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DoomGalaxy's Doom 3 Page

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Oh, where to begin, where to begin I ask? If you haven't caught on yet this post is mainly focused on Jeremy's Doom site.

Let's see. First of all, the site is on STAS.net yet it links to a page on Angelfire. On top of this, your Doomgalaxy.com address puts in a banner frame, yet the link does not include a target="_top" so that it kills the frame. Why not?

There's even more frame madness. Why is it that your frames are resizeable? Didn't you include that tag either? Also, I gave you the proper code to make pages load in the opposite frame, not spawn a new window. If that is what you want then you should use target="_window".

Now then, your government-is-lying-to-us page is somewhat interesting, although everyone has the right to believe what they want. Some people believe that man has never walked on the moon, or that we sabotaged that face on Mars that no longer exists to make it look like erosion. Either way it still no longer exists.

Hell, some people even believe that the Earth is flat. Yep, the Flat Earth society. They're kinda funny. They say that the Earth is flat, and there is no such thing as gravity, only inertia because our flat planet is moving upwards at a great velocity. The Nazis were good, because in reality they were trying to spread the truth that the Earth is flat. Right now the Nazis still exist too, they live underground with the green people. Oh, and they also believe that Austrailia doesn't exist, it's all one big hoax.

People are funny. It's like people that make up their own religions or after-life beliefs like Hindus. If I have no proof that after I die I can choose what I am reborn as, then why the Hell would I spend my mortal existance worshipping a six armed dancing Elephant named Bishnu?

Now then, Jeremy, your Doom 3 page on your site is quite familiar. It seems that the first half of it is a post that I put here a while ago. This would not bother me at all, except that I am given no credit whatsoever. At least I am mentioned by LordFlatHead a few lines afterwards, but he capitalized my nick (an executable offense).

By the way, Jeremy. It's not a crime to split up your words into paragraphs. I'm sure my post was to begin with anyway.

I don't know how into HTML you are, but you can skip lines by using a break tag <br> or two, or even better, wrap a correct paragraph tag around your paragraphs.

<p align="justify">I wouldn't worry too much about making your site pretty or new and fangled, the big thing about website design is making it functional and easy to read. I for one hate pages that have to load in more than 50k worth of pictures, pop up banners, poorly aligned frames, and horrible color schemes.</p>

Now Jeremy, if you can't remember where my words ended, right here: "It's all the little details and the refinements that make the game fun to play, and I think we should spend a thread or two discussing what little things annoy us about the games of today that we don't want to see in the games of tomorrow."

Is that even necessary? "...a thread or two..."????

BTW, check out my site. I just found a nice new CSS variable that allows me to change scroll bar color. Doomworld could really easily throw this in. IE5.5 only. :)

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Links that go to Angelfire= Doomgalaxy originated in Angelfire, therefore, some original pages are linked to angelfire.
The frames problem?? I dont know. The target is set for "Main" which is the correct name, so I dont know why that dont work.
The DooM3 page: If you REALLY want me to, i'll put your name on the bottom just so that youll be happy.
www.doomgalaxy.com= banner at bottom of page= yes. There is nothing I can do about that, namedemo.com put that there, and it does not interfear with the page...thats why they made scroll bars. Thus the damn banner is annoying. If you do not want the banner, then go to www.stas.net/3/doomgalaxy .
Putting <BR> after paragraphs= no. I dont even have enough "talk" in one area of the page to need to add that parimeter. And even when I do, ...just..no! Dont worry, anyway, im going to go through my old pages and sorta fix em' up.
<Jeremy="tired">TRUE</a> UHHHggg...ZZZzzz...Oh.. I made the frames "resizable" so people with SHITTY resolution can toggle with it, and not have to play scroll madness.

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Your site originated on Angelfire? Mine originated on Geoshities, then Tripod, then Xoom, then Freeservers and now it's on F2S. I managed to move along all my files every time.

Having the target set for frame is not enough, you also need to specify in the frameset which frame is called main.

Credit for my intellectual property? Why, thank you. Just using whatever you find without citing it's origin is called plagiarism.

You can avoid the initial banner frame from your domain. Simply add target="_top" to your links to make the page load in on top of that frame, thus removing it.

As for the frame adjustment if you format your menu frame well enough then it will work on any resolution. No matter, what I find curious is wheter or not you use definite values or a percentage?

<frameset cols="25%,*"> or <frameset cols="200,*">

Using just images, you can make that frame the width of the widest image and not have to worry about anyone.

Just a suggestion.

You play Parasite Eve 2 yet? Damn, I just started the second disc, got thrown off a cliff, and now I gotta do another twenty minutes of crap on the first disc again... including fighting a thirty foot tall firebreathing assfaced monster. Fun fun fun. What makes it even better? You can take around five hits before you die, so you unload into it's mouth, run like hell, reload, run like hell, repeat. If you have to switch guns (not including the loading of ammunition into said gun, thus adding another run before your opportunity) or heal yourself, you have to bypass your free attack time.

Oh, and I was using the compact shotgun. The damn thing holds only 3 shells! I would back out and get some ammo for my M4A1, but at the point in the game I'm at I'm just simply stuck fighting the bastard as soon as I fire it up. After that there's about ten bitchin' hard battles, then it's onto the second disc which I'm sure will lead to another insta-kill. :(


Yeah, I did say 3 shells a load. Just 3. What's more? I had to pump sixty shells into that giant walking assflap, then about a hundred 'n fifty 9mm rounds to just finish the sucker off! Too much running, not enough gunning.

I'm all for nice and challenging gunfights and all, but damn, at least give me the opportunity once and again to really pound into the enemy for a while! All this run and gun shit gets frustrating after a while, especially with that game turning that usually gets you a face full of flame.

There, I feel better. Still, Parasite Eve 2 is a damn fun game! The whole first disc is spent on the first two towns! Nice detail. 'Specially the shower scene.

Don't worry, it's a lot better than the first one game engine-wise. There are experience points, but no levels. You use the points like money to buy the right to cast spells, or to upgrade spells you already have. Then there are bounty points, which basically are the GP but finding someone with something to sell is usually a great pain in the ass. There are no armor classes or defensive percentages like FF, instead, armor just adds on more HP. The whole game is really a simplistic balancing act, and after the fucking menu in FF8 it's one hell of a relief.

I hope you never had to suffer the necessary customization acts of FF8. Yes, it's true. Add four spells to your weapon, add four spells to your armor, balance everything out just right. Bah, screw that, what happened to just poking things with swords until you won?

I even got carded when I bought it. I don't get carded when I buy cigarettes, what the Hell?

Wait... oops. I was playing my Playstation and not Legacy. Hope I don't get flamed for it! :)

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Jeremy said:

Just a note Jer, for lazy people who have too low a resolution, if you really want to do this, you use percentages for the colspan tag. Foolish boy. And besides, while I'm bitching, <Jeremy="tired"> would not have an </a> tag to finish the code...


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deadnail said:

Ok, the problem with the frames was: target="Main"
Was changed to target="main". It was case sensitive.
And question: With all my pages in angelfire, why would I want to move them all to stas.net just becuase I have another account there? That would be a whole lot of hassel for nothing!
And I use "200" not "25%". Not any difference though.
Oh, and just for people who get all crazy about thier beleifs, I added a "dont get mad" type of sentence on the page.
And I fixed up a bunch of other shit and crap.

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