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My first modification for DooM :)

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Go to my site. Go to the downloads. Download DooMiii.wad.
It is a wad that replaces all DooMII weapons {except dbsg} with DooM64 weapons, and replaces the lost soul. It's only the demo so far, the final version will replace most music, and have more DooM64 monster {unless someone wants to do that for me :)
Special Thanx to Maonth for uploading it for me!

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How in the Hell was that thing uploaded? Not only did it drive GetRight up a wall, but, when I turned that off I ended up at some retarded file sharing place that listed doomiii.zip as 0 bytes.

I'm sick of yer popups, too. Perhaps it's time to shake off that dreaded disease known as Angelfire.

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Haha anglefire, hahahahahahahhahaha anglefire sucks. But I wanna play doom64 on pc (not enough ram, and no 3d card, can not get an emulator) double chainsaw, KICK ASS.

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Never played Doom64 'cuz your PC's too weak to emulate it? Well, it might be cheaper just to get the game and an N64 used.

It's about as challenging as Final Doom. 32 original and well designed levels, and since it's in true color there's great textures. The weapon animations look better, although there aren't as many of them. A new weapon makes up for it, that starts out twice as strong as the Plasma Rifle and can be upgraded to be 3x stronger than the BFG. You'll need it, too!

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A couple of questions on Doom64.

1) Do you get to see Flynes face?
2) The laser gun is automatic? (thats the new weapon.)
3) In a 1 - 10 what fun factor would you gib it?
4) Are the gibs blood and carectures nice looking? (if seen some screenshots.

I like the fact that doom64 has a nightmare imp, And 9 weapons. But even if its cheaper to get a 64 I already have a dreamcast, and I realy hate n64's graphics vs computers, yes I liked golden eye, but goldeneye needs to be put on pc. And plus imagin DooM64 on a Herecules 3d prophcy II (yeah the good one not the $150 version.) Im getting the $200 one.

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1. No, and stop calling him Flynn. You do get a nice full screen shot of him in his suit with fire reflecting off of his visor after you beat the mother, though.

2. The lasers pierce through several enemies. At level 1 it fires 1 at the speed of the shotgun. At level 2 it fires a few of them, somewhat faster. At level 3 it fires a hella spread of them very, very fast. Of course, you have to be DAMN good to get all 3 pentagram upgrades...

3. I'd give it an 8, only so because I've played through Doom 2 first. The levels have better design than Final Doom, and the texture work is simply amazing.

4. Yes, the graphics are good. They have exactly the same amount of animations as the PC version, it's just that each frame is slightly higher in resolution and is high color, so there's no palette limited color damage. The gibs are the full animated fashion, the way they should be.

I have a Dreamcast too. Soul Caliber ROCKS. Can't wait to play Shenmue. The N64 is quite blurry, and the controller takes a little getting used to.

I already went off on controllers, though. ;)

As for Emulators, I have a P3-450 with 256 megs of ram and an AGP Voodoo 3 3000. Using UltraHLE I can run Doom64 at 800 by 600 and never fall below 60 frames a second. The problem is within the emulator itself, as many of the graphics are broken and they don't get any better once you dive into the game.

Having a GeForce 2 is not really going to improve Doom 64's graphics. Once you're running it in a high resolution and true color, that's about it. Just having a new fangled video card is not going to somehow INSERT new special effects into the game. The improved fill rate will just make higher resolutions smoother.

Hell, Doom64 is four years old, isn't it?

The only thing Doom64 is missing is multiplayer. Duke Nukem 64 had it, even Co-Op and Botmatches, so there's no excuse.

$144 Abit KT7-RAID KT-133 ATA 100
$99 AMD Duron 800 Mhz
$130 256 SD-Ram PC-133
$169 Western Digital WD400BB 40Gb U100 9ms 2MB Cache 7200rpm

Considering it has built in Scusi and sound, that's not one whole helluva lot right there for a killer gaming machine, your preferable video card added of course.

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I'm not sure if it is possible, but I am doubtful.

I have tried disassemblers and tile editors, yet all I have found in the Doom64 ROM is pure garbage.

A new editor has been released that supposedly rips all the textures out of Zelda64 as .jpg files, yet I haven't tried it because I'm not a fan of Zelda64. Even then, since it was designed for Zelda64 I'm not sure if that graphic tool would work with other game ROMs.

On top of this, what would you do with all the textures and animations? You would need a Doom source port that supports multiple pallettes or true color textures, otherwise everything would end up miscolored and spotty as hell. And even more, the person playing it would need a video card capable of 32 bit OpenGL to prevent dithering and miscoloration of the graphics the way it was on an N64.

And on top of that, to play it properly the levels would have to be reproduced as well! Since they have conveyor belts and rooms over rooms and such, it would take more than Edge to even do it justice.

What am I more interested in? King of Fighters Sprite Rips. I'd do it myself if I could only disable the background and foreground graphics! Blue Mary is awesome.... :)

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