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Doom 3 Arsenal From A Different Perspective

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Okay, we've argued Glock vs Beretta, Desert Eagles, Chaingun handle position and damage variances.

What about overall arsenal? I know many of you think I'm a gun nut so I'll keep this vague. What I'm talking about is the classic iD arsenal:

Pathetic Normal Weapon
Shotgun, Double Barrelled Shotgun
Rocket Launcher, Maybe Grenade Launcher First
Rapid Fire Electric Pulse Weapon
Rediculously Powerful Electric Pulse Weapon

This has been done to death by iD alone, not even counting all of the wanna be's in the industry.

Another issue is how the Hell does this one guy carry all of this crap? Turok 2 was the worst! You carried 16 guns in that game, some of them as big as the BFG in Q3A.

I like the concept of a lone wolf overcoming insurmountable odds and achieving victory. Hell, isn't that what most of the movies are about? Breaking it down into small teams is fine. Breaking it into teams of five or more, each with specific capabilites, would change the main gameplay element too much.

SHOOT EVERYTHING THAT AIN'T YOU. Simple. The way it oughta be. Do whatever the Hell you want, just don't disturb that single gameplay rule, and wrap a storyline around it a week before it ships. :)

So, assuming that your main character in Doom 3 starts totally bare of equipment (suiting the "Holy Hell what's going on?!" theme rather well), here's the weapon style I would appreciate greatly.

Pipe. Club your first enemy to death. Get you into the feel of mowing down crowds with some brutal and in your face action.

Pistol. Pull it from the dead hands of your first victim. A nice alt-fire would be selecting burst 3 shot fire mode. Maybe an upgrade down the line to something full auto, like a Glock 18. Okay, too specific, I'll move on.

Shotgun. Autoloading and looking like a plastic molded bullpup. The double barrelled upgrade can go anyway iD sees fit, single shot or combat style.

Machine gun, large military caliber like a 7.62 NATO round. Nice firing speed, somewhat accurate, handy for the sudden increase in enemy group size. Naturally the upgrade would be incredibly humongous, shiny chrome, and deal lots of fun from the end with six barrels. :)

Grenades. Ya throw 'em. Futuristic styled, like Quake 2's, so that you can just throw them or get the launcher down the line for better distance. Only this time they need to be realistic and destroy everything within a fifteen foot radius, if not larger. No 4 foot explosions this time.

Basic Plasma Rifle. Slower firing speed than we're used to. No alt-fire yet. Has to reload cells somewhat often. Upgrades include a faster firing rate, the ability to feed from two cell packs at once (doubling firing time before a reload), and two peripheral barrels. Lemme explain. The barrels lock onto the front and connect into the sides of it. Normally they would take turns firing, pow pow pow and giving the firing speed of Doom back. Now then, by tapping the alt-fire button you can spread them out somewhat, and get a Contra style spread gun for those situations where just aiming everywhere would be handy. :)

Like or hate so far? Start building your rebuttal in your head.

Magnum pistol. Found somewhat late into the game, this little shoulder holstered hand cannon could be your new best friend. Let's just say it's a .440 magnum automatic with a clip size of about 10 to 12, fashioned somewhat like a Glock but with two reliefs at the top and will function underwater. Ammo should be very rare, and one shot should be enough to drop a Bull Demon. Probably two or three for an arachnatron. This would be the closest thing to a sniper weapon in the game.

Don't think this belongs?
A .440 can shoot through a semi-truck engine like a hot knife through butter.
Still don't think it belongs?
Fine. Then let the man carry 2 at once. How's that?

No more linear accelerators. The concept of the railgun is too tired to drag out anymore. Let it die with that shitty movie, unless all the bullets in the game are caseless and fired in this fashion (but obviously not doing 100 damage per hit :).

Zaldron has continually argued that more cell-powered weapons should exist. This is where I am at a loss. The Plasma Rifle is a glorified flame thrower and the BFG (Ugh) is a crowd pleaser. So what's left?

Richeting laser beams?
Freeze rays?
A solid beam from the barrel to cut through a crowd with? Think of the alt-fire of that plasma rifle in UT.
ANOTHER lame ass lightning gun?
The Doom 64 demonic laser rifle?
A singularity generator (makes black holes [See Blood 2])?
A microwave gun to cook 'em inside out (see Duke 3D 1.5 / SoF)?

Which of these has been done before, but not done right into the ground?

I also realise that this far into development the weapons of Doom 3 are probably set. But not in stone.

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deadnail said:

Zaldron has continually argued that more cell-powered weapons should exist. This is where I am at a loss. The Plasma Rifle is a glorified flame thrower and the BFG (Ugh) is a crowd pleaser.

Just because a weapon uses electric cells doens´t mean that it should fire plasmatic or some kind of energy beams / projectiles.

Weapons of the future would stop using chemical propellant and impulse solid objects with Gauss effect or something like that.
Some time ago i posted what a Metal Storm gun is. That´s the kind of thing we´re gonna see in the future. Laser beams are plain idiotic, do you know how much energy you need for those things??

You´re right, the electric guns you mentioned are shitty choices for DooM. Those weapons are meant for nice effects, when real weapons are made for efficiency.
I personally like the idea of ballistic weapons. They´re rude, nasty, and make a lot o´ mess. I think Half-Life started to get really stupid when i acquired the Tau cannon and the Gluon gun.
But you can´t ignored that DooM looked like if the Humanity had fallen on some kind of technollogy Middle Age.

Simple words :

Some melee weapons
Ballistic guns with nice looking models
Some explosives
The weapons that make you WoW! when they fire.

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But there HAS to be the rediculously overly exagerated pulse weapon! Without an upgradable BFG, it would be DooM! It's a video game for crying out loud!!! What would be the fun in it if you ran around with clubs and hammers!? The more weapons the better. Hell, they could use some theory that the backpack sucks the weapons into some 12th demension. Good enough for me! That would be totally LAME, NOT-DOOM, and WOLFENSTIENISH, if he only had like three weapons! C'mon!

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Guest JudgeDooM

Ah ah Deadnail, it's the, I think, 10th time you poste a "what should the weapons in D3 be like". I've printed one of your earlier post, it's from 29 June eheh. But don't worry, I don't reply to say that you're gettin' me sick, but just to tell you that I still agree with your weapon ideas.

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