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To peeps looking for a woman...

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Here's some suggestions to end your single status:

1) Try to find some women who aren't the stuck up, self-absorbed bitchy types. I know, it's hard, but there are some out there :)

Girls who are individual are a lot nicer and more fun than the posh rich sheep, who gang up in fours or fives, and laugh at and make fun of people who they deem 'lower' than themselves, not realising that everybody else is actually secretly laughing at them.

Basically, try to value personality over looks. Of course, if she's a right minger... If you're really desperate, just try to find a nympho ;) There's one in the room above mine in my hall of residence if you're interested... (kept me awake AGAIN last night)

2) If you're worried about your looks, eat less, excercise more (preferably join a gym if you can afford it), get a decent haircut, shave, get some clearasil or something like it.

3) If you simply can't talk to women, there are actually courses out there that can help you.

Get a brochure or something and find some.

4) Dump the "look at me I'm tragic" goth / "look at me I'm hard" metaller / "look at me I'm streetwise" rapper / "look at me I'm a wanker" indie boy look and get some 'normal' clothes.

After rich guys, townies pull the most women. It's a fact.

5) Try to break the 18 hour stints on your PC/console and actually go out, preferably to some pubs and clubs.

I've actually been clubbing on my own before, and the stuff you can get up to is a lot more outrageous than if you have a load of your mates there, plus it's a lot easier to chat up a girl when you don't have a crowd of people going "yeah!", "go for it!", "alright my friend!", etc, etc.

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1. There aren't too many stuck up women around me, just a whole lot of them that were pregant at age twelve. It's hard finding a non-bitch that's already single past 13 years old I guess. :Þ

As for girls being alone, my nearest clubs are in a ghetto, a city with a rape percentage higher than New York City, and Kalamafuckingzoo. There AIN'T no girls alone, 'cuz the ones that do go around alone are usually beaten, raped, and killed before they get ten feet out of their door.

2. Looks don't matter. Fuck narcissism. I'm not saying I'm a natural pretty boy or I look like the ass end of a dolphin (picture available on my site), but looks have never mattered to me.

3. Talking is easy. Finding a girl that can say more than three coherent words isn't.

4. I do wear normal clothes, except for my old ones like my torn jeans and leather trenchcoat. Hey, I paid three hundred fucking dollars for the thing it's not like I bought it to look at it on the wall!

5. Going out is fine, when I'm not too tired for working. Going out alone is dangerous in Michigan, you're likely to get either shot just for being white or assaulted by cops for having long hair. :/

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Guest Johnny Kaos

i think number 4 sux.

if thats what you are, then aint no other way around it.
and aint no such thing as normal clothes these days.

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i agree with most of this but dotn get soem "normal clothes"because theres no such thing as normal...i think i sadi it bes twhen i sadi ":if something is normal than its really weird, becasue nowadays its normal to be weird" so it pretty much crosses each other out. and besides dotn get whats popular or just (cringe) "normal" just get what you like. i wear flannel shirts everyday becasue its different, and well i jus tlike them, like jedi robes only shorter. and i wear the monkey with a tie ,and those round purple ozzy glasses. be an individuel, i actually didnt start getting popuiar until i started acting how I wanted to act, and forgot about what other people want to see, and well i dont know abotu popular but everyone knows me. the whole freaking student population at my high school (the same place bruce springsteen went actually) im never lonely ill tell you that

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Thanks for the tips Casanova, I'll keep them in mind. What you're suggesting we do, and unfortunately its the case, is change our looks to conform. Sadly, unless you hang out with cool chicks who accept you for who you are, you do have to appear somewhat normal. Of course the drawback with this is that you become nothing more than a friend to girls if you hang out with them, which is bad, VERY BAD!


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For 'normal' read 'fashionable' (and I doubt a goth or metaller look will ever be that). Anyway, I know you all probably won't believe this because it's too much of a co-incidence, but I did actually pull last night... :)

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Guest fraggle`

uncle nick teaches doomers in the ways of luuuuuurve....

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