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I am working on a few parts of my page, and its looking pretty good. It's gone a long way since it opened. Remember Linguica? When I emailed you, and actually thought my page was cool, even though it was a long mess of animated gifs, links thrown everywhere, typoes everywhere, and big pictures drawn on paintbrush that took hours to load??
Well, anyway, not only is my page {especially since I updated my "Main" page} looking better than ever, me and Malum are gonna start like a Clan, and he's gonna use his skill to re-make a better version of my page, and hopfully some day, we will be hosted by one of the major DooM pages {Doomworld or Newdoom would be nice}.

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Hey Jeremy, does it cost money to run a hosted site in doomworld. I'll brake it down for the dum ass's. If I want to use some of doomworlds internet space to make my own website, does it cost me any money. Im not meaning your a dum ass's Jeremy, thats just for the duke3d fuckers, wait, I have duke3d, now I feel bad, NOT.

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