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Shaking iD's monkey tree (part 2)...

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Ok, here's where we get serious about this. So far you guys have only supported the idea of getting in touch with iD about our best ideas. But how do we get the best ideas? Well, I'm not going to search all the way down through the posts to pick ALL these out.
THE IDEA. Everybody who would like to be a part of this endeavor should come up with a SINGLE POST of their BEST IDEAS. For clarity, just title it: "Best ideas of ***" and just insert your name instead of "***". Also, please DO NOT RESPOND to BEST IDEA posts, it's just easier that way. I will combine these into ONE E-MAIL that I will post here first for your approval. Then it will be sent. I will send it to several of iD's adresses (as many as I can get ahold of, so if you know of any...). Repetative, sure, be we are shaking their monkey tree, right?
I hope most of you guys will participate in this. Show iD how much you care, and to settle the arguement before it was brought up... Writing this doesn't mean we don't have faith in iD, that's why we are only adding ideas iD WOULD NOT THINK OF ON THEIR OWN. And if you look at how departing from an idea can be the difference between Star Wars Episode 6 and Episode 1, you will realize that a little help is good. (ok, it was a bad example, but ... aw nuts...)

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On music:
One of the great things about Doom was that the music spanded many different styles. Although the PSX and N64 versions perfectly explored ambience, I feel the music should be as it was in Doom: always veering between Industrial, Heavy Metal, and Ambient for maximum effect.

On level design:
I would like large, well detailed levels that are interactive and non-linear in nature. The best method of level flow I could possibly explain would be similar to the shooter series 'Darius'. You start on level A and can go to B and C from there. From B you can go to D or E, from C you can go to E or F. This just spans outward so that you may never take the same path through the game, greatly expanding replay value.

On level editing:
It's nice to hear that the level editor will be in-game, however, will the model editor as well? I would like to see all tools necessary for mod making included, so that there aren't any 100Mb SDK's to download. I would also like to see the continued Quake tradition of mods in folders so that they're easy to install and remove (unlike UT).

On enemies:
We would all like to see the return of our old favorites, but I understand that Doom 3 is under a time restraint and there are more important things to focus on. So long as the enemies are well designed, interact with their environment (such as taking a bullet and laying half-on a wall), and have hit detection. I speak for many when I say I can't wait to decapitate an Imp with a well placed shotgun blast. Blood trails from wounded coward demons and teamwork would also be a nice addition.

On weapons:
The Beretta and Pump Action 12 Gauge were obsolete weapons when Doom was released. It would be nice to see a pistol that could fire underwater (and with a firing mode selector for an alternate fire [semi, burst, auto]), and a realistic autoloading shotgun. The big thing I want for weapons is realistic detail, such as a barrel that turns red from over firing and smoke wisping from the ejection port. It would also be nice to see spent shell casings actually eject from the ejection port as well. Perhaps my biggest irk is the fact that some of the guns are simply cartoonishly huge and would weigh far too much to handle properly, but I recognize that this has always been iD's style and would accept it.
Talk has been passing about the lack of the rocket launcher, and I find only positives. After all, a real rocket launcher is humongous and has enough explosive power to flip a cyberdemon back ten feet, not push a human back three.

On Character Models:
I would like to see greater detail, such as bootlaces, cigarette packs in pockets, and even dog tags. If Doom 3 is going to be the revolution it undoubtedly will be then it will need to be, perhaps the first, polygonic game to step away from cardboard box art characters.

Well, is this enough to get you started?

It's not like anyone at iD is going to read this anyway. :Þ

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"the music spanded many different styles"

WTF? Deadnail making a spelling mistake?!?!?!? =P

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Guest JudgeDooM
deadnail said:

UT mods hard to install and uninstall? Ok, I have to admit that I don't like mods that are not put in a folder. But UT mods are easy to install (just d/l the mod, extract it in x:\Games\Unreal Tournament\System, double click on it and install it). As for the uninstall, just select "Add/remove programm", select UT, and check the box next to the mod u want to uninstall and all the files ralated to the mod will be removed(and of course, the mod itself)...it's as easy as that!

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