just did a little preview of it with some screenshots. If you haven't seen anything on this game now is the perfect time to start!

http://www.gamecenter.com/Psx/Previews/Ed /

It's gonna hit all the major platforms. Naturally the PC version would be best, and I think that one's coming out first anyway.

From what I've read it seems to be a survival horror game, like Resident Evil. The big thing about this game is how heavily it borrows from the movies, and that you can equip two weapons at once and use them independantly.

Even if it sucks I guess it belongs in my collection. :)

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I saw it at E3. It looks... eh. I am sure it was far from done, but what I played there wasn't much in the way of fun. You walk around some rooms and floating ghost things spring up and you kill them, over and over, with one of those weird fixed-camera control schemes. The ability to crack one-liners gets old pretty fast too.

They had the Dreamcast and PS2 versions on display and for some reason the Dreamcast version looked a hundred times better. Very weird. I think the PS2 version was at about half the resolution of the DC or something, which didn't make any sense to me, since how hard is it to make a couple of polygonal characters walk around on a 2D background...

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The big problem with the PS2 is the dev kits. By default, the resolution is trapped at 640x240, and for over a year now they couldn't figure out how to get it any higher. They just recently figured it out, as well as activating a type of FSAA as well. In the end, by doing it the frame rate goes UP as well, since the 3D hardware is being more properly utilized.

Goddamn Sony. Practically ALL of the first gen PS2 games aside from Tekken Tag are as grainy as a Super Nintendo!

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