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Guest Johnny Kaos

I think doom should go this way...

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Guest Johnny Kaos


As far as im concerned doom aint no damn Sci-fi!
it's a HORROR with sci-fi elements.

and heres my thoughts for 3


Realistic or unrealistic...
keep all the orignal weapons, but give my a new fantasy weapon thats fuckin belivable...OK

Make it good....But Let my mind wonder a bit.
I want to guess at stuff...

Old but redone.
New but with classic elegance of previous games.

FPS games have been moving away from slime...
thats a good thing for DooM, Slime is one of the key elements.

QUAKE1 had PARTS that were a bit close to the doom environment, but...
1) wasnt close enuff
2) quake1....sucked.

I think Dooms gotta specific theme.
dark brick wall.
green glowing slime.
red red blood.
and scatterer areas thruout the landscape the make you stop...and look, and go EWWWW or what the hell? or shiiiiiiiiit.

the environmet of this game envoked dreams....when was the last time a game did that to ya?

remeber the level you walked around and blasted shit wide open...and then you backed up and you realized for the first time. you were standing on a giant pentagram?

I think we need a new boss...
but the the S-MM and the CY-D should still be in....somewere.


maybe if you take a certain path(not on purpose) you run into the cyberdemon...that way if you play again you might not see him again. and you keep thinking...??was I halucinating???


fuck it...we got too many as it is.

no wait...DOOM is one of the few game I actually played CO-OP multiplayer in.

I'm sure they could design a map that would require co-op multiplay.
as for deathmatch dont worry too much about it...they could always release a bunch of deathmatch maps later.

I think q3 introduced Crash and Phobos for a reason.
It might cool If you could choose one of the 3 character and each follows his own path into hell.


Crash-begins from a space station.
Doom-starts from earth
Phobos-starts...I dont know...

Let me say here....
If Phobos is used in D3 I think he should go thru a name change.
he's named after one of the main areas in the game.(read his story in the q3 manual...kick ass!)

I think thats all I need to be pleased....

nope wait...

I wanna see the woodgrain pump shotgun with actual pump animation.

and the double barrel with shell re-load animation.

I'm done.

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As for realistic vs unrealistic, it needs both. We would all like a new fantasy weapon that's fuckin' believeable, but can you add any more detail than that?

Personally I would like to see an assault rifle with an under over 12 gauge shotgun built in. That would be a really balanced weapon.

Having the story just hint at things so we're foced to guess... that's a damn good idea. Lots of hints and a few red herrings too, to keep your brain racing on top of the action. It worked wonders for Resident Evil.

Co-op won't flow properly if it has quite loading like Quake 2, it would need clearly defined exits like Doom. We've talked a lot about co-op gameplay.

I would really like to see a game from iD that has decent reloading animations. Haven't seen a single one since Doom 2, and the animations in that game have been surpassed time and again. However, the sad fact to face is that when Doom 1 took place pump action shotguns and single load side by side shotguns were completely obsolete. Still, these weapons have a style to them that's undeniably Doom.

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And you somehow see the right to flame us (two posts down)? I like a lot of your points, but come on, there have been so many better posts on this board. You think you could elaborate on some of your ideas. If you can't elaborate, then obviously you haven't thought through this enough. And come on, some of these posts don't have to do with Doom, but they don't really have to if you think about it.

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To be honest, I'm really fucking sick of new guys showing up, flaming us for our ideas then describing his own in miniature sentence fragments. How many Goddamn ideas have I had to elaborate on myself? God, it's like everyone around here types at gunpoint or something. Take your time and finish your sentences.

Well, I can't complain about a carraige return for every sentence, since most messages around here are single paragraphs.

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I think there should be a assult rifle also, Remember the rifle in the beta versions of doom, yeah I thought so. But a fantasy sounds cool, But given the thought of a bfg, they must be working hard on the thought of making a new bfg. Because the bfg in doom, quake 2, and quake 3 are all different.

But a new fantasy weapon does sound cool, but you have to think of all the as aspects, 1. How does the weapon play in the sigal player game, will it eat up ammo, be a strain to use, be really stupid or be a really fun weapon. 2. How about the multiplayer game, will it be a gun everybody will hate you for useing (example the bfg in quake 2) and will it be something thats hard to use and you'll get fraged before you get a chance to accully frag some one, or be a blast to use (example, rocket launcher, rail gun, chain gun, double barrel shotgun, lightning gun.)

But there is also the subject of fairness in multiplayer (yeah fairness, some newbie getting angre cause your domintaing the level with the bfg.) What if Id makes a power up for doom 3 thats like the quad damage (this is the reason the bfg was cut from quake 1) you would be allmost unstopble if you had the best type of armor. Ive been playing multiplayer sence doom 2, some one with the blue armor and the bfg is not a preety sight, if you on the other side of the gun.

But believe it or not (newbies who think this is easy) fantasy weapons take alot of thought. Tons of weapons can be cut from a game to make it right, it takes sometimes for ever for a game to get done. Not only the weapons it self but balancing the game to make the weapons work the way they were intended (you know hit points for monsters and human players.) In quake 2 for example the blaster (the first weapon you get that fires a small spark projectile with unlimited ammo) in singal player it does 10 hit points but in multiplayer it does 15. You have to equilize the weapons to fit the game.

But a good fantasy weapon like the bfg, plasma rifle, or lightning gun would be great. But sortain weapons dont fit a game the way they were intended, for example the flame thrower, mace, and grappling hook were cut from q3a, and the assult rifle and the little knife on the end of the rifle were cut from doom.
But if you play the Nintendo 64 version of doom you will notice they added a laser gun and the chainsaw has 2 blades. A laser gun would be a great step, Cause id latley have been adding the same weapons to every game over and over. But it fits the game.

Personly I would like to see a flame thrower, laser gun, and posibley a nail gun added to doom 3. Along with some new weapons, like an assult rifle with a scope or 12 gauge feature, or a Grunade launcher on the bottom (as seen in blood 2 and half life.) But something that would work great in the singal player and multiplayer part of the game. But you have to think again how does these weapons interact with the game play. It would be fun toasting and imp, yeah fight fire with fire (hehe), and to grab the rocket launcher of a fallen (dead) Cyber Demon and running in a room full of imps and shotgun zombies and splatering there gibs everyware. Yeah imagine having a Cyber Demon rocket launcher and a damage amplifire like the quad damage, Imagine that rocket jump.

Like i said, Ive been playing 3d shooters for a long time, (sence wolf3d, yeah salutes to you catacombs 3d vets, you guys are that twinkle in are eye everytime Id releases another game saying its for the fans. Not when catacombs 3d was made Id was in softdisk) I know these aspects (And I still cant spell right) Like the bfg and the rail (yeah we are all pissed that the bazzoka and flame thrower did not appear till the mac version of wolf 3d.) But if something is not includid in a game theres always the mod community (i.e. wad files) that keep pumping out fantasy stuff.

But if you looking for fantasy weapons I gauranty Id software is 10 steps ahead of us (well, they alwas are) they have been doing this stuff for along time, so when doom 3 is out expect to see the best weapons you have ever seen in a fps. So with all that said , Im out, Cya at the mars base, and please, bring your own weapons.

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