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If you have any DooM related picture {screenie from your wad, advertisment, EARLY STAGE SPIDERMASTERMIND MODEL FOR THE DOOM MOVIE, etc.} Feel free to send them to me, and Hell, if you do, I will even add a little "-Sent by "yourname", Thanx!" after the pic. So send pics to me damnit!

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no dude your s'posed to say "send pics to me damnit, OR ELSE "

then in extremely small fine print towards the bottom put "nothing will happen" so you dont get in trouble, thats what they should always do. ...oh white i let out a campaign secret...fudgeypoop. well i guess ill let you in on how to win jeopardy every time, at final jeopardy bet a negative number like -1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, and so on etc. yada yada yada. then get it wrong on purpose. then they will have to subtract it. but when you try to subract a negative number you have to add. hey i actually learned something in algebra! maybe i was concious for a while. or wait do you have to bet a number that you have? i think you can only bet 0-what ever you have...garsh darnit

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