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Idea for Doom 3 story

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First of all, I'd like to say... cripes! I'm gone for a few days and Deadnails at some Candian's throat. Oh well. The whole series of comments has been quite entertaining.
Secondly, I am fully aware that there are previous posts discussing a Doom story (Doom...story?), but you guys know how soon posts get off topic, so I'm starting another one. I would imagine this one should have at least a 24 hr lifespan, but who knows. I can't even stay on topic and this is my own post. Ok..

It has been 5 years since the fall of the demons. It was nice to think that killing the Icon of Sin was the end, but all it did was stop the progression of Hell, there was still the task of cleansing the Earth of the remaining demons. Earth and Hell are devastated. After the Icon's death, the ship containing the majority of Earth's surviving population returned home, and in the confusion from your assult, the task of cleaning out the last few demons resulted in relatively few human casualties. But what's done is done. People are trying to rebuild, and forget. Earth is a wreck, but it is all you have. Phobos is the only satelite left that has been terraformed enough for habitation, but it is just as blood soaked and devistated as Earth, and who knows how many demons had teleported there after you were whisked to Deismos. It's not woth the risk... not yet.
Current plans are to begin terreformation on Mars itself. People don't want to remember... and so they run. As things stand, you live outside of this makeshift society. The things these people saw, the murder, the dismemberment, of family and friends... what is it really? Nothing... only a glimpse. You have been to Hell itself, you have seen more than humans were ever supposed to be able to handle. How is it that you were able to stay sane, or were you even able... Among the toppled buildings and mass graves you search for this answer, rage your only companion. You aren't ready to go back to society, and society isn't ready for you to come back.
A messanger to one of the outreaching newly built cities has gone missing. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the whole town was gone... but that same familiar smell hangs in the air and the shadows are darker than usual. This is where you begin, unable to let go of what the rest of the world is hiding from...
-If you'll remember, when the demons took Phobos and Deismos, it was swift and silent, so I'm not straying too far in my idea.
-Just a thought, but a touch of psychologial thriller would present a new kind of fear added to what Doom and Doom2 had, but I can understand how many people wouldn't agree.
-If the game insinuates that bad people, things go to Hell when they die, wouldn't killing a demon be recycling it?
-Now that the Icon is dead the direct route btwn Earth and Hell is closed, but this should be found after searching through part of earth to find that a broken teleporter to Phobos is the source of the demons(you never did close that portal did ya!)
-Why skip straight to Phobos? Event Horizon showed how Hell can be present in a space ship. Bring it on.
-Phobos should eventually lead to Hell, but I'm hungry and would rather eat dinner than explain areas in between.
-Hell should focus on finding the reason for the invasion and stopping it. Otherwise there is no way to completely escape the Demons.
-On a side note, having just listening to the beginning of "We're in this Together" by NiN, I now feel confident that Reznor will do a very good job on the Doom 3 music.

Yeah, I know that was long, but if you got this far, thanks for bearing with me, now tell me what you think.

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I wasn't AT some Canadian's throat, I was IN some Canadian's throat!


Anyways, I like your story. I find your ideas intriguing and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

Now all you need to do is neatly print them, fold them, and staple them to Carmack's forehead and maybe, just maybe you'd get your point across.

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