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Doom III Story

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Let's face it... every single game with guns and blood ALWAYS has a corny 'storyline' that is just an excuse to blow away monsters mindlessly.

How about this for the Doom III story:

"After you killed the icon of sin, all of a sudden demons start appearing out of nowhere all over the world.

Your new mission: Kill everything that moves as bloodingly (lol) as possible."

heh... This is Doom man! Just go and kill stuff!

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Guest Johnny Kaos

After the fall of the Icon of sin.
You thought you could relax.

but lately you've got the feeling somthin aint quite finished yet.

Your nightmares, wich arent uncommon, have increased to the point were you hardly sleep at all.

(can you tell I'm makin this Bullshit up as I go?)

and then the most wretched and demolished place on earth wich has laid calm for 2 years, suddenly erupts with monster activity.

they gain access to lots a stuff and re-populated Phobos(so you can go back) they infest mars itself, and they spread like the plague on earth.

Guess who gets to clean the mess up?

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The days go by slowly, like theres nothing left to live for...You site in your recliner watching tv having that bad feeling all over again, you hear the deamons snaraling behind you, the screams of the zombies you just killed who were once you friends, but you recline back not paying attention, "its just paronioa" you utter.

As you walk down the streets of California think of old times you get that feeling...somethings watching me...as you look behind you as you walk you see some one giving you a cold look following you, there face doesnt move he just keeps the same look, as if he was dead. As you jump of the sidewalk into an alley quikly you look from be hind the building waiting for the man to come, but he never does as you turn around with your eyes clossed wipping the sweat off your head you utter "damn drug addicts." as you open your eyes the man is infront of you.

He just stands there, the air gets cold, a strange odder fills the air as you look at his cold pale face noticing its black tint, as if the skin was decaying (no its not an african american.) As you look at his eyes you notice they have a yellow muckes infront of them. The man remains still. "FUCK YOU," you scream as you ram your fist into his face. As the front of the mans face shatters you hand enters then you notice that green light "oh shit...IM TELEPORTING," you yeal as you dissaper. SMACK!! you hit the sand ground. As you look up you see hoof feet, one is real and one is cyborg. As you look almost 11 feet up the cyber deamon utters "THE BLOOD OF YOU PLANET WILL BE SPILLED FOR THE SACRIFICE FOR ARE LORD." BOOM BOOM 2 rockets come down at you as you scream "NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO."

AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....huh.... you weak up in your recliner. "That was the gayest dream I every had," you voice trimbles with fear. As you stand up looking at the tv the news comes on, the news reporter starts "Good evening, we have late breaking news. The mars basses that were disurted 2 years ago after alien infestion have once again been infested, a team of astranuts of the UAC are planed to go up there a strike before they do, we will be updating you later with live coverage." "First of all bitch there not alien's, there deamon's." You say in a pissed off tone. BBBBRRRRRRRIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGGG BBBBBBBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG
the phone rings. You just stair at it, knowing who it is, and why they called. "Hello" you say "This is the commander of the UAC...code name Phobos." You:"Phobos you bastard." Phobos:"I ordered you to fire on them civilions, all I got was punched, you are a disgrace to the UAC, but we need you, the world needs you." You:"What if I say no" Phobos:"You dont have a choise, the bus will be there in 30 minutes, be ready, your traning starts at O 600 hours."

30 miutes later.

You step out side into the bus. "Site your faggot ass down before I site you down, I'll shuve my foot so fare up your ass your tounge will be the soul in my shoe," the bus driver screams at you. You give him a dirty look and site in the seat behind him.

Driver:"Thats right pussy, site down, or I will drop you."

You:"Oh thats right your a fat ass bus driver treatning me, I saved the world singal handedly from armagedonn, what did you do, Go to your sisters traller park and visit your kids."

Everyone just goes ooooooooooooooooo and the bus driver looks back at the road, and didnt say one thing the rest of the ride.

2 hours later you arrive at the UAC space station an make your way out of the locker room onto the ship, as it blasts of Phobos takes you to the traning room, the stands the most buityful weamon you have evr seen, Crash. As see brush her long red hair out from the front of her face see says "Welcome Flyne, its time for your basic traning." You turn and say "You know me better to address me like that." See giggles and sits down.

Ok Im quiting this story now, I dont know why, but I cant come up with that grade a story line qualty tonight. So we all look at this story and yell "YOU FUCKING SUCK."

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Story: After your long trek home from Hell, you return to see the destroyed cities you left. Only a few survivors...at least the deamons are dead. Only one problem. After all the radioactive explosions from the war, earth is too poluted, way too much gamma radiation for humans to handle, so the space craft that escaped earth was used to carry you, and the rest of the survivors back to space on the new trek for a home planet. The Government decides to go to the planet "NG-CC 604", a small liveable planet discovered in the Andromeda Galaxy. Your so far away from earth you never have to worry about the deamons again. Time passes. Finally, they crash on the planet. The planet is populated by patches of jungle and desert, and it is always dark, and slightly cold. The only thing warming the planet is a nearby Supernova.
After a week of setting up new civilization on the planet, a group of redish colored, skinny but muscular Aliens that call them selves the "Klave" {or Klesk, or some other name}, emerge from the jungle, and assume that your people are invaders. War starts to break out. But the war dont last too long... The Space Craft used to fly to the planet explodes. Deamons start pouring out. Guess what? Scientist decided to study remains of the deamons, but deamons don't die forever, especially when the grand force is with them...Sin.
Now Sin is pissed, and back with his Deamons buddies and more, and he wants YOUR blood. You must destroy the deamons, and get to Sin. You fight your way through the alien desert, and get teleported to Hell. Destroy Sin, it's this time its for the sake of Mankind, aswell as Alienkind.

{You: Flynn Taggart.
Buddies: Arlene Sanders.
Albert Gallaten.
Regie Gordan.}

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Guest Cartoon

After having just destroyed the Icon of Sin, and amazingly finding a beer, you sit down to finally relax.

"Thank god thats all over." You say, looking around at all the carnage you've caused "I hope all those damn parental groups don't find out what happened here, they'll say I cause children to be violent." Taking a sip of your beer, you get the feeling you're being watched. Spinning around with your Plasma Gun at the ready you turn to notice, nothings there.

"Good, listen you dead sons of bitches let me enjoy my beer at least." You tilt you head back to take a sip, just as you notice a zombie lunging for your neck. All is dark, suddenly a light "Come into the light Flynn."



"Taggert! Wake your sorry ass up son! Listen, we don't know whats out there be ready for anything men. We could get 'Knee Deep in the Dead'."

You look around, still groggy from just waking up, noticing the UAC unit you first arrived with, "Awww, shit!"

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Guest JudgeDooM

When you finally destroyed the boss in Doom 64 (dunno how it is called) u decided to stay in hell and ensure no demon ever rises again. So it did.

As the demons were giving no sign of respawning, u thought that it was all over, and decided to return to earth.

You have no work, but u think the UAC has some work to offer, and after all, you've been "employed" by the UAC...u obtained a place as a Space Marines training officer. Your job is to train new recrutes, as now, the traditional army doesn't exist anymore, u have to do your military service in the UAC, on Mars more precisely...

All was going 'well 'till someday, it was not Phobos or Deimos that disappeared, it was the Earth itself!!

It's the demons, u think...damn, not again!
Mars tried to establish communications to Earth, but there was no response...

Oh fuck it, I have no more ideas, if someone wants to continue my story, don't be shy, go on!

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I reckon 'doom 3' should actually be the same as doom,only better,like that phobos.wad with the airport and places-that or like the original doom story in the doom bible,cause now they have the engine availible to make thier ideas come to life

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